I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone

by Crime in Stereo

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released February 23, 2010



all rights reserved


Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Queue Moderns
Nothing is safe

If we get caught we'll be captured, we'll be questioned
kept with other suspects, taken
If we get caught we'll be arrested

if we extend our instruments like lovers arms to each others' necks,
we'll be put to death

And if we let the treble clefs fall apart on our troubled heads,
we'll be put to death

Nothing is safe
Track Name: Drugwolf
You called to say you're going away
Speak in code, our voices shake
The pigs are much more clever
Than we ever would've thought
You call to say they're on their way
The lines are tapped
Nothing here is safe
Just get out of Gotham
All these cops want to bring us down.

Open up your mouth and sing it out
Create a good space for the sound
I swear I swore you off, forever
Then you come around

This love is going to drag us down.

Clicks betray, the call's been traced
Lines collapse the static breaks
Connection left us severed
I stretch my limbs across

You call to say the anchor weighs
The ocean down to control the waves

I'm getting out of Gotham
All these cops are starting to bring me down.

Better off alone, together
Track Name: Exit Halo
...are you listening?

brave the cold
unholy Atlantic froze the rings of smoke
like a halo on your head in the shape of
the fakes
you parade
as friends

...are you listening?
...are you feeling alright?

let the sound
unhinge the architecture and echo out
hide your ghost in my low end leave
the high

...are you listening?
...are you feeling alright?
...are you out there?
...are you selling me out?

let us sink
we all win

love all others but its never enough
standing outside smoking while we’re settling up
drive the whole time dreaming I will die all alone
one day you’ll let it go
Track Name: Not Dead
It begins within our drinks
I relent and let you in
Signaling the bad days, they are coming
And I love you so much,
I hope you never sleep again
The future never happens,
But forever takes so long to forget
I never said I won't ever be running away

I'm not dead,
But you're losing me.

You've become an act of war,
tongue drawn like a sword.
A godless infidel,
Raising Hell upon the rest of the world.

It's in your four song seven inch
It's in your pawn shop instrument
It's in the West, the Pacific sun descends
It's in your best friend's basement
It's in your head.
Track Name: Odalisque
It starts in the unbearable dark.

throw your body on the bad days
I made an art of moving on
it sparks the age of quarrel in your heart
throw your body on the bad days,
on all the midnights of tomorrow

wait. no one hears us.

enjoy the soft science of your voice
on a day no one can catch us
I made a life of making noise
I’ve sung the age of octeen in your lungs
throw your body on the panic
feed the sadness on your tongue

wait. no one hears us.

throw your body
on the panic
on the tragic chemistry
on the sadness
in the spaces in between

throw your body on the bad days
Track Name: Young
Veering off your greedy heart
I can't understand your pain anymore
We can get a lawyer and, move on

We can get a lawyer if, you want
I can understand your pain, but I won't
If we can't get along we cant be in love

end of the world
in the middle of nowhere,
nothing/something happens anywhere/everywhere

Your black Irish smile begins
Up the soft snow of your skin
As the memory sinks in

I’d give anything to start again

I can't stop remembering
Track Name: Type One
you lost it all
fading in the wire
believe that I am so awful
but learn that I am so echoing
fading into anything
our awful offering to everyone, everywhere, unloved:
I’m trying to get right
you lost it all
islands spiral out
you are the darkness
in the sound of everyone, everywhere, unloved.
I’m trying to get right
Track Name: Republica
my republican jesus is hiding beneath the streets
my starving artists all just bought in
we’re going mainstream
lined up at night
for everyone to see

I think I’m starting to believe
it’s the end of the world
but we’ll wait for commercial break

a thousand year refrain of God bless the USA
your midwest jihadist is hiding pipebombs in my mailboxes

I hid a message in my head, I think I’m starting to forget

choking on a broken hallelujah let her pray
bow my head, imagine gods strange language when
she says "can we get free?"
bring forth your carpenters make every one a king
offer a thousand hearts to every prophet prince kids:
your future school shooters are all out cutting class
your pharmaceutical:

one hundred thousand milligrams
your government is going underground
your underground is selling out
your god is in the reverb
that comes screaming through my speakers
come on come on come on
let it out
Track Name: I Am Everything I Am Not
Forget the lesser parts of me
You and I are everything I am not

She says, "Oh God, don't walk away"
All I am increasingly I am not

This gets me here
This takes me home

We know all the ways that death can't see
We go all the places death won't be
We know what it takes to keep his sleep at bay
So I pray to God for a day

This takes me home
Track Name: Dark Island City
I only have a single photograph of me and you
it's from last new years at my place
I look half wasted
faced away from the way it was taken
you’re always waiting on me
you’re always walking away
Track Name: I Cannot Answer You Tonight
god bless the shape your goddamn body makes
you move across my stage
and into frame
a godforsaken plague a thousand shades of grey
hanging about your neck like an embrace

come back to me
lets put us on display
come back to me
you’re not who I thought you’d be
its ok its ok its ok its ok its ok its ok its ok its ok
I’m not who I thought I’d be

its ok
its alright
throw your body on the bad times
throw your body on the past
come back come back come back come back

come back to me