Amongst the Flock

by Palehorse

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released November 14, 2006


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Amongst the Flock
Announcing the birth of a new world order

the roots run deep the blood soaked elite
old money the powers controller
Taking your rights destroying your gods
Manipulating your mind enslaving mankind

Dark shepherd has come to slaughter his sheep
Be anonymous amongst the flock
There is no turning back
The course is now set

There is nowhere left to run
There is nowhere left to hide
The sign of the beast is almost world wide

New world order
They plan to kill you

Corporate police state
Will be our life sentence
Conditioned to eternal damnation
The roots of this once great nation
Track Name: Consuming Me
Ripping my self apart
Tearing at these wounds
Open scars infect
Memories nothing left

The blood flows from lacerated skin
Running from a past soaked in sin

Forget yesterday has come to pass
Living every day as if it was my last

Sin after sin
Feasting on the flesh
Year after year
Gasping for my breath

Bleeding into one
Losing my fucking mind
Haunting these dark days
Memories won't fade away

Forget yesterday has come to pass
Living every day as if it was my last

wide awake I won't hesitate
Conquering all in my path
Forget yesterday has come to pass
Living every day as if it was my last
Track Name: Bleed the Sheep
They exist to please the crowd
I will never be one of them

Friends become your enemies
Too many so fast
Will turn their backs on you

Bleed the sheep
Dead and gone

Untangle yourself from the web
The sickness- the trend
Don't pretend
I know you see it too

Bleed the sheep
Dead and gone
Track Name: Witch Hunt
You were the one to point your finger
You were the one to turn your back
Running your mouth for the last time
Lose lips sink ships nothing but a snitch

Don't look back
Had your chance
Don't look back
Bridges burn
Don't look back
Walking dead

Never my friend-most didn't see
A wolf in sheep's clothing
Devil in the flesh
Now we know what he's about

Don't look back
Had your chance
Don't look back
Walking dead

Your tongue should be cut and your jaw wired shut
Ship out sailor because a saint you are not
Consequence and circumstance we hope you go down
We hope you go down
Track Name: The 33rd Degree
Enslavement for security
Protected inside a cage
New America new morality
God bless these last days

This world is decaying
Rotting from the inside

Corrupt bullshit government
The course now set
Armageddon is here
Greed, lust- nothing left

This world is decaying
Rotting from the inside

Living a lie you deny the truth
Icons trampled to the ground
Nightmares unfolding
Society's decline
As the masses march to the grave
Track Name: Last Place
My eyes so fucking heavy the weight
of this world
I feel it on my shoulders as I walk
through this abyss

Losing so many times life spinning
out of control

Twisting and turning amounting to nothing

Bringing you down
Bringing you down to the bottom
Bringing you down
Bringing you down locked in chains

Tired so tired of this fucking game
Apathy so easy cold almost dead
Images of the past plague my head
Surrender to my self lose again
Track Name: As the Serpent
Surrounded trapped on enemy soil
Behind these walls I have built
Alone I wage this war
With myself with my conviction
Solitude leads this soulless path
This choice I cannot deny
Slow paranoid suicide
As I sit with my head in my hands

Hold back the tears
It's all so serial
Nothing but contempt for mankind
As the serpent shepherds the blind

Struggling demons rip and tear from inside
I can't see but my eyes are open wide
Depression takes a hold of me
Endless chapters filled with misery
Terror and confusion consume my tomorrow
Fearing self righteous reprisal
Punishment only pain on the path
Absolution through my death

We are a disease
We devour as we please
Neglected morality
We're all fucking doomed
Track Name: 1948
You will hear of wars and rumors of wars
From your leader's mouths
Fear like no other
Consumes your heart

You will hear of plagues and rumors of sickness
From the media's mouth
Disease like no other
West Nile or aids

The sky is turning black
The moon boils in blood

You will hear of global warming as you
witness the floods
The earth convulses
Rejecting the parasites
You call mankind

Nation will rise against nation
Endless writings of modern hatred
Will drench the land
With the blood of man
Corporate slavery in the end

Self proclaimed gods idols of greed
They select they will destroy
For the pale horse rides today
and death will follow him
as the earth rots away
Track Name: Domestic War
Patriot act slave camp
FEMA is not what you think
Roadblocks and military cops
the constitution will cease to be

Slave to the dark
Obey the false king

Victory act
Like a knife in our backs
Legislation gone unseen

God has forsaken our rights
Government takeover overnight
Patroit act number two
Killing the children in the womb

They're out of control
Police breaking down your door
Be prepared arm your self
and take control
Track Name: Mayday
Say goodbye to yesterday
As dead dreams fade away
Broken hopes smashed as the life around me
Begins to collapse
So far it happened so fast
Slipping through the gates of sin masts
Indulging the pleasers
Failing this worlds trials

Conditioned to this world
Life begins to die
Impure thoughts have engulfed your mind
The blood turns to wine

The human race is a fucking disgrace
Born from an evil seed
Corrupting everything we touch
The taste of grapes we bleed
I will swim against the tide
No matter how hard it fights
I will try again if I fail never to be one of you

Selfish masses self-indulgent plagues
Have led us to flirt with the end of days
Destroy humanity look at the decay
Enslaving the forests and raping the plains

Tear this world into a million pieces
The human race deserves to die!