Better Ways to Die

by Death Before Dishonor

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released July 28, 2009


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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Peace and Quiet
All the talking and nothing is solved
All the pressure - it's killing us all
All the stress in a fantasyland
It's a nightmare I can't understand

Can I get a little peace and quiet
Just a little fucking peace and quiet

There's an assault on my brain
Wave of white noise - deafening pain
Are my ears bleeding again
I can't breathe - my head's caving in

Can I get a little peace and quiet
Just a little fucking peace and quiet please
Stop right now!

Every day... the same fucking thing
Your shit attitude makes my ears ring
See my happiness slipping away
I can't stand another day

I'm choking on the air you drained
the hope away and filled it with shit
Track Name: Remember
Remember the bite in the air
Remember the smell of the fear
The feeling that's stuck deep inside
Shaping how I live my life
The standards I held to be gold
It seems that I've grown to be old
The values that I'll always hold
Seem to be forgotten by

This world that I
enter with my head held high
I've stayed this way
There's no excuse for you to stray

You'll fade away - Yeah, you'll fade away
They all fade away

Now, remember the nights, remember the fights,
that way that I live my life
Remember the streets that we paved in blood
Remember I stand by the ones I love

We stand - as one - this can't be undone -
We'll rise - to fight a testament to this life

Fade - Away
Track Name: Coffin Nail
They'll find you dead on the side of the street
When the sun comes up on old colony
Another junkie snitch brought to his knees
By the hard world he never had to will to beat

Your hard times mean nothing to me
You're a prisoner, beaten and weak
Hard men grow harder from pain
But you just caved in, crumbled and shamed

My hate, can't wait, to seal your fate

You'll never learn like so many I seen
You just spend your days alone, hiding from me
I know the games and I know your kind
And when I came to you, you locked the door and cried

Your feelings mean nothing to me
The embodiment of filth and disease
Rats love the sewers but they come up to eat
And I'll be waiting to catch you on that city street

My hate, can't wait, to seal your fate

You stick your coffin nail into your veins
And tell the world they just can't feel your pain
You'll spend your final days living in vain
You're just a broken boy living in shame
So stick it in

And death's the only thing that can save you from me
And death's the only thing that can save you from my hate
Track Name: Fuck This Year
I - I've been - so drained - a hollow shell - numb to pain and
I - I will - make it through - come out stronger - I always do
One more funeral might just make me break
How much suffering are we meant to take
Feel the world cave in and start to break

I - I can't - come clean - living in - an empty dream and
I - I dropped - the fucking deal - left the future - we had sealed
Back at zero - happy, broke, and free but
Fuck this year it's took too much from me
Feel the world cave in and start to break
From me

Forged an iron will - kept a cool head
All my family cries - for our gone and dead
We've lost too much
Too many friends and family gone
Disease and addiction
Never thought I'd have to be so strong
We're only 3 months in and I see no dawn

No dawn
The sun fell - on us all - when the new year - heeded its call
Darkness - with our loved ones gone - will it come around
When will we see the dawn
I pray it won't be long
Track Name: Boys in Blue
They locked my brother up today
Not justified, no reasoning
They'll hate on us for how we live
Their jealousy, we can't forgive
So how am I supposed to be
When it's illegal to be free

I got my visions, I got my ways
I've grown stronger through the days
So when it's time to defend what's mine
Come out on top every time
The boys and blue they got no control
Out harassing people they don't know
You're just a sheep, no heart or mind
Free men always win... in time

They pulled me over yesterday
They grabbed my crotch and took my pay
So what am I supposed to do
But disrespect those boys in blue
I don't need a badge to hide behind
I got my heart, my soul, and my mind
I'll win every time

I can't forgive the deeds,
You take men's will to breathe,
can't set my friends free
But I still live my live free,
They still can't control me,
can't take what I've seen,
can't change the life I lead

You can't change a thing about me
You can't take my heart away from me
Track Name: Better Ways to Die
You're hearing two sides of the same old bullshit story in your head
Your words are poison empty promises that make the streets run red
From the TV... To the books...
All you'll ever get from me is cold words and empty stares
You signed my family up now they're all off to die for Uncle Sam
The profit margins growing quicker -
Blood stained money in your hands
I am the animal... killing machine... but don't hold your breath...
Cause all you'll get from me is cold words
Cold words and empty stares
Your wallet's swollen but your soul is so bare - but hard men
Hard men - we come so rare
Won't cast a ballot and I won't buy your fear
Cause I'm a free fucking man... all grudges aside
I got better things to fight for... and better ways to die
You think we've come so fucking far because the packaging is fresh
But it's the same they're all the same until their final dying breath
I'm no sucker...
I can see
The bullshit piles higher than the bodies of our neighbor's families
Hard times they never end
It's sill around we gotta sing it again the hard days
Hard days they come like the rain
They'll flood the streets until we all feel the pain
But I'm a free fucking man with truth on my side
I got better things to fight for... and better ways to die
I can see it up ahead
There's another brother dead
How many families have to cry
Before your wallet's up to size
Track Name: So Far from Home
So far from home
I threw away the regular ways
Let the open road take me away
In the van most of the day,
Working hard just to get up and play
Through the sickness, endure the pain,
miss my home but I'm loving these days
No security nothing to pay, just fill the van up with gas,
And let the open road take me away

What's better... safety or truth
The grass ain't greener when were letting it loose
I get sick of the hardships around
But let the wheels hit the ground
Take me down to play another town

Homesick when I'm so far away
Can't count the hours and I can't count the days
I've lost so many things in so many ways
But what I think really counts,
It shines brighter each and every day

It's plain to see... we're just scraping by
Wait everyday, cover the miles
Hit the town so far from my home
But 30 minutes a night I'm flying high on this life I know

Sleep on the floor, or whatever it takes
This shit's for love there's no money to make
Our fucking payoff shines brighter than gold
We take the lessons we know and all come in from the fucking cold

I give my all for the dreams, we always dreamed, living it free
I give my life to the road, out in the cold, worth more than gold
Track Name: Black Cloud
I walked away... another wake... another loss we can't take
And when disease... comes again... all my strength can't... defend
It takes its toll and I feel beat... that black cloud it loves me
I try to run I cover up... in the end we just get fucked

Coming down, just like rain
And that black cloud won't go away
Emptiness... sickening
Just one more day to test my faith

And I saw in her eyes... all the pain of endless lives
God I wish... I could heal all the suffering... that you take
All the air... goes so thin... crashing down lost in
In a nightmare... we all share... but the worst I can't bear

Loss comes with life I can't deny

When the loss hits
Like a freight train
And the black cloud rains down on me pouring agony

And every second, every day
I'll take the suffering in the rain
And all the while I know someday
That black cloud will fade, and let the sun shine on me
Track Name: No More Lies
Fuck all of your ways of submission
Fuck your hopes and your dreams and your visions
I will fight till I die till the tears flow from my mothers eyes
Fuck all, your insurance and laws
Blood will flow for the noblest cause
Force your fear on the youth break their spirit and bury the truth

This is it, I'm tired of all your shit
No more lies nothing left to hide
So fucking sick of everything you stand for

Fuck you, I can see in your soul
You don't have it you just play the role
Here it is, on the streets
Here I am you won't forget me
Fuck you, see you acting so hard
Act away but I'm pulling your card
Play your games it's no use
I will forge on and fight to break loose

This is it, I'm tired of all your shit
No more lies nothing left to hide
So fucking sick of everything you stand for

Just take a good look at yourself look at yourself
Can't you see it's all coming down coming down
Pay the price for the things you do
Now no one cares for you
Track Name: Bloodlust
I'll lay you down
Broken just what you asked for and more
Choking... gasping and gagging...
I can't... stop myself can't... help myself
It's like a tidal wave taking me over and out

Out of my mind
Whiled my teeth just grind
I can hear you cry
Such a sweet release
Bringing you to peace

Please take all that you said
Keep it inside... right in your head
No one will know... no one will hear
Breaking you down... no need to fear not now

I want to know how does it feel inside
Bound, beat, through the night
I want to hear the sound of what you feel
When it's for real

I want to feel it all

I swear I can smell the blood from here
Fell the sweat drip down and mix with tears
It's like a chemical in my brain
Forcing me to act insane
When the flesh is in my clutch
It's done, they're all fucked
Track Name: Our Glory Days
Thinking back to younger days when we were young and free
Ditching out on work to catch the show along the T
Cueballs in our pockets and our hearts were on our sleeves
Watching all the older kids get wild along the stage
Fighting all the bouncers till we put them in their place
Heading out to nowhereville just to fucking play

Spending my days, Living my way
Some say its dead, But I can't forget

Knowing every day could be another stupid fight
Struggling and clawing at the fabric of my life
Cops around the corner want to take away my rights
They could never understand the way it used to be
And they could never know how much it's still that way to me
Cause I'm a fucking lifer and know I'll always be right here,
Right here

Spending my days, Living my way
Some say it's dead, But I can't forget
Deep in my heart right from the start
Old to the new making it through

Looking back on my glory days
Torn up knuckles, bruised up face

I found my home in this violent place
Forge an iron will in hate

Looking back on my glory days
Look ahead see they're here to stay
Live a dream - takes it all the way
And be grateful every day

Never dwell on the harder days
Learn my lessons from mistakes
Every day's a glory day when you
Stand by the values and refused to fade away

I can't be stopped
We can't be dropped
I'm just too strong
I see it so clear and I know we can't be wrong!