Invasions of the Mind

by Energy

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released September 30, 2008


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Hunter Red
Parting with comfort again
A still frame image of their union
The eyes were turning black
Her face had grown so deathly cold

Into the dark
Into this place where they were young
Into the dark
Where fear and love had just begun

The clouds taking different paths
A blessing in the skies or a relapse?
The rains have left tonight
Solace in the face of decent

He always knew they'd find him
and that there was no hiding
He spends his whole life hiding
He spent his whole life hiding
Track Name: The Silence
The bridge to yesterday
Burning lies within the fire
Stepping across the way
Brightly lit our fears expire

I'll sleep the sickness away
(And)Shed light on shadows of yesterday
Forever is so far away
Constants break in our final day

The spiral rips through the sky
Pouring shards down through the waters
Too young to see it's too late
Dancing through the end of summer

Lock me inside
Just let me hide
Track Name: Heaven
Wish I'd wake up to the sounds of distant memories
Years have passend since I've felt something
Bleed out from inside of me
I've shed my tears now all I want is for you to set me free
I keep on calling, but no angel has fallen
Please heaven wash over me
Track Name: 400
The signs, the screams, all the reasons
We never reached to the sky
A darkened air laced the season
I'll never relive the lie

Let's find a place where we can hide tonight
We'll race the sun so we can say we tried

A sharper mind than the needle
Will tear a hole through it's eye
(And)When demons start the invasion
I'll stay awake through the night

Further and further away
Track Name: Contact
We spoke of dreams some years ago
Now we're fending for our souls
Feasting our eyes on what was true
I know now we never knew

Failing faster so it seems
Your clear blue skies a fallacy
Praying someone hears my screams
As I fall into this dream

We'll wait in silence
Track Name: Hail the Size of Grapes
Still asking
"Are we all alone?"
2 hands meet
On our knees
No one heard a sound

Fall now, Into a dream
Come drown, down here with me

Thousands Passed
How much time is left?
They're screaming
False hope without shame

Wake up
Waiting outside in the bitter cold
Frozen winter brings the days of old
The time has come, now say your last goodbyes
Destination: final sunrise
Track Name: 2 Whole Minutes Under Water
Beyond this silent embrace
Out of the shadows they're shifting shapes
And when they rise from the grave
Who will be offered and who will we save
This autumn chill rapes the air
New life begins this rebirth of despair
Track Name: Satellite and the Hit
Beneath the stone
A burning glow
A restless ghost
Now they know
The brown and red
Laid down to rest
She's calling out
In whispers

Will you save me
When they come for me?

Let's set the tone
And mourn alone
Disguise our souls
Then we'll show
The brown and red
Laid down to rest
She's calling out
In whispers

Will you save me
When they come for me?
I'll be waiting,
Will you wait for me?

Our final dance
The pieces on the floor

Will you save me
When they come for me?
I'll be waiting,
Will you wait for me?
Track Name: Brickstone
Winds keep blowing
Fears keep showing
Hatred flowing through me
A part of me dies every night
Looking up I realize
We're so alone
You're on your own
On our way home
At least that's what they're telling me
I've broken myself free from disease

Take me away from all this fear and decay

Just say goodnight

Closing in on 24 years
All our hopes and all our careers
All our friends all of our heroes
All our dreams down to ground zero
All the times we laughed to ourselves
All the friends that said their farewells
Didn't matter after all
No one's there to see you fall

Take me away from all this fear and decay

Just say goodnight

Take me away