Break Through It All

by Death Before Dishonor

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released April 3, 2007


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Count Me In
I lost my grip on it all
All the pain is unresolved
All the words that meant so much
Stolen – abused – raped – and fucked
Same old story, they´ll suck it dry
Leave me with nothing
Leave me to die
Taken for granted and lost in the mix
Forsaken and dismissed
But count me in
I came to fight – I came to win
I came prepared for anything
More than the rest will ever know
I´ll take this as far as it has to go
I shed my blood on the streets
Left behind a piece of me
Always coming up with more
Unleashed the hatred strip to the core
I can´t forget, I can´t pretend
Every turn is a dead end
Running in circles for all of my life
Dead to the system
Choking on all the lies
But I can´t die
I´m in a world of shit
Where I´ll never fit
I´ll fight to win
In a life so cold
Every way I´m pulled
I´ll stay the same inside
In a day so long
Whether right or wrong
I´m here until the end
More than the rest will ever know
I´ll take this as far as it has to go
I´m here until the end
Track Name: Break Through It All
Time took its toll – left me cold
And drove me down to hopelessness
Through suffering gamed my strength
Just to see it´s limits
Should I quit
Let defeat have it´s way with my soul
Or should I crash into those walls
That seems so unbreakable
Why die a beaten man?
Too weak to take a stand
In the end it´s all a dream
So why not take the suffering
I know there´s something there
Can´t see but I can almost hear
I´d rather lose again,
Than ever know what could´ve been
I may not see past myself
But I know there´s something else
I´m done searching for excuses in life
I´m done losing to a made up enemy
I´m done searching for excuses in life
No more losing – not this time
I may not see past myself
But I know there´s something else
Drive my head into that wall
Kill the dream
Track Name: Boston Belongs to Me
Years of being told you ain't as good as us
Join the line, sign your name
And they all said that our country's going bust
But no-one's fooling us again

Boston belongs to me
A nation's pride, the dirty water on the rivers
No one can take away our memory
Oh, oh, Boston belongs to me

We'll show the world that the boys are back to stay
And they all know what we can do
Heads held high, fighting all the way
For the red, white, and blue