by Verse

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released June 10, 2008


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: The New Fury
They've got themselves a new spin on the story,
Twisted for one-sided glory.
Devastation soon becoming fuel for the masses new fury.
A greedy hand in the guise of a good man.
So threatening. So deafening.
So silencing, that familiar stance.
The burden now passed to us,
We lose our footing but still try to stand.
No control.
No more rules.
“Perpetual war for perpetual peace”,
Turn a blind eye to poverty while manufacturing new enemies.
The new slave’s south of the border, murdered or overseas.
We still struggle with the fact that
one percent has ninety-nine on their knees.
Washington’s drawing up war plans,
while there’s still no hope for the homeless man.
No one should have to live under these men,
Iron fists with gun in hand.
No more control.
No more rules.
They try to make you and me live life by their design:
No free thought. No free speech. No peace of mind.
They make a move to confine.
But they’ll never silence me as long as I can breathe!
Track Name: Old Guards, New Methods
Standing against the odds to take back what they took.
Some fight with stones, some fight with guns.
But instead I choose to fight with my pen and my notebook.
Nothing for the ninth ward, just more of the same.
Wealthy wolves smell the blood of opportunity.
Send in the sheep to develop a New Orleans.
A new twist for an old division game.

New wars. New kings.
The pigs came here to take everything.
No wars. No kings.
We gotta stop the blood-letting.

What about the overcrowded projects where desperation calls?
What about the lack of education and the lack of love?
But most of all: what about the innocent in rooms with bars and
three walls? Can you tell me, where is the justice in Philly for
MOVE and Mr. Jamal?

New wars. New kings.
The pigs came here to take everything.
No wars. No kings.
We gotta stop the blood-letting.

I've read about people found,
Without the copper tokens around their necks,
Whose hands you cut off and left bleeding to death.
I've read about Hampton's murder by the state while he slept.
Our lives are all on trial and you still remain the "judge"
While the Injustice machine stays greased up with innocent blood.

No war.
Track Name: Suffering to Live, Scared of Love
Blurry visions of your past, unknown mask up ahead.
Will the path we choose to take lead us to bliss, or to our certain death?
So weighed down, we've got the weight of the world on our shoulders.
Will we sit still in a state of Paralysis waiting for love to hold us?
Knee Deep in a society where we learn to do just what we're told.
Keeping us all high on emotion overload.
Sleep: Just an unknown road.

Definitions of Safety become our seclusion's solitude.
Abandon All: Put ourselves out on the line to bare it all in the nude.
Scared People, still swayed by expression on 3 color fabric.
Condemn all you want, you're still the one who's sick.

We're Suffering To Live.
We're Scared Of Love
Track Name: Signals
So here's a story about a city with a secret
Everyone one here is the life of the party
And everyone who's anyone is everyone's biggest fan.
If they've got what you need.
Everyone whispers and sends out a secret nod
The congregation's in 5 minutes
"Meet me in the bathroom."
Or maybe tonight the lines
will get drawn right in front of you.
The life you live is a life of stupidity
Like those on pages of a Hollywood magazine.
See the stars in your eyes and the glamour ,
You'll never see because you live on your knees.
Money burns like your nose,
You comfort yourself and stay in the smoke screen.
You've found true love inside an empty scene.
You live in a bad dream.
She's just searching for acceptance, and he's afraid,
But still puts himself out there.
They all came in search of a good time.
Approaching the night with closed eyes.
Pull the shades down,
To hide the beautiful person you are on the inside.
Your photocopied reflection: distorting your actual size.
You live in a bad dream.
Track Name: Scream
Tired and beaten.
Voice withering away to nothing.
I'm walking in the footsteps made by those who have been defeated.
I've watched men and women made of steel get burned up
as easily as dry leaves and left depleted
All of my heroes have been ruined or written out of history.
I could be destined to fade away like so many before me
But as long as my heart keeps beating.
I still can't stop screaming.
Is Violence.
I'm Bending.
I'm Breaking.
I'm Broken.
I'm still Alive.
Track Name: Story of a Free Man: Chapter One: The End of Innocence
A concrete bed, a weathered awning,
Made of cardboard that keeps the morning sun from his eyes.
He never knew much about why his life became so hard.
Sleep one night under this bridge in this man's shoes,
And you'll learn there is no god.
Lets go back to the early days.
When life read just like a blissful page, in a book with a happy ending, even if that means were just pretending.
Before everything this kid knew was unbroken.
Became nothing but a state of insecurity.
In the early days he lived life with his eyes un-open,
conditioned to always go quietly.
One day his father went off to war.
To fight a war for something that's not worth fighting for.
A forceful pry at his eyes to see,
A beautiful world has been taken from you and me.
"This is killing me," he said to his mother.
"Is this the true face of humanity?"
He said to his mother.
"The weight of this has got me on my knees," he said with no response from his mother.
The boy was scared now.
He got the silent treatment from a person he confided in.
No longer sure where to turn, he jumps right into a new life of uncontrolled rage and depression. He embraces
addiction to numb his new affliction.

"I miss my father," He thought to himself.
Track Name: Story of a Free Man: Chapter Two: The Cold Return
Dad came home in a body bag.
He never had a chance to say goodbye.
He was a good man - fooled to believe in a fake ideal.
His veins soon pulsed with dissent,
From what he had learned right before he died.
The cold reality of the rich sending the poor
Off to fight a war for the corporate whores.
"Will we ever see an end to this?" he said.
Still stuck with addiction,he numbs his mind.
He wants to return to the time when he was young and blind.
"Will we ever see an end to this?" he said.
He knew life would never be the same from here on out.
He felt those storms coming in with those dark approaching clouds. "Will we ever see an end to this?" he said.
He's homeless now.
He throws his mind away and struggles,
With thoughts of suicide at the end of days.
He wants to see the end of this.
This is the beginning of his concrete bed under a bridge.
"This is rock bottom. I can only go up from here. I'm
looking ahead, and I think I'm ready to face what I've always feared."
He screams out at the metropolis in front of him.
This is where he learns to sink or swim.
He turns to face a monster in front of him,
That is the epitome of limiting.
He takes the needle from his bed side,
Gives it a look for the last time. It's the last time...
Track Name: Story of a Free Man: Chapter Three: Serenity
"I'm walking away from this," he said with conviction.
He walked away a new man...This is the story of a free man.
Track Name: Blind Salvation
Thirsting for the absolute left you drunk on a quest for the truth.
A new found sense of salvation, empty in the eyes, mind on vacation.
They got their ravenous claws in your skin,
They know the power of infecting the youth.

Such a fine young boy.
Join them where the water is black,
And you can make your own rules.

No wrath of god, just the wrath of man.
A legacy of genocide and stolen lands,
In the name of "good books" that have been twisted,
For imperialistic plans.
Ignore the dark history of slavery and misery.
Turn out the lights and hide the current state.

You've been "saved" but you still wait:
Arms open, heart open, God fearing.
Still Nothing.
Track Name: Unlearn
Face down.
I'm stuck inside these boundaries,
That were put in place to fucking quiet bury me.
I was given a uniform but soon learned that's just a disguise.
The reality is misconstrued and subdued until your spirit dies.
Born into a culture that teaches you to keep taking, not giving.
Will you live your life spending?
Or will you spend your life living?


A control just like heroin, you stole from us all again.
Cold hands around our throats big man,
If we speak up you're silencing.
Too big business minded, when you see vision you blind it. Propaganda mixed with power brought on one-sided violence.
Ideas remain bulletproof so you can never fucking silence.

Track Name: Earth and Stone
Staring into the sun, his eyes tearing and burning.
Thoughts of that warm day he closed up his heart to the world.
Few walked beside him, many just passed him by.
So he'll just stay numb and sit there; quietly fall behind.

Watched a man climb a mountain, watched that man's end of time.
No conversation with the giver, his father lives only in his mind.
Took a chance to see her. Fucked up her world.
He never wanted nothing.

So fucked up on the inside, too much to show.
No bandage for these wounds or the ones he cut deeper than his own. He smiles and waves from a distance.
Come in closer to see him broken.
Touch the face that's true in focus.
Feel the lines he cut through time.
To remember the one that he's left behind.
No chance for redemption, saw his time come and go.
He wished for the best man to save her from his spell.
Conversed with Earth and Stone,
"Why did you leave me alone?"
He fell to his knees and he lost himself.

Watched a man climb a mountain, watched that man's end of time.
No conversation with the giver, his father lives only in his mind.
Took a chance to see her. Fucked up her world.
He never wanted nothing.
Track Name: Sons and Daughters
We're the sons and daughters of the poor man, the middle class man,
Forced down to serve by the rich man's hand.
This is the perspective of a poor dead man's son,
Another kid that had to run, another life struggling in the age of the gun. Running was only temporary, I tripped up and I fell.
I've learned from what they wanted: Silent people living in hell,
Where we're taught there's a price for every man,
And a price for every piece of land.
Thrown into a life of stagnance, your mind's a jail.
You're raised for profit and you were born to fail.
Sometimes stepping out of line,
And walking away from all you know
Is the hardest thing to leave behind.
A new life defined, now we can defy the greedy men,
With the greenest of minds.
We never wanted to be seen as a commodity,
I refuse to be an object of a vision that blinds me.
I gotta break the mold.
Never let them take control.
Hands in shackles, mind's confined to a cage.
I won't stop until I've broken every chain.