Burning the Lies

by Reaching Forward

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released June 25, 2002


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Torn Apart
I wanted to talk
I wanted to fight
I filled up my lungs and shouted
my language conquered the world
I was free to say what I wanted

Swallowing fire
Burning my heart
All the memories faded
Words couldn't hurt anymore
Never would I be rejected

This flame won't go out
Burning the lies

What language to speak
In a world torn apart
How to describe
The pain in my heart
This world will stop
To shake and turn
It's too late to learn
We will burn

Only the truth will remain
Track Name: I Won't Deny
Everything around me is collapsing
But I'm still holding on
Faces became a memory
Words turning cold
Why are you blaming me

Broken promises
Broken dreams
I turn off the light
And shut the door

Staring temptation back in the eye
I feel the passion burning my face
A deafening ring inside my head
One by one the sounds fade away
There is nothing we see in the dark
When pictures stop and voices die
Track Name: Leaving the Past Behind
All the great times we had
All the hours spent together
All our hopes, all our dreams
Proud of what we reached
When I felt out of place
I needed to move on
Choosing my own directions
But you couldn't relate

Changing, growing
Leaving the past behind

Sitting here in front of you
Thinking of all we've been through
Always something to talk about
How could we change so much
Track Name: Days Turn Into Years
Still standing tall
My foundation won't break
Days turn into years
While waiting for me to fall

The past and the future
Will be conquered
By strength and submission
My soul will stay pure
Won't hide behind fake smiles
I will never give up on my beliefs
Track Name: Melted Minds
The face of authority has changed
The power-elite is no longer tied to space

Have to save
a virtual world
To fight the powers
We can not see

Technology is the foundation
To consolidate power in a global system
Centered in the free-zone of time
An entity shaped by imagination
Track Name: Until I Forget
Eyes open wide
Refuse to see
Turning away
Until I forget

Give me back
The world I know
Without the years
I have lost

Caught in my life
No one to blame
Trying to feel
A shadow I stay
Track Name: Day by Day
No more words left to speak
Turn around afraid to see
You are caught up
In your own lies

No matter what you say
No matter what you do
It will never change
What's deep inside me

Day by day
It's growing stronger
Can't hold me back
Any longer
Track Name: Face the Truth
Seas of terror frozen in their eyes
Innocent victims of cultural genocide
Freedom of humanity
Brings responsibility
Are we ready to face the truth

Can we, will we
Take responsibility
For the suffering we cause
Or deny humanity
By consuming their flesh

Cries of despair are no illusion
Wake up from this dream
Track Name: Cage
Our preference is a cage
From which we can not escape
Our standards of beauty
Are killing people everyday

Our bodies are nothing
Slaves of our minds
Human beings turned
Into image and profit
Track Name: In Your Eyes
We are free
Spreading our wings
Reaching for the sky
Never looking back
Never afraid to die

In this moment
All the words
We used to know
Are fading into silence

Moving away
From the world below us
Moving away
From our past

In your eyes I see
A reflection of me
I feel the earth turning
Being close by your side
In your eyes I see
A reflection of me
Standing on top of the world
I never felt so alive
Track Name: Take It Back
Fuck your limitations
The values you bring down on me
Your distorted view on love
Standards of the way I should look

You took away my life
Destroyed everything I had
You took away my life
Now I take it back

Fuck your happiness
The rituals of lost generations
Your narrow-minded pride
My remorse when I cut you off
Track Name: My Shadow Ahead
Watching my shadow ahead
I cover my face
And remember the days
When I was a kid
Hoping my dreams
Will last long enough
To let me die happy
Not yearning for more

Like a man lost in space
Howls for the earth
Or a dog for the moon
With no reason at all

The whisper of the thunder
The agony of death and birth
Time is taking me
Back to the dark
Track Name: Breaking the Silence
You have crossed the line

The storm in my mind
Is breaking the silence
My senses are flooded with hate
Let's bring it down to it's knees
Stop this army of disease

Can't tolerate your ignorant views
Track Name: Empty Inside
The time is now
Take your chances
Don't let life pass you by

Running in circles
Turning back time
Empty inside

Lost in this world
Bound by desire
Truths of time
Consumed by greed

Life is an empty dream
Don't try to hide
Things aren't what they seem
Why do you hide

Swallowed by the patterns
Of the weak
Trying to learn
How to count the years