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released January 24, 2006



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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Final Chapter
I don't care who's right or wrong
The only truth you let me down
Fell so far on your behalf
Always good intentions
But everything was for you
No longer will I act the fool
So many people I let down
So many lessons I have learned
So it began and now it ends
The final chapter you just read
I'm taking it back pick myself up
And start all over again
Track Name: Clarity
The feelings that I once felt all those years ago
Somehow all got pushed aside
I lost my path and where I belong
And what I really want
I gotta find some clarity
Relight the flame that burned within my heart
So hard to find my head surrounded by insincerity
So hard to find my head living amongst the insincere
I lost my flame and I blame you
Crossed my path but now I'm back
I'll never lose direction
I'm burning bright from here on
I've got to find the light
That keeps me alive
And never let it die
Track Name: Down the Line
Your attitude doesn't make any sense
The words you speak, they're always negative
Your attitude doesn't make any sense
And the away you act is gonna catch up with you
The chip on your shoulder is dragging you down
No respect for people like you
Take advantage of whatever you can
Love the drama of causing trouble
Life must be so fucking full
When you've got to sink so low
Let's set it straight I can't relate
Still pushing on, keep working on
Won't let you ruin my day
The pressures on, I'll keep moving on
Won't pay for your mistakes
Your attitude, it doesn't make any sense
And one day down the line you'll consider the consequences
Track Name: Reconcile
Time flies by but it gave us room
Room to move and space to breath
Didn't think that it would help
But I feel I've grown, I'm sure you have too
We're strangers leading seperate lives
How did we let it come to this?
Can't we find some common ground?
Communication breakdown
We just drift apart
Time, it can tie you down yet also set you free
At first I thought I could never forgive you
Feelings so overwhelming, saying goodbye
But I know we'll find our way again
Communication breakdown
We just drift apart
Its time to make a conscious effort
Tear down the walls between us
Repair the feelings we once knew
We can't let this all fall apart
We've got to reconcile
Track Name: The Great Escape
A few years and things were fine
We rode our chances on a better life
We stood waiting for things to change
Constant source of disappointment
Can't break the mould set in place
We should have known
Brought up with the stars in our eyes
False hope to disguise their lies
We're always waiting for the happy ending
Just the start of our demise
You feel, fucking feel nothing
For all the years you ever put in
Just to fill the void and bridge the gaps
In this cold dark world
Fuck their world it never gave us a thing
Spits out lies that we always take in
And we've pushed our luck as far as we can go
Its time to make the great escape
Brought up with the stars in our eyes
False hope to disguise their lies
We're always waiting for the happy ending
Just the start of our demise
Track Name: Through It All
You're backed against a wall
Feeling like there's no way out
We've all been there before
Existence overwhelmed with doubt
Through the toughest times and in the darkest days
You must recognize there's still hope
We all lose our faith
When were dealt such low blows
Feeling so alone, never ending doubt
Through the toughest times and in the darkest days
You must recognize there's still hope
Face your fears, start today
Realize your true potential
Face your fears, don't waste your time
Because this life just ain't worth wasting
Shake it off, turn it around
I'll always be here to help you out
You were there for me, I'll be there for you
Our friendships will see us through
We don't have to walk alone
Track Name: You Lose
So quick to turn your mouth
Talk shit behind my back it's wearing thin
The time has come to set things straight
You've had your time in the spotlight
Spread you're lies so fucking fast
They all brought into your game
Hope you're proud of your new found fame
I can't wait to watch you fall from grace
Pushed me to far for so fucking long
Not much more that I can take
Boiling point, things come to an end
And when I come around you hide away
Scared to face your fucking mess
Back it up, do what I want, when I want
And when it fucking ends
You lose, fuck you
Track Name: Steadfast
This place keeps spinning but I'm not watching
They're all talking but I'm not listening
Some people I've met I'd rather forget
Five out of ten, I know were strong
We believe in this movement
The fucking message and what it means
It's what I put my heart into
Gives me strength to carry on
It's our sanctuary, keeps us alive
It's where I belong, and I've known it all along
Don't change for them, don't give an inch
Keep fighting, keep fighting
We still believe in those words
The fucking message and what it meant
It's what we put our heart into
It gives us strength to carry on
They can't judge me, this is my world
They can't judge us, this is our time
We keep fighting, We're still fighting
Track Name: Now or Never
Today is the day, the start of something new
The start of something more, for me, for us, for everything
I set these goals to remind myself that things always change
From here on out I won't live in the past
And from here on out I can't live in our past
Break free from the thoughts
It's time to live my life for myself
Focus and determination, to get my life back on track
Friends and family, stuck by me through it all
Focus and determination, to get my life back on track
With friends and family,and their help I know I'll be fine
Track Name: Yours Sincerely
I find it hard to comprehend the road you've taken
There's no turning back from here
And the person that I once thought I knew
Is now just a fading memory
And it feels like I've just scratched the surface
It's so disappointing leaves me confused
What went wrong?
The friends you now keep mean nothing to me
The opposite of everything we once were
Well it's true that I'm no angel but my conscious is intact
Something that I wonder do you lack?
What do you know about loyalty?
It's not just 'you've changed man'
I never knew you at all
Well that fucking hurts, eats me alive
Still I don't hate you, that's not my style
But I'll never give up on you
And I'll always be here for you
You were part of my life and you always will be
And that's just something that I won't forget
Track Name: Broken
Why must it be this way?
The trust we built has faded grey
When will this all be gone
You left me all alone, you left me holding on
Today passed so long ago
You left me bruised and broken
I had no chance to grow
I never thought it would come to this
But there's so much more bad than the good times I’ll miss

I'm not sorry it turned out this way
Because the only way you acted only left me saying "life goes on"
It means nothing now
Because it worked out once but I’m wondering how

And how can you lie when you know it's true
I'll never forget what you broke in two
A lifeline worn from the love we shared
But trying to hold didn't have a prayer

And it crushes down, it crushes down on me
What you offered wasn't love just misery
I look around my room and I think of you
And I hope you never know what you put me through

All those letters you wrote,
Those words burn in my head
Lies written in stone
Don't you remember what we said?
All those letters you wrote,
Those words burn in my head
Lies written in stone
Don't you remember what we said?
Don't you remember what we said?

The prophecies we've broken
We only let go