A Life Less Plagued

by Carry On

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released October 16, 2001



all rights reserved


Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: The View
Don't look at me,
Don't call me,
With your worthless words,
My voice is lost from all the screaming before.
Circuits and pens...they couldn't change a thing.
Your apology is so long overdue,
I crumble eighteen years like a sheet of paper,
And I set it ablaze.
Track Name: Waiting on Forever
Inside you're dying,
You can't face the shortcomings in your life.
Looking for something to redirect the pain,
I'm not sorry that you can't relate,
But it's killing me to watch you act this way,
And it's hard to see the way it used to be,
When I'm wiping the spit off my face.
We'll be here through the years,
While you're so convinced we'll fall like the season,
But give me one good reason...
Well it's nothing that i haven't heard before,
But it's like comparing still water to rain,
When it's your voice that carries the same old shit.
I never thought we would end this way.
What can I say?
Track Name: Roll with the Punches
Sometimes i wonder if i'm the only one who even gives a fuck.
I watch it fall apart and i want to build it up,
But you just turn away.
I can't do it for myself, so i look for other ways.
And i'm trying to get it out of this rut ,
The dust has built up for too long.
This means so much more than words.
Fucking show me a sign and quit dropping the lines,
Staying positive was just a set up,
So you could take the punch when they let you down.
It's where we're heading,
So 'X' your fist and show me what's left inside.
I've been let down before but fucking never again,
I'm so sick of everyone's excuses,
I want to tear them fucking down.
I won't buy into your shit, I'll just believe in my friends,
And that is something that you can't understand,
So just sit back and watch it fall apart again.
Track Name: Mirrors and Needles
Headfirst into a wall, you chained yourself to the fall
I want to believe there's a chance it's hold will break...
Break away (nothing left for you to save).
A slave to chemicals,
A victim of this fucked up world.
Trying to escape your pain,
But now it's all you'll ever know.
Don't try to forget, you had it all before addiction.
Track Name: Is This All There Is?
Break me down, fuck me over,
It's just a matter of time.
"Used and abused" says the look in my eyes,
The world is full of shitty people, it can't be denied.
Laughing hard, crying harder, these are the days.
I'm through tying to hide... "fuck these days".
It's the anthem of our youth...
The pretty need not apply.
I'm through with the pain,
So where do we go from here?
Track Name: X's Always Win
I believed in zines and sounds from the stereo,
They spit lies for years but it's all I knew.
Fast forward the years, these people don't mean shit.
They stole my heart, jumped in the car and split.
We're fucked up kids with broken hearts,
Put in your faith and we'll tear it apart.
But the hardest kids still put an "x" by their name.
Track Name: So Much of You
I'm barely alive, my heart just sunk at the thought,
Of where you're at...you're not with me.
And i'm losing hold on the center of my life,
It's turning black...
"I feel so alone in this fucking city"
Miles of separation,
With only a phone to let you know.
It's killing me to stay so far away,
But I can't go back to that place,
Where i gave up my dreams,
And I broke myself for acceptance,
But it never embraced me.
And it crushes me to know,
Every word i wrote to you,
Never saw the light of day.
Would it have changed a thing?
could it have taken away our pain?
It was a lesson learned...
...One I could have done without.
I can't live with a broken heart,
When it's the one thing we share,
A million miles away.
So I'll keep waiting...
...I'll be waiting right here.
Track Name: Off My Chest
So many times I stood around,
And never spoke my mind as it boiled inside.
So many words and questions left to work out on my own,
Looked down upon for seeing different sides.
I've got nothing to hide.
You never listened to what I had on my mind,
You just pushed me aside.
You'll never know all the shit I've seen,
So don't tell me how to fucking think.
Your fucking reasons, they fucking make me sick.
Communication, that's where it begins.
What's left to say when you won't change?
We'll stand on different ground until the end,
And that's the way it will always be.
It's going to eat me inside until I get it off my chest.
Track Name: Broken Strings
Did you used to believe?
Well I was feeling the same way,
Squeezing dreams out of a sound.
They stick around, they go away,
But none of you know a thing about me...
...Just go away.
"She's fucking dead, oh my god, she's fucking dead!"
My love stopped her breathing,
Now I'm chucking rocks at the glass.
Because my love stopped breathing life into me,
And the songs that she sings,
Are as dead as nails on the shelf.
What happened to the times,
Where we'd stay up all night and fight.
(Like there was something worth fighting for)
Those were the days dear, forgive me for holding on,
I was thinking about the times when no one cared,
And how you hated everything I loved.
Well I don't give a fuck about any of you,
You'll come and go,
But you'll never mean a thing to her...
I loved the way she sang in my headphones.
Track Name: Rethinking
I'd like to think that I don't care,
Just push away my problems like there's no one there.
These days are long, to long to spend waiting,
For storms over a tragic end,
And this is how we'll meet, embraced in misery.
Searching for love in all this hurt,
It's the cold, cold world versus you and me.
I write just to forget nothing's the same,
You drink just to forget,
Because you can't deal with the pain,
But you're not to blame, I know we're the same.
I used to think solutions were clear,
Guided by a crowd that came and went with the years,
Those days are gone but i'm still holding on,
Trying to fight the world through a pen and a song.
There was a time (and it's coming back)
Where I'd look at someone like you,
And know we're the same (because we are the same)
I'm through with the games...
This world is fucked, but i'm still looking up.
I broke the rules and now I'm making amends,
With what they said and what it meant...
What did it have to do with me anyway?
I'm through with your lies,
I closed the door to another end...