by Paint It Black

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released June 16, 2009


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Salem
They're running their mouths about original sin again.
Somehow we're similar simians, on a steady diet of carcinogens.
We'll be the weathermen, warning of the black skies ahead.
Broadcasting live from the City of the Dead.
The forecast is for hail, locusts and falling anvils bring common sense and science to a standstill.

Watch as witches burn, fanatics setting fire to the foundation,
playing duck season/rabbit season with our children's education.
The barbarians are at the gates, that's my diagnosis.
If they make it past the barricades, before the drawbridge closes,
there will be no cause to celebrate, there will be no throwing roses.
The same racist god that sanctioned truncheons and hoses at Selma.
The god of bloodied scalps and broken noses,
of back alley abortions and voided civil unions.
So remember the next time you're kneeling for communion:
They want us locked down and mute.
And they're still burning books so why not follow suit,
and set fire to their treatises and stale superstitions.
My intelligent design: no submission...
Track Name: Homesick
Instead of "welcome home," you looked at me and asked,
"How is this gonna end?"
When the wind beats against our hollow bones,
We're only forced to run for shelter again.
We're staring at different stars in the same night sky,
And it's different songs that get us through the day, but that's OK.
Will we break or will we bend?
Welcome to the year of more fear let's not pretend.

And then you wonder why we slow down under the weight of what this world demands.
I used to fear the Bomb, now I fear my fellow man.
I'm afraid of what's in my head, hoping I'll choose hope instead.
All this caution makes us reckless and there are egos that need to be fed.

We're still ugly and we're still free,
still preoccupied with World War III.
My skin is a map of minor impacts.
There is beauty in defeat when we get back on our feet.
Track Name: Nicotine
Cannibals & kings take swings at death.
We fall in line and march in step.
The ones with forked tongues have placed their bets.
Their reliance on our silence marks the way that we will pay their debts.

It's invisible and it kills us slowly, day after day,
like the violence of a cigarette.
Track Name: Amnesia
While you were watching your back,
they kicked in your front door.
Do you think that you can launch a counterattack,
lying face down on the floor?

How do you expect to heed the call,
blindfolded, back against the wall?
Digging graves for the promised land?
It makes no sense at all.

Never Again?

Never Again.
Track Name: Bliss
Underneath our feet; broken glass and concrete.
These kids don't walk alone; they own these city streets.
Of course they know that freedom sometimes stings.
Halogen halos, two wheels for wings.

Cranes loom like gallows overhead,
and the setting sun paints the sky blood red.

But outside it's exactly how I want it to be.
We're finally free.

The squeal of brakes and the last strains
of "That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate."
These are the sounds that keep our mothers up late.