Aces and Eights

by Anger Regiment

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released July 27, 2004


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: The Party's Over
You'll never know the truth
or understand that pain
of what it is to lose
the memories remain
Track Name: Get with It
Pushed me to the limit
and now our time has come
Give you one more chance
to get with it cause something
must be done
I'll try my hardest
and do my best not to lose my cool
But if I let you keep it up
I'll be the fuckin' fool
Maybe we can work this out
or maybe it will fall on deaf ears
But I've almost reached my boiling point
and that is what I fear
Track Name: Aces & Eights
What can we do on
Saturday night
Playing some cards
starting some fights
It's times like these that
never grow old
Hanging out stories are told
It's times like these I hope
never end
What else can there be
just me and my friends
Someday we'll be old and
think what we had
look back at tonight and say
Those times weren't so bad
Track Name: Empty
Never given a chance
to tell my story
Your lame excuses
so tired and boring
Now I don't know what
I can do
All I know is we are through
And I should have seen right
through your bullshit
all along
Empty I can't believe
You left me
all the lies you told me
and all the bullshit
you sold me
Now I'm left feeling all alone
and you moved on
What was there now is gone
and i moved on
Track Name: No Second Chance
If you only know
the things I've seen
and all the things I've learned
Not afraid to speak my mind
I'm ready for bridges to burn
This time there's no second
chances cause I've got
anger on my side
Thought you were someone
to trust
You took me for a ride
now it's over
Your on your own
No place left to turn
Now I see that you were wrong
Track Name: Bullshit Activist
The values that you stand for
are so fuckin' weak
You try to gain support
when it's only lies you speak
I won't support your cause
I know I never will
You distorted view of reality
I just don't get your deal
It's time to open your eyes
and see things for
what they are
The world we live in
has changed
We've got to move on
for us to carry on
and live
Track Name: Step Off
I've got something to say
That you may not like to hear
Maybe it's the truth
that makes you live in fear
You were such a coward
when you went about your ways
Took a gamble on a bet
you knew wouldn't pay
You made a choice
You've got to live with it
even though it wasn't right
I didn't think it would come to this
you were such a coward
when you went about your ways
Took a gamble on a bet
you knew wouldn't pay