by Wrecking Crew

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released March 22, 2005


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Judgment
Judgments and rules that we must obey
Or they say
that they're gonna make us pay
When payment comes
then they're satisfied
But you still fell
that you have to run and hide
Why must we all live in such a mess
And all of our lives we live to confess
All of the things that we've done wrong
When in our minds
we know where they're from

Judgment made by them
Judgment made by you
Judgment made by me
Judgment to believe
Track Name: Balance of Terror
It's a balance of terror
Keeps everyone in their place
count your blessings on sanity
Because it just might save
the whole human race

Why must we live in fear
Is there another way out
If fear is the only way
that peace can be made
Then isn't it already done

World leaders keep on pushing
To see how much weight
the balance can take
But they don't dare shove too hard
Because one wrong move
could blow up in their face

They can throw away their treaties and pacts
they must open their eyes
and face the facts
It's not a question of win or lose
It's annihilation and no one wants to die
Track Name: Troubled Youth
They make you live a life of crime
Because you refuse to stay in line
Take advantage of the ignorant
What's yours is yours
What's mine is mine
Why do you have to be a thief
Does it make you feel like a better man
One day all your plans will cease
They'll find you dead
with a gun in your hand

What makes you take a life
Don't you know that you'll have to pay

You cover your tracks with alibis
You don't care if someone dies
The weak and the fragile are the prey
When they're alone
you'll come out and play
Such a big mouth but your brain is small
We'll all be watching
when you take your fall
The people will have you on the run
Just another pussy
who hides behind a gun
Track Name: Guts and Glory
I don't want to hear your way stories
Endless tales of guts and glory
Your tough-guy bullshit
does nothing for me
Ignorance and belligerence
they just bore me
When will it ever fuckin' end
Your attitude it just offends me
There really is no excuse for what you do
All it does is make me sick of you

War stories? Don't bore me
Your glory is in your mind

It's late at night what to do
This time your past
has caught up with you
Revenge has come so feel the blade
You're all alone
there's no one to save you
Track Name: Nothing for Me
Taking things for granted
Always looking for more
Never satisfied with what you had before
If it were up to you
I would have nothing at all
I know that you're just waiting
for me to take a fall

You don't care
about someone else's loss
Your only concern is yourself
Always make sure that you get the most
You don't care
about what would happen to me
Your only concern is yourself
That's all that matters nothing for me

Every single day you want more and more
Never satisfied with what you had before
if it were up to you
I would have nothing at all
I know that you're just waiting
for me to take a fall

If it were up to you
I would have nothing at all
I know that you're just waiting
for me to take a fall
But you're still missing something
and you don't know what it is
I doubt you'll ever find it
because you won't open your eyes
Track Name: What Do You Mean?
You spike up your hair
write on your clothes
Talk about things you don't even know
When you hide with the cliques you're in
Don't you know you're never gonna win
You think you believe in anarchy
But I don't think you understand
what it means
Have you taken a stand
or made your demands
Do you know what you want
or is it just for show

What do you means?

You think you're a man
'cause you shave your head
With that attitude
you're gonna end up dead
Rely on your fists instead of your mind
But it's gonna catch up with you in time
Pride and honor is what you believe
But you're so blind you have none of these
Have you taken a stand
or made your demands
Do you know what you want
or is it just for show
Track Name: Always Talk
There's always so much heard
but always little seen
You'll always be so quick
to pass your judgment on me
Discrepancies between what I know
and what you say
Makes me turn my back
makes me walk away

There's always talk about you
There's always talk about me
There's always talk about you
Never know what to believe
There's always talk about them
There's always talk about us
There's always talk about them
Until the truth becomes lost

There's always so much talk
about what's going on
There are always so many rumors
intent on putting down
Stabbing in the back
becomes the latest trend
Words can cut like knives
in the backs of friends
Track Name: Confusion
Comparing situations here
Can't you see it's become quite clear
I'm caught in a haze of hope and delusion
It seems that it is just an illusion
Promises made but they're rarely kept
My mind's in a daze
feelings have become inept

It gnaws at my soul
Till I loose control
Is this all I feel
We've been led so long
So hard to stay strong
How can this be real

Promises are made but rarely kept
My mind's in a daze my feelings inept

Happiness is so hard to find
We search all our lives as if we were blind
In the confusion my mind's led astray
How can I make these feelings go away
To forgive and forget it is so hard
But without it our future is marred
Track Name: Life Ends
Cry as life ends
Took a chance but now you pay
Death never makes sense
Realize too late as you slip away
Price was too high
You didn't care you didn't believe
See fear in maddened eyes
Pass the disease on to me

Go against the grain
without even thinking
Don't you know your ways are sick
Reckless abandon deviant lifestyle
In spite of the mold you couldn't fit
Act as if you're something special
And not just a freak on display
But you hide a secret a hidden killer
You're living with the plague
Looking all the time for bigger thrills
You get away with gender illusion
The plague you spread
doesn't care what it kills
Thanks to your confusion

Cry as life ends
Track Name: Ignorance Obeyed
Choices we've made
decisions which plagued
Our thoughts and our minds so deceiving
Knowledge gone astray ignorance obeyed
Cuts the path of our life so misleading
I've listened to fools
and lived by their rules
Is my life just a game left my bleeding
Paid for their props to sit back and watch
In a world which they've made
so appealing

Truth within their eyes can't be found
Ignorance and lies keep us bound
Track Name: Blank Mind
No sign of feeling and no sign of fear
No need to look closer
because there's nothing here
My lost thoughts are hidden away
and that's where they'll stay
There are no answers
so there's no need to ask
Forget about the future
put yourself in the past
It's all part of my new escape
so I can get away

Blank mind nothing to say
Without taking a stand it's the easiest way
Block out the fears, block out the doubt
Shut yourself in till there's no way out
Blank mind, nothing to do
I could just sit here
and not say a word to you
Block out the fear
block out the doubt
Shut yourself in till there's no way out
Track Name: 1000 Yard Stare
I never knew the horror of war
I never saw life slip away
But I see it in your eyes
It's burned itself way inside
I can't even share your pain
but I'll listen to your nightmares
So tell me about your hell
and did you ever leave there

Now you're just a shell
Reality is your enemy
Dying every day
Another walking casualty
Tonight you'll be back again
In the jungle running blind
Trying to endure
This crucifixion of the mind
Track Name: Passing Time
Always searching never to be found
Can't seem to stay on that higher ground
People dropping like flies day to day
Always left asking is there another way?
Solutions found always a bit too late
Then it turns into another child's hate
Youth is wasted on the young and blind
Innocence a thing that is left behind

Memories remind me
Things I see could have been
But I can't stop
The passing time

Youth is a terrible things to waste
So many go through life without a taste
Of what it's like on the other side
All they can do is run and hide
Track Name: Why Must They?
Living in a world like this
Looking for the answers inside
Searching for the truth
Never know when you win or lose

People who tell lies
Things are different in their eyes
Spreading so much fear
Never know the end is near

Why must they
Track Name: Intro/Right or Wrong (Live on WERS)
Don't tell me what to do
force your opinions on me
They should affect me little
as far as I can see
Don't tell me what to be
what should it matter to you
Your influence takes control
Control of what I do

You might say I'm right
you might say I'm wrong
I will say I'm right
you will say I'm wrong
But who's to say who's right
who's to say who's wrong
I have to decide

Don't tell me what to say
I'll just block you out
You really don't even know
what you're talking about
Don't tell me what to try
you're just wasting my time
What you think about me
won't change my state of mind
Track Name: Straight Through (Live on WERS)
I look around and what do I see
Hollow bodies that could be me
It's what they choose
their lives to lose
That little white line
that turns into a noose

I can see straight through
Who's that person
Could it be you?

You act as if your life is great
But in reality you've chosen your fate
Your destiny is written in stone
You've worn yourself
down to the bone

When it's over there's nothing to say
About your life
or those games you've played
You've lost it all
Track Name: Old Enough (Live on WERS)
We live our lives in the shadow of fear
They think we don't know the end is near
Signs of the times they show it all
And soon we're all bound to take a fall
All these thoughts of peace and hope
How can we try when we can't even cope
Desire to kill and mutilate
Isn't that a sign of our fate

Old enough to kill
enough to kill
enough to kill

Double standards of the human race
They should be thrown back in their face
He should be tried as a man not a boy
They act as if life is just a toy
Desire to kill and mutilate
Isn't that a sign of our fate
All these thoughts of peace and hope
How can we try when we can't even cope

They send you off to a foreign land
Put a gun in your hand
You can't drink you can't smoke
All our lives are just a joke
They can stop us from doing all this
but we'll always be
Track Name: What Can I Do? (Live on WERS)
What can I do
When there's so much that I can't change
What can I do
Now's the time to rearrange
What can I do
When things are going down and out
What can I do
There's a time to start and the time is now

Sit there and do nothing
You're trying to tell me
that things will be like this
And its no use
Sit there and tell me
Why things are like this
Because you are the one to lose
Track Name: Too Late (Live on WERS)
Step away with your foolish pride
you're just someone who was born to die
Silver medals on your chest
They just won't matter
when you burn like the rest
All the generals are safe and secure
While you spill your blood in a foreign war
They could end it all
with missiles to spare
They could end it
all but they don't dare

Armageddon is our fate
the hour is too late

You'll never know when it's time to attack
but when it comes there's no turning back
Life and death in the palms of their hands
The earth laid to waste
by a single command
Time to attack they say we'll be safe
But we're already dead, peace is too late
Time to attack they say we'll be safe
but we're already dead peace is too late

After it's over and nothing is left
The generals will come out of their nest
And give us reasons why we should go on
It's then I realize I'm just a pawn
In this game that we call life
Why should I bother to struggle to survive
In this game that we call life
Why should I bother to struggle to survive
Track Name: In Your Head (Live on WERS)
The world's passed that point of no return
But still we refuse to let its future burn
No reason to hate except for hate itself
Because these days
its every man for himself
Always avoiding the careless greed
That would give you
everything that you need
Trying so hard not to be led
into the waiting hands of dread

Caught in you head
Hate and lies you've been fed
Trapped in your head
Thoughts and feelings
never to be said

Don't forget your hopes and dreams
Because everything
is exactly as it seems
A world of people who just don't care
Always ready to take what is theirs
Do what you believe
although you hate what you see
This world is sick and hate is its disease
Trying so hard not to be led
Into the waiting hands of dread

You've tried so hard
to do things right
But you've lost the war
without a fight
All the times you said
you were strong
But you put it off
for much too long
so pull the trigger
and waste no time
To forget the past
that's so far behind
A searing pain rips
through your head
Now you've been left
in the hands of dread