by The Hope Conspiracy

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released October 2, 2001


tags: Boston


all rights reserved


Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: No Love Goes Unpunished
Light this fire and never look back.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
No remorse, no regret for that precious guilty face,
The one that did the damage, you're right in my palm.
Letting go and burning this all,
Set it free entirely, reach out ,
And this dog will strike you down.
Say it now while it doesn't hurt,
Say it now while the blood is warm.
Open up and swallow every word,
Three graves, three threats, three ways to comfort this,
Mementos for your sins, forgiveness denied again,
Dull the light to ease my eyes, can't bear to look at them anymore,
No, fuck you, I am fed up, I am...
Track Name: Treason
Why me?
Why am I down?
Why feel I'm not whole?
Why feel so far below?
I'm free to go.
Why dream?
Why partake?
Why be half of a weak embrace
Of time and place and lose space?
Deep down inside
I know the reasons, reasons
In faces I see lies
While they try to hide their eyes,
Man, it hurts inside.
It's like treason, treason, treason, treason
Soft ground, politics inside dealing tricks
I can't pick a side, you decide
What plan?
What design can they have in mind?
Have they lost their minds?
Have I lost mine?
It's never just black or white
I know the reasons, reasons,
What I feel makes me alive,
Goes beyond what they decide
Can't fight what gives you life
That's treason, treason, treason, treason.
Track Name: It Meant Nothing
Blood poured from the core,
Raining down painting completion.
Crush this love dead heart,
Let the rapture shift to sorrow, betray, deceit,
Wolf in sheep's casting, dreams of yesterday cut deep,
Bleed me dry, empty, hollow, cold and callous,
Make me whole once again.
You can shut it off, all those feelings.
You can put it away, all those memories.
Driving nails through my heart with a smile,
Reality ripped our heaven apart,
Gutless as we tear it down, sleepless,
Finding comfort in nothing, knowing who and what we are,
And I just talk in circles, empty a feeble skin,
Aloft these winds of torment, hollow a blackened heart,
Tear it out, it meant nothing.
Track Name: Divinity Sickness
Tearing away from the cross,
Destroying precious words of love,
False hope penetrates your shell, you're screaming.
Your kingdom is burning, forced into this process, of pain.
Lies and deceit, I'll never follow, salvation.
One nation. Your god, walking on legs of glass, what is love?
Track Name: Regret Kills
If she could ever love again,
Could ever trust again,
Her love you loved away,
When she was screaming, you walked away.
Her tear stung eyes, tell me how you do it.
Striking at a angels face, so cold, so empty.
Words cut like razors, cut deeper than you care to notice.
Scars of hate, she still bleeds no!
Seasons streak through the rearview,
Time heals nothing it never does,
Falling in, falling out ,another failure.
Another kid lost, another one gone forever,
Months have come and gone, quicker than a hang-up,
That was your defense, screaming at deafened walls,
When the doves fly high, and peace graces these days,
Look in those eyes,
I hope it breaks your heart,
I hope it makes you choke.
Track Name: Escapist
You smash your teeth on every word,
I choke on the insult.
I spit up your lies, splinter in my eye.
Shake the hand, I fail to understand - you,
I can't escape - you.
So much hurt and anger,
pouring in every direction.
I can't escape, the cycle repeats and,the favor is returned.
Demon, was it so hard to turn the other cheek.
The demon in my life is now a target, I will let the bullet fly.