Crime in Stereo Is Dead

by Crime in Stereo

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released October 23, 2007


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: XXXX (the first 1000 years of solitude)
We returned to heaven to confront our resurrected horrors,
They'd restlessly started a horrible revolt.
So I smashed their thieving greedy blackened halos,
Right back into broken zeros of digital hope, copper, and hurt.

Say I won't.
All your artists are just servants of the status quo.
This darkness starves us, trademarks us miserable.

Come damage me.
Do your worst,

Our impossible populous.
Immeasurable metropolis.
The machinery stays and the scenery crumbles away,
And we capitalize on our opportunities

Come damage me.
I descend into the cadence to unlock the city gates,
I retreat to my basement.
Make the end come for me
Track Name: Third Atlantic
Our grave danger built of lights and motors,
Strikes the locals hypnotic,
As we swept the sick off of our infested ship,
In a dazzling display of logic.
We drink the water we sail on.
So drink it up sailor, sail on.
We are all wrong.

Bullet trains are bringing home the soldiers,
To find their families trampled
With the weight of the fiber optics,
Placed inside the soil samples.
Surveillance for the chapel door.
Oh lord, keep safe our imperfect form.

There is no port from the storm.
No shelter from the wrong that I've brought along,
And I've caused it all.
There is no port from the storm.
No shelter from the wrong that I've brought along,
And I've caused it all.

We are all wrong.

I've seen so little light in the grip of constant night.
Track my life by satellite
Cause lord, I'm lost
Our seasons at an end.
We'll burn every single bridge to keep this ship sailing on.
Track Name: ...but you are vast
You're no good for me.
My formulated drug an acquired taste
Awaits to sate this unrequited love
It tastes so gray, yet necessary to sustain frustration
Take just enough to get you fucked up
Not so much that it drives you away

A constant escape
The magnificent restraint that it takes to stay away
I've no control at all
I constantly dream
The memories invade the things I keep with me
I'm getting high on the roof of the world

You are the bent and blackened spoon.
You are the butane. You are the bedroom.
You are the improbable excuse
For the horrible things that I do.

You're no good for me, but I guess not bad enough.
Because on quiet nights I come to find you crawling through my kick drum
Hell bent on deliverance of all the privileges of being with you,
Heaven sent, I crane my neck to watch you,
Desperately march down my chest, enjoying every step.
Emphasized by distances we never intended.
You come crawling back through my regrets,
To remind me what you said...
"We're no good at this."
Track Name: Animal Pharm
This garden grew just light.
Just like an ivy, blinding eyes to the walls that hide behind,
Ascending high.

We looked away and everything was waves.
We worked our eyes and they snapped back into place,
But they never changed.
We looked away and everything was waves.
We worked our eyes and they snapped back into place,
But they never changed.

This farm grew only faith.
Like an I.V. blindly placed
It demonstrates the safest way to stay awake.

And I want you
I want you to see
That I'll be there when you're trembling;
That I'll be there with you relapsing
Into madness

I want you
I want you to see
And I'll hold you up when you're collapsing into sadness.
I can stand it.
Track Name: Small Skeletal
As they laid my bones down at the crossroads, I saw my ghost
Sell my soul to the inferno for petrol to get home.
Now each day, I sink a bit faster into my father's fate.
Four packs a day, four decades straight.
Right to an unmarked grave.

I used to think it would sleep

As I laid my cross down at the bones beneath my feet
She came. The face of a saint, the voice of a symphony.
She says "The future will be devoid of weaknesses."
Free cigarettes for all the kids to make small skeletons.

I used to think it would sleep,

I used to think as I aged with time,
That it would shut it's eyes and just let me be.
Then I'd seen it's designs to kill and hide deceitfully inside my skin.

I've been hunting it ever since.
Track Name: Unfortunate Tourists
I am the unfortunate tourist, stranded
At the edge of your bed, shipwrecked.

Journeyed from the depths of our drinks,
To the small curves of your legs
And yet in your absence...
I feel good now that you're gone.

I am the constant exit, the constant ex
The next former friend to attend your revenge.
And you said "You're just like them! Born to love and then disappear!"
And I said "People like that are the only people here"
Track Name: Nixon
So it came to pass that I'd stayed with you long after they had left.
but now you pace the hall, talking to the oil portraits along the walls.
I know you did what you did
But I was just a kid.

So don't compare me now to how I was back then.

this too shall pass.
Long after they're done searching through your desk
They'll call it voyeurism, not viewing it as a precaution.

I know you did what you did
cause you thought I'd never forgive
But we were both a little crazy when we were kids.

Looking back on it, I would've done the same thing.
Everyone was doing crazy shit back then...

Maybe I'm not so crazy after all
Track Name: Vicious Teeth
Complicate, all the things you say.
What tiny lives each of our lies must lead.
As we disapprove, of us entirely
Disguise away the ways in which we're incomplete.
We cover them in encouraging insincerities
And use our routines to increase the revenue
And get the kids ready for school.
Rise with the sun and leave our secrets sleeping in.

This is how we live.

Orchestrate all the things you say
So all the neighbors see you scream out publicly.
We teach the local kids that the arithmetic
Of attention and affection goes like this:
"We'll take what we can get."

I can't take it.
Awaken the needful things that we've created
We're separated awaiting the evil things
Our tiny cages no longer can contain
The vicious teeth of our mistakes.

The fuel that leaks from our machine
floods the local scene in shopping and therapy,
modern economics and reckless chemistry,
all so we can sleep.
this is how we dream
Track Name: Almost Ghostless / Above the Gathering Oceans
We wade out into it, dawn of the century.
We're way out, we raise up our arms and wave them in disbelief.
And like brothers we march each other right off,
Torches lit on the shore.
Midway between the forks,
In the long face of constant war.

There's a love common to us all
And there's trouble coming from the opposite shore
It's above us. I can feel it coming.
We wait out each other, drawn through the centuries
We're here now.
We raise up our arms and wave them in disbelief
We're drawing in tight the tiny circles of space
in the constant effort to erase
The constant war on your face

(Despite our deceit)
Hidden away, still we breathe.

There's a love coming to us all.
Track Name: Orbiter
Tired stars navigate the tiny storms,
Teeming on the far shores of your waist
Tired of waiting for my stationary third world to rotate
So you filled it with oxygen and watched as it floated away.

How could you do that to me?

I start to relate as the meridians trace
Lines straight up through your face
And I orbit around your personal space
Tunnel out through your psychology to escape

These are the sirens having come to test your hope
Saying "Oh, we've sewn stones in your throat,
Thrown you overboard the boat... now float."
Track Name: Choker
While you were taking sides
I was shaking the world from sleep.
Our love, so visible yet so unseen
And it sneaks in through your speech.
The bloody world of your dreams,
Comes crashing through the breach as you scream:
"These ugly wolves. Once hibernating, they now awaken."

You're going nowhere,

Girl, when I speak
I say that which I mean
All these expensive art school teach is critique
We dance in common circles,
We speak in such strange speech
Visible, yet unseen
As I scream: "These are the wolves of conversation!
The nonsense you're're going nowhere"

These are the wolves crawling out through your throat
Saying "You love to turn your back,
Then act surprised when we approach... now choke."

We seek a love visible yet unseen,
And we seek our love in such strange speech.