Demo Y2K1

by Breaker Breaker

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released July 10, 2001


tags: b9 Boston


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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Breaking Smiles
I cant take this cold anymore,
It's breaking smiles, it hurts so bad.
Another day in this dead end town,
I'm tired of this lonely crown.
These grey faces are the death of me.
They'll never know what I could be.
Get me out of this dying place, because i cant run this race.
The same old song on the stereo cant you see i gotta go,
Please understand i gotta go.
A day in this, you don't wanna know.
Take a look inside I've got nothing to show.
My heart is frozen and my hands are cold,
The sun forgot to shine on my part of the world.
They've ignored me time and time again, I only wanted a good friend. No, i cant be sorry for leaving this,
So don't be sad that I've walked away.
In time you'd do the fucking same... so i just gave up.
Track Name: All I Never Wanted to Be
Bloodied first into broken hearts.
I have heard your story a thousand times before,
So don't say you're the only one hurt.
Fuck you, and maybe i just dont understand.
At least i take a stand.
Tripping over my two feet, the feeling is gone and it's weak.
Memories fade today and tomorrow will only bring more pain.
The past few years have been the hardest of my life,
And everything you said was a life.
Hold on to these two hands because it wont go quite as planned. Memories fade today and tomorrow will only bring more pain.
Track Name: Forget the Words
Frustration for the life that you live.
Admiration I know you wanted to give.
Its' an arsenal of knives and heart takes.
You've burnt the candle at both ends, you broke down.
All we accomplished through deception and lies.
Do you see any hurt though your jaded eyes?
There was another way.
You never said our friendship would last.
The street are colder when your alone,
Away from it is where I call home.
So cross your fingers and touch the flame,
Begin to feel our fucking pain.
Close your eyes and fall onto the world.
Now you'll see where I come from.
Track Name: Take My Advice
Your life is one that I can't live,
Your history is a list of crooked words.
So tell me what i should do,
Don't live your life how you want to.
Our friendship was a compromise,
But I know you're the devil in disguise.
I hate the excuse and all you are, burn the bridges so I wont get far. Time passed, I know the ending.
I know that life was all pretending.
Two words...
Track Name: P.S. Fuck You
These words will set me free,
From summer days just you and me.
So I stop myself from thinking of all of that, what a waste.
Fuck the world for believing in you,
Fuck the nights that were always untrue.
Fuck this place for forgetting me,
Fuck the kids that could never believe.
You know who you are and what you did.
I don't regret the time i spent with you,
And i don't forget the shit you put me through...
P.S. fuck you