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From This Day On

by Breathe In

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Amygdala 02:11
Why must we dwell on the past? Praying for the dead raising our flags half mast. When the bombs drop on your head like rain, How will you feel? How will you explain? Profusion becomes the relish, Subsisting through the spellbound. Desecrated by this vile parish, Delirium composes no sound. But how can I transcend through the gray, when you bare no response every time I pray? The sunlight reflects off the shadows Of the mornings devastation. I can't feel your heart, I can't drink your condensation Where can I run? Where can I hide? Where can i bury this burden for the last time? When the world dies, Who will be the last to stand? Will we crawl out of this abyss with each others blood on our hands? Are you my enemy or are you my brother? We've all been fucking raped one way or another.
As we sit back and watch the days pass, Looking at our wrinkled hands, Thinking how'd we ever last Through the days of fallen smiles, Which i paint upon my face. Nights I've walked endless miles, To make love to your grace. All I need is one more taste A year has passed, what have we achieved? Another dream shattered, another lie believed. Let the flame burn heavily in our hearts. Never turn away, never grow apart. This is where it starts. Silence is my only defense, Mourning the death of humanity. This world makes no sense. Who will take my hand and guide me through the torment of the wounded hearts that i will never seem to forget? I'll never forget you and the times that we shared I can't forget all the things that we cared about. I will never regret, I can't forget your face, Your eyes, your breath, Your breathing down my neck. These are all things that i will never forget.
Inside Out 02:13
My blind attraction will still remain. When I see your smile,it kills all the pain. This sickness is burning my eyes from the inside out. Tonight I'll hide away the lies before you find out. I keep on telling myself my life will change in time I wish I could erase the memories infecting my mind Someone always has to play the fool When i hear that song i'll always think of you You never know what you have until you know it's gone My only way out is singing this song. I keep on telling myself my life will change in time, I wish I could erase the memories infecting my mind. Time kills the passion, I lay down and close my eyes. Love is my bleeding infection, I bury my head in your lies. I kiss temptation on the lips to kill the desire, The sunset burns while I put out your fire.
D-Minus 00:31
You knew the risk, Now here's the outcome. Now it doesn't seem like a game, To save your face, you lost a friend. Now your ego's still bruised, And you haven't a shoulder to cry on. How many times did you know this would come? You're the only one playing the game and you lost.
Figure 03:01
Twenty years and twenty days, So much hoped for in so many ways. Time is spent wondering minds on travel, When will it happen, how will I handle? Are you my insight or were you my foresight? I'll dream myself to sleep and question through the night Thank you for giving me these answers to see, And taking time to show your true self to me. Fuck you, you fucking fuck. Man of the year award, you're shit out of luck. Thanks for showing me how to be a man, Observe, act opposite, now I understand. How many left turns before you feel right? Forced 'I love you' must make your night. Who will be there when death comes to call? Funny the outcome, who banished them all? Do all that you've said, not what you've done. I've finally shown my face around. My hearts been frozen numb, Twenty years of angst for this to come. Am i a long lost tragedy, Or just my fathers son? When I was your age, look what I have done. Don't feed me that bullshit, you ran out on your son. Don't preach your ethics, O noble man of charm. For a man was known to pat his back until he broke his arm. Thank you for giving me this glance, Now I know what I must do to give my son a chance. No, i will never be like you, you fuck.
Epidemic 00:50
Life's just spreading the word the epidemic's about, Of treating each other like shit. Killing all hope of retribution to man, We're all on a sinking fucking ship. Don't look out for me, it's just for you The bridges you must burn, Never really matter what happens next. When ever will we learn? A living trend a dying hope, A sheep among the wolves Just let me out, this place is fucking hexed, Let's burn this whole damn world. Inspire me. In spite of thee, I'm pessimistic with much a do. This whole damn place, This loveless race. I hope i never have to reach my hand to you.
Breathe in, choke to death on our last breath Begin, there is no way to fight this death What's inside of me and what's inside of you We can't control the both, no we cannot connect the two I'll know the time is right, When the darkness meets the light. I'll try to find myself on this long drive home, Tonight. Breathe out, a flame of life reduced to smoke. In doubt, that something must become of those. I wish you were here to sing along. No, you'll never hear my words, No, you'll never hear my song. I'm giving in, I'll question if i'm wrong or right I'll try to find the answers on this long drive home, Tonight.
Safe as a cancer, twice as mean Two days in May could never mean a thing. Solitary confinement, love song for a muse. Inside my head lies a room without a view. Catacombs of yesterday, Visions blatant to the blind. Shadows cast by candlelight, Remind us we're all doing time. For what? Ancient text of the perfect crime, In and out of solitude through blood of mine. Knocking on wood, I step on a crack. Consolation prize, you're never coming back. Another breath of insolence, Tasting different but the same. Cracks in the mirror can't hide the fact, You kept good like suede in the rain.
Eternity 02:35
Your essence lingers for days on end. Perception is dead, I can't pretend Staring purity, deep blue caress Your warmth heals my disfigured distress. Distraction is an easy target for me, My mind is a team player. That's all I will be. The ideal life lies in the past, The sun is gonna set. I wish you could see the disillusion in my soul. How can your heart be so warm while your kiss is so fucking cold? I'll wait for you 'til the oceans run dry, The true love in my heart will never die Take me to your garden, And lay me down to rest. Life goes on, they say. I think i'll wait for another day, To realize what's gone wrong Why must I wait for so long?
When I think about how things have changed, I can't see what you're telling me to see. It's all foreign to me. Why can't you believe that you and me were never meant to be? The lonely roads of life have left me here, Don't feel sympathy while i shed this tear We all lead separate lives, Why do you feel like you have to hide away from your fears? And the pain won't go away, Things will never be the same.
Scarred 01:20
Reminiscence of the past brings a smile, Friends come and go with every mile. These painted pictures in my head won't fade away, The colors seem brighter to me with every day. Where's my heaven, where's my hell? Let me out of this cold dark cell. I scrape the blood off my bones to tell you how I feel, Abandoned and deprived of knowing what is real. Fantasy infatuation, My heart is possessed. Emotional mutilation, My mind grows grotesque. Love is an indistinct illusion, For those who will never see. Your separated from reality, by ignorant confusion just like me. I'll never be who you want me to be.
Drone II 03:07
I can see it in your eyes, You think you see it on my face. Maybe it's something in my walk, Maybe it's something with this place. You tell a friend ,he tells his friend, Misconceptions all along. You couldn't know, you wouldn't know. Why the fuck would i tell you? Build it up and tear it down. Running your mouth just to have a say. There's not a clue in your head, Yet you still talk anyway. You don't even know my name, You don't even know my name, You don't even know my fucking name. You think you know me, you try to judge me, But your facts are hit and miss. If you know all there is to know, Then how do you explain this? You think you know me, You think you know me, You think you know me, You think you know me, You think you know me, You think you know me. Fuck you. I can see it in your eyes, Not an ounce of self respect. Knocking others down, To make up for what you fucking lack. I see you talking, Not hearing a fucking word you say. When you realize you've got no friends, You're the only one to blame. Life's so clear when you think you're seeing through mine. Who are you to think you can fucking define, This painted picture of perfect fucking design? Master artist, you fucking can't draw a fucking straight line.


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released October 16, 2001


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with close to 300 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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