Letters Home

by Defeater

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A band known for their captivating and comprehensive storytelling just as much as their elaborate and complex music, Defeater's third full-length, 'Letters Home', is their absolute best work yet. These 10 new tracks are heavy and haunting, while lyrically poignant and continuing the story of a working class family living in post-WWII America. 'Letters Home' revolves around the father of two brothers that listeners were introduced to in two of Defeater's prior releases (2008's 'Travels' and, most recently, 2011's 'Empty Days & Sleepless Nights'), giving a background to the character and seeing some of the events from those past albums through his eyes. 'Letters Home' is legitimately Defeater's heaviest body of music thus far, featuring powerfully intricate guitar instrumentation, colossal-sounding drums, and more ferocious vocals than ever before.


released July 16, 2013


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Bastards
I hope this finds you well
A father lost and mother dear
The family that's kept me here
hard lesson learned and I learned it well
How to lose everything
How to push you away
How to lie when I say
"I'll never raised a hand to the ones I love ever again."
You begged and prayed
For your god and his grace
To save you from me

My broken spirit and back
My calloused, shaking hands
The ache I carry in them
My grief and skeletons
The weight you carried inside
A weight that ain't my bloodline
Black out to sunlight
I count these burdens as mine
And all you see is that bastard in me
Track Name: No Shame
Another day when the sun ain’t shining
Another night with the bottle I drown in
Still hoping, still waiting
Still breathing, by a thread still holding on
To my demons,
To every dying wish I’ve had of us leaving
This old ghost town, still dragging us down,
To pull you out of this hell
You’ve been living in with the needle
And every dying wish I’ve had that you would clean up
Your ups and let downs
Pulling me underground
With every tired lie you tell
Just to fill your arm
You thin your veins with the dirt,
With the hurt, with the memories and the pain
I lost my faith in your god, in your word
In every promise that you break,
So I walk the same way home each night
To find that back alley pusher and take his life
I ain’t ashamed for what I’ve done
I’ll take an eye for an eye
Until every junkie is blind
The river bed holds the blood and the knife
I took his eye as a prize
The man who laid with my wife
Lays at the bottom of that river where the sun never shines
Track Name: Hopeless Again
Dear old friend
I'm feeling hopeless again
I'm giving in to my vices bottle in hand
I think I'm slipping again
At the end of my rope with this pain in my head

I could use your sage old advice,
Some words to calm me down
I ain't been sleeping most nights
With my girl sleeping all over town

I've got a short list of my enemies
Since days I spent in the trench
But he ain't no man, he's a cheat
A coward staring down death

In this letter I'll never send
I confess I kill them both where they stand
You only get what you give.

On the front lines I watched as good men died
I left a piece of me in foreign country side
in my own home, I'm a stranger now
I was a husband once. Lies built on losing ground
Track Name: Blood in My Veins
Can you hear those birds sing?
Means we’re closer to shore
Means we’re closer to home
Further from love and war
Further from what made sense
What we were born to do
What kept the blood in our veins,
and my veins thin with booze

Kept my hand on my gun
And my gun by my side
Kept the moon in my thoughts
With the sun in my eyes
Kept my head hanging low
Kept my gun by my side
My brother’s name in my head
Had me praying for death
For me and my friends
So we would never wake up
To our lovers again
Because every lover had lied
When they said we’d be fine
When they said in good faith
They’d sleep alone every night

Hope to come home in one piece with our boys by our side
Now we’re ragged and torn like the flags that we fly
Like the ones we lay down on a coffin so clean
And see those eyes staring back the boys we used to be

I re-read the postcards you sent and wish the truth was a lie
The waves on the hull throw your words off the side
The ship takes the dead and dying back home
I want to sink to the depths with the letters you wrote
Track Name: No Relief
Waking up safe and sound
The words could hardly leave my mouth
“How did I make it out alive?”
I lose the same sleep every night

I got your letter today
And when I heard my name
My stomach sank to the floor, I can’t take anymore
I’m digging my own grave
And it read “Dear John”
I knew this day would come
I’m drinking every drop until the aching will stop,
Until you pull that rig out from your arm

A wise man once told me
There will be no relief
We will never be free of the horrible things
And the pain that we’ve seen
And that same man was told
“No matter where we may roam
You forget what you know of that life you once lived
Because your home ain’t never home.”
Track Name: No Faith
I’m a man of no faith, but I’m familiar with hell
It can be heard in every man, every bullet, every shell.
In every word, ink and pen, every family torn,
every post marked stamp wishing them well.

It can be seen on every kid scared to death
The wear and the pain on their face

We march on into snow, into rain
Our trenches, our foxholes
Track Name: Dead Set
I’ve got this hope in my chest
I’ll see one more sunrise
Got my brothers good luck
around my neck every night
I’ve got this song in my head
It’s got me thinking of him
My heart is heavy with guilt
It’s got my blood running thin

We hold fast, dead set
Hold fast, dead set
The only friends I count as mine
Are those who would die to save your life

I've got this burning in my gut
I've got these words that I write
If I don’t make it home
They’ll know they‘re always on my mind

We hold fast, dead set
Track Name: No Savior
I quit believing in heaven
I found no saviour in nothing
I gave away my faith
When I gave my brother a coffin

He was the air in my lungs
He was the blood in my veins
The reason I joined up
The man that I’ll never be
A cigarette and a drink
To burn away my night
And keep the ache in my chest
and his candle burning bright
These words fall on deaf ears
There is only guilt, death and grief
Your god forgot about us
He’s just a thief and a cheat

Let me be damned
Track Name: Rabbit Foot
Dear hope I lost you,
Found solace in a bottle
Now I'm my mother's only son

Brother of mine
I wake up with the sunrise
With an ache in my chest

Now you sleep at the bottom
Of the blue pacific

I find no comfort
I find no solace
I've got no use for these

I find no closure
I find no peace
Just these scarred up memories

I've got your letters
I've got your good luck
In your rabbit foot I keep
Around my throat
To keep me from dying

You've always been protecting me

I woke up with the bottle
and an ache in my chest
Now you sleep in the iron bottom, blue pacific.
Track Name: Bled Out
I feel the distance in your letters sent
I left my family for the trenches
You've got me worried about leaving
You've got your needle, I've got my demons

You've got me homesick, I feel me slipping
I feel the cold hand of death is creeping
He took my brother to the ocean floor
I beg but death don't come, that fucking coward

I'd give my life for his, what could I have done differently?
Bled out and failed him, he never would have done that to me

Let me keep sinking
Let me keep drowning
I am no one
I am nothing

I feel the distance
I am desperate
Got me homesick
I am hopeless

And all I see is that bastard in me