Heaven's Too Good for Us

by True Love (MI)

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Us vs them. Love or hate. This world operates in shades of grey, unless you're listening to Detroit hardcore's bold straight-edge band, TRUE LOVE. As far as the lyrical world created by singer Dominic Vargaz is concerned, you're either with them, or against them. While TRUE LOVE initially started with an attempt to resurrect a forgotten sound, with the dual buzzsaw attack from guitarists Alec Faber and Brad Walker, and rhythms driven by bassist Joe Palleschi and drummer Derrick Daniel, the sound becomes entirely their own. Whether they're playing blistering sets on their home turf of Detroit, or playing shows across the country with peers and the bands that defined their sound -- their vision is uncompromising.

With a demo and an extended EP on Baltimore's REACT! Records under their belts, they now present their debut LP on Bridge Nine Records, entitled 'Heaven's Too Good for Us'. Recorded in the summer of 2015 with Andy Nelson at Chicago's own Bricktop Studios, it's thirteen songs of razor-sharp hardcore, clocking in at breathless 17 minutes. They race and pummel through anthems of taking back what's owed, straight-edge fury, broken vows, and the real truths of love lost and sometimes found. Tracks like "Your Side" and "Where It Ends" ache and twist with promises of forever, backed by crushing walls of guitars and "nobody stands still" breaks, while tracks "Kill for That" and "Stay True" showcase TRUE LOVE's ability to slow from frenetic, breakneck speeds to a mid-paced groove that leads to a controlled chaos. There's something for everyone here -- love them or leave them, they aren't going anywhere.


released July 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Piece for a Piece
What's the worst thing I could say?
Heaven seems so far from me
Against my will
Bleed and kill
A bitter pill
Kiss it goodbye
Eye for an eye
Slip through the cracks
Knives in our backs
Mixed and crossed
Missed and kissed mixtapes YOU LOST
Time to take back what we're owed
Die to stay true to your code
Only thieves could be as thick
Leave behind the ugly days that made us sick
Scrape and crawl
Break down the wall
The less they give, the harder you fall
Shift the blame, drop the coin to call
If your love is mine, then I want it all
Track Name: Your Side
I was so careful
Love couldn't touch me
Crush couldn't crush me
But we talk about we
Separate the blood and tears
The loss of years
It's all so fucking clear
Letters that you never send
They always get it in the end
There's nothing sweet like your floor
(What's the risk if we're in love?)
The smell of your room, and locking your door
(What's left to prove?)
Baby, to you I'd never lie
Never forget who was on your fucking side
Tearful pact, sacred in salt,
On our own, it's all our fault
Lost the teenage touch, lost a fucking fight
Change the tone in your voice,
The one you use in the night
There's nothing sweet like your floor
(What's the risk if we're in love?)
The smell of your room, and locking your door
(What's left to prove?)
Baby, to you I'd never lie
Never forget who was on your fucking side
They don't know the vow that we've sworn
Give 'em pain, make 'em wish they were never born
Heaven's too good for us
Silent and violent
The jealous kind
"Hopelessly devoted to you"
I'll kill who you hate, my knives can cut too
Track Name: Out in the Streets Pt. I
Deja vu
A youth without crew
A twelve bar view
Thinking of you
Two eyes too fuckin' blue
Swing and miss
Two true lovers kiss
Fights and fits
Just case to bash my bones to bits
Run your fingers up the side of my head
Feel the swell from your lover's lead
Run your fingers down the length of my wrist
I'd kill to keep the smell of your kiss
Use my spine
Cross every line
Our stars align
A heart confined
Smash the lock, make it mine
A minute to flee, a minute to find
Lover's time has come to pass
The lonely grain of sand has turned to glass
Left shattered now to cut and slash
At a throat - a floral note
Kiss my face, breathe to me your saving grace
One last embrace
I'd put a gun to the side of my head
Made a vow that if love was dead
I'd run a razor down the length of my wrist
Bled to feel, it's the one thing that exists
Push comes to shove
Hand in glove
You're who I dream of
Safe in heaven above
Long live our true love
A tender body broken and beat
A bleeding heart left out in the street
Track Name: Kill for That
Fucked and fought, I'm out for good
Thinking thoughts that no one should
Coins to call fall through gaps in the seats
Heart that beats by the cracks in the streets
Who's sorry now?
Harder to see when the blood's in your brow
Nowhere to be found
Beating and fleeting breaking out of a vow
Dying on a Saturday night
One star away from throwing the fight
Bought and sold, too good to be gold
Fading out in the feeling of feeling so old
Who's sorry now?
Harder to see when the blood's in your brow
Nowhere to be found
Beating and fleeting breaking out of a vow
Cut with windows smashed with bricks
Fighting them off with stones and sticks
A blade gone dull for better or worse
Picked up a piece of a city's curse
Track Name: Midnight People
"So happy in the haze of a drunken hour"
The saddest song to keep you sour
Midnight people, and midnight ears
Midnight street, and midnight bars
Smeared with tears,
Drinking with cynics for friends
A night's out not a night out
If the night out never ends
Prick a finger, left to linger
Feeling the years, dulling your fears
A lover's love has you bored to bust
Sweet smelling sheets, and a long for lust
Fleeting heart, arrows shot to burst the sun
Sober eyes are the truest ones
Track Name: Young to Die
Fumbling touch in the dark
Mapping out stars in beauty marks
Tracing the lines in my palm
Counting beats in the breaks of balm
Break the glass to write a note on
A rose red blade to press a throat on
Too tender for hell, too young to die
Don't wanna stay alive when you're twenty-nine
Fingertip caught in a link of chain
Bleeding out to ease your private pain
Seeking things that will hurt you
Sweet and soft just to desert you
Track Name: Where It Ends
Words inflected by the clear complected
Promised us, betrayed our trust
Safer in regret
Savoring the day we met
Fucked with fate
With love and hate
Burden of blame
Nothing's the same
But we were wrong
We couldn't fuck-ing be-long
Say the word and I'll tear the world in two
Do what I have to do to be next to you
Give me the choice of now or never
...Who needs forever?
Track Name: Chained Melody
Those words I wrote
They sicken me now
I wanna bleed something sweeter
But I don't know how
Smell my heart beneath the gauze
I love you because
The way we was
I can't help but feel offended
By the boys that you've befriended
Sick to death of humiliation
An afterthought, a complication
Believe me when I say, you made me, you saved me
Don't know what I did to make you hate me
It's misty clear you never forgave me
Search for things that aren't in me
Secret lovers that will never be
Dragged your finger on a breath-stained glass
Blew a kiss to dearies passed
Obsessed and depressed
Undressed and repressed
The only things that stay the same
Our youth, our truth, our love, our flame
Send me your smell to my address in hell
A drop of your love, a wish to be well
Your spit is my spit
Kept my wrists slit
Then: sad but true
Now: keeping me blue
Know who you love at every age
Forgotten regrets on a saltwater page
Hard to hide, harder to care
Dry an eye with a handful of hair
Lost my love on a slippery slope
Your perfume pressed on an envelope
Track Name: The One and Only
Bloom just to pass, fall too fast
Walking on, walking on broken glass
Your lover's lead, beloved's brass
Kill to be one and only, the first and last
Waiting for you and a dream that won't come true
Clench and clutch, the softest touch
There isn't much that a knife can't cut through
Paid for days in borrowed laughter
Stayed in dreams of tomorrow or after
This is blood in and blood out!
Live and die in the shadow of doubt
Waiting for you and a dream that won't come true
Clench and clutch, the softest touch
There isn't much that a knife can't cut through
Lived in love, and lived in lies,
And lived just long enough
Watched the barrel spin and you called my bluff
Bullet or blade
I'm the one who fucking stayed
Life - I can't feel
A look is just a look
So who's to say what's real?
Just seal the deal
Shattered and shook
Your turn to feel!
Track Name: Out in the Streets Pt. III
"I wish you'd never met me"
And turned away
"Regret me and forget me"
What would YOU fucking say?
Cried enough tears to soak the street
Bash and bruise the bones too broke to beat
Red and black, blue on blue
I killed them all, but I did it for you!
"Something's missing inside..."
"Something's died..."
The gang is gone
The nights are long
Baby, tell me I'm wrong
Kiss or kill
If the streets can't have me, nobody will
Track Name: Meant to Take
You don't want to see me around
Beat me down, keep me on the ground
Your scars look just like mine
Guilty pair in quiet crime
Bought into a fucking lie
Love that I leave to pay the price
Kiss sealed pact that we would flee
We'll die together, you and me
Lilting lovers side by side
Wilting lover's suicide
But it ends tonight
Cut deep to even the score
Tender wrists, bloody fists
Needle and pin
We can't fucking win
Lives meant to take
How much longer do I have to wait?
For-get my name
Bones and bonds break just the same
Track Name: Stay True
A darkened room
Hung from the moon
Finger twirled hair
A criminal's prayer
A solemn place
Poisoned against me
Felt too broken to go
They'll tell you no
I told you so
I told you so...
Before you go...
Let me kiss your lips
And you kiss mine
Secrets to keep
Pushing me away in your sleep
Heard the words too late
Keep fucking with fate
Such change to trust
But it's our fear that makes knives rust
In my own strange way...
In my own sick way...
I'll always stay...
I'll always stray true to you

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