Hell Is Empty

by Ruiner

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released September 22, 2009


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: I'm Out
Those heavy thoughts I let linger when the sun goes down.

I don’t need this shit anymore.
I can finally see it’s over my desire to hold onto
old pictures and thoughts about crushes I can not relive.

Looks like I am on my way out,
it’s been a long time coming.

Looks like you can bond to someone else’s failures.

You can blame me if you want.
You can hate me if you want

I have nothing more to give.
I have nothing more to say.

I’m gone

Blame me, judge me, use me

Blame me, judge me, hate me
Track Name: Dead Weight
The ones born in shit with no remorse or no regret,
watch the foundation break we laugh as we take.
Born the son of a carpenter and high school secretary,
bred blue collar in a white trash town, with just enough to lose.
But I learned the value in wanting nothing
because then no one can take anything from you.
I watched the heart of my old man get overworked for the sake of a dollar.

Worried that love might only, be found,
in the amount of things you leave behind when you die.
I started driving nails at an early age
for a class of people their god forgot.
For the ingrates who never knew the pain of callous hands
for the bottom feeder waiting for their handout.

This is humanity's true face, middle-aged
and fully capable but not willing to sweat.
Who think they are better than that,
as if born with some form of entitlement.
The punch line in this joke, we are angels at birth
but true sinners and always looking for a hustle.
I was born a fortunate son.
But I learned early on if you want to live, you got to suffer,
you got to be willing to bleed.
I was born a fortunate son.
But I learned early on if you want to live, you got to suffer,
you got to be willing to die. (Empty handed).
I go day to day with a chip on my shoulder
I cannot shake for a generation of leeches
Who seem to think that life owes them something,
More than a right to breathe.
Life owes me nothing but a cold deep grave
and a promise to never wake me up when I close my eyes,
Please let me close my eyes.
Track Name: Two Words
Hello you fuckers, you assholes, you social rejects

I hope you get my sarcasm as I generalize our subculture

That once had the biggest of mouths.
Now scared to just speak up,
scared of prepubescent teens with the fastest hands
or has-been role models who gave in to their own cynicism.
I might seem jaded, I might seem arrogant. However

I am a dude of many opinions which I encroach on every open ear.
I find it offensive when someone cowards behind tight lips.
Save face for the sake of social status, prostitution with a pretty face.

No approval here not bought with pride,
All loss for some one else’s gain.

Keep your mouth shut. Keep your eyes straight ahead.

You might make it out of here unscathed but devoid of purpose.

Mediocrity is a fucking cancer; it seems air born and contagious.

I found myself here when I didn't fit most anywhere else.

Now I find it hard to relate to the most familiar of faces.

Don’t Care

Pardon my apathy and my articulation with cheap childish phrases
but I hate the excuses I give this nothing more then these two words

Fuck it

How cliché this all sounds.
This was made for the individual
but is ruined by the ignorant masses.
Track Name: Part One
Is this the beginning?
I always look towards the end.

It starts as a pleasant drive and ends in a fiery car crash.

Hope isn’t in question it’s a question of how many times
You can repeat the same fucking feelings.
Before you go numb you always roll the dice.
We always try, try again.
It’s our natural instinct or maybe its just boredom
But no one ever thinks they can live being just one.
One time it will be the real thing,
next time it will be the real thing,
condition ourselves to think there is a real thing.

The excitement is shared as the feeling is mutual.
The attraction is real and not just for the flesh.
Simple excuses just to hear someone’s voice
that feeling of sickness when you are too far to touch.
Its hopeless now, no turning back,
You’re in over your head with no want for air.
You say the things you thought you’d never say again
And in the back of your mind you wish you never could.

This time around you won’t fuck it up,
You won’t get tongue tied
You won’t trip over your feet, you’ll be attentive
you won’t be selfish, you learned your lesson
You won’t fuck it up
Track Name: Part Two
The two of us we burned like shining stars
We flicker then faded now it’s a fucking black whole
Crushing our lungs, we broke our hearts
The tears didn’t flow until the front door shut
The jokes went stale and we forgot how to laugh
Some good things they never will stand a chance

I guess you and me baby we were doomed from start
I should have stayed on the road and never came back
Sometimes I think I could have tried just a bit more then I did
but I’d be lying to myself if I thought it would have helped

Not everybody is meant to be, no body is meant for me
I don’t need your pity I don’t need your time
I'll just borrow love I borrow lies I tell myself a lot of thing
I sleep alone a lot of nights, I’m in love with a lot of lies

No one saves me from me,
From me I'll always blame myself
Some habits never change
I love a train wreck, I love a sad song
Maybe I do this for me.
Maybe you were right about me,
Maybe you were right about me.
Some good things aren't meant to be,
Nothing is meant for me

There is no fairy tale ending

There is no happily ever after

You just live, you just die
But maybe you’re a lucky one
Track Name: Convenient Gods
I am pride. I am discouragement.
Self loathing, but egotistical, an ignorant fuck.
An average heathen who just waits for their turn to speak.
Convinced in thinking they know when their end will be.

But I am shit no different and no better.
Similar skin stretched over similar bone.
I want answers for coming days.
I want a reason for what was and what will be.
I try to look to no god, nor any man.
I see that a weakness at best.
But in our dire moments we need something to blame.
We turn to a light we will never see

You need me more than I need you.
I wish that was true, I wish that was true.
Faith is humanities answer for the fear they can not face.
A fear that we are with out purpose, that we are truly alone.
Track Name: Meat
In a minute now I'll be feeling like a cold front,
Cut through the room.
You kindly wave, I awkwardly smile
Not sure what to say
But it’s inevitable, you bat yours eyes
I crumble, I always crumble
"How are you?", you will say
I exchange politely
Not again, no
I can’t do it, I won’t do it
Alright I’m so pathetic
No matter how far I distance myself
One glance from you can pull me back in
In an instant my knees weaken, my hands sweat
And I begin to break.
I'll give in when you pop the question,
Your place or mine?
How I wish I had the confidence to tell you
I can’t be what you need
I can’t always be the skin that you wear
When you are cold at night
When no one else is there to make you alive
I know we are both one and the same.
But when it’s over, the satisfactions gone
We will both just be stains on the sheets.
Track Name: Loneliest of Hearts
He clinches his fist as we swings for the fucking fences

His since of abandon keeps him from deaths door.

Blown knees and torn fucking muscles heart made of steel

These are the hours he never wants back,
This is the price that you pay for glory.
Or maybe a since of fulfillment very few can appreciate the silence.
The cold calm when nothing is left standing in your way.
This is joy in its greatest moment shared only with the truly selfish,
in a place where only the lonely ever choose to stand and die.
Behind every drop of sweat, eyes unfazed and devoid of feeling.

Love, has no place here. Our hearts beat a lone
Track Name: Committed
You want honesty its all I got.
I’ve been bleeding to death, why can’t I stop?
As I grew older, I grew angry.
I got memoirs filled of shitty stories.
Now sometimes I don’t know myself.
If this is an act, was an act I forgot my fucking part.
I spend my nights typing away
So maybe some day I'll get over not knowing me.
These are my guts, these are my insides,
My exaggerations of wanting to die.
It’s not always a joke, but I never lie.
Take what you will when you read between these lines.
Now sometimes I don’t know myself.
If this is an act, was an act I forgot my fucking part.
I spend my nights, typing away,
So maybe some day I'll get over not knowing me,
You don’t know me, I don’t know me.
This is the place you go when you don’t hate yourself enough
To beat your head against a wall.
We are but songs and throat scraping melodies,
But still a far cry from any real tragedy.
Track Name: Solitary
Hey Mike, what the fuck are you thinking?
And where did you go with my Father's gun?
I still don't believe it, but think about it I'd blame you too.
But that was years ago and this isn't that story.
This is my concern for where you will end up.
Remember when I told you, you needed to find god.
That's pretty funny now.
You've always been more comfortable between cement walls,
Just inches from hell. The isolation made you see in black and white.
See the world as a truly empty and desolate place,
With nothing to offer someone like you.

When Danny died I know you wanted to take his place.
But that wasn’t your fault.
Sometimes no matter how far you run,
Trouble just comes looking for you.
You know that feeling well.

Stop blaming yourself for what you couldn’t do.
Stop blaming yourself for what you’ve lost.
It’s hard to say that you aren’t the same.
That something in you changed.
Maybe it was never there at all
But most of us have a glimmer of a future in the back of our eyes.

Move on from this place.
There has to be somewhere that your demons won’t find you,
where all your devils don’t know you’re alive.