by Dead Ending

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Dead Ending is a hardcore punk band comprised of members from celebrated acts like Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, and Articles of Faith. Their third EP, the aptly titled 'DE III', follows a pair of recordings for Alternative Tentacles, and continues the band's penchant for playing fast, stripped-down hardcore in the spirit of the early-to-mid-'80s. It also features guest appearances from punk legends Jake Burns (Stiff Little Fingers) and Jeff Pezzati (Naked Raygun, the Bomb).


released April 15, 2014


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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: All the Villains You Call Boss
The ceremony of loss spirals down
everything you thought you'd never do comes around
and you compromise
all the wrong things
and convince yourself otherwise

The means justify the ends but the ends are unclear
the methods stay the same
it's the opposite of what you held
all those years ago
the noose of corruption tightens
you try to justify
through the choking

All the villains you call boss
measure their profit in your loss
Track Name: Lifetime
Break you
understanding the pain
and no one in love
accepting that love
is something that doesn't remain
pouring in the rain
and under that sediment
the romance
the argument
the gain

Not enough in my lifetime - it's never enough

climb your way to the top
and from that viewpoint the best you can hope for
is a view of the fog
pin your hopes on the rock
that passion unleashed leaves you down on your knees
praying some how it stops

not enough in my lifetime - it's never enough

leaves you sometimes in shock
that memory past
is now fragments and gas
and they're starting to cross
and your infinite rage
are starting to weather
no one expects better
from someone your age

not enough in my lifetime - it's never enough
Track Name: We Were Always Right
Since 1977, it's the same refrain
honest at the margins
center all the pain
now everyone's catching up
finally got it right.
Since 1977, blinded by that blight.

Relentless propaganda
it's the same disease
the wretched of the earth return
with hollowed out guarantees
now everyone's catching up.

We were always right.
Track Name: Rewire
Back to the future, we're decades behind, step forward on
the backs of the digital peasant. The financial infallibles
who tow the line - rewire - pass me the social media.
Don't type until you see the whites of their eyes, metal-tag
the class caustic, so we can all friend our decline - rewire -
rewire the hanging post.

Wind us a new social contract, double knotted, with a
noose in the line. Drunk from a blackout nostalgia,
no one can remember a better time - rewire -
Track Name: Frustration
Headlong cancer ending - some stinking gutter rat
everything just spinning 'round - cancer bite back.

Incendiary marrow feed- modify my thrill ride
bleed the brakes - death santified
frustration- it will make you bend
frustration- it will leave you dead