No Peace in Our Time

by Antidote

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Antidote vocalist Drew Stone put it best, regarding 'No Peace in Our Time', the NYHC band's first recorded output in 21 years: "We finally made the hard-as-fuck old-school back-to-basics record that we always wanted to make."

That record in question was self-produced by the band themselves and mastered by the legendary Howie Weinberg (Ramones, Tom Waits, Nirvana).


released November 13, 2012



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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Conspiracy of None
Ain't no denying the fact that they're lying
and trying to sell it as truth;
with such precision, they've made the decision
to poison the minds of the youth
shit that you're seeing for all the humans being-
the media worshiping snakes.
For your consumption, a brain that won't function

Shut up! And put away your gun...
Shut up! Conspiracy of none.
Track Name: The Hate Machine
Old, ugly bitter and foul
resentful of the present,
protective of the past
we will stay the course, we'll live our lives
and if you don't like it, hey, go fuck ya self!

Roll on hate machine, roll on
Bitter, resentful, just stay the fuck away from me!
roll on hate machine, roll on

See you in the afterlife you bitter SOB.
Never too old to feel the fire
your heart is the ultimate gauge
Pathetic misgivings of the past.
You'll never feel the joy
of this world!
Track Name: No Peace in Our Time
What will bring peace is a readiness for war;
if you want peace, be prepared for a horror
the worst criminalities, just turn a profit

Don't try to fight it,
Don't try to right it,

No peace in our time,
We will see no peace in our time
no peace in our time
we'll never see peace in our time

Avalanche of hatred, the darkside wins out
lives are expendable, the economy must flourish
See the people suffer; there's no other way
no other way
no other way
Track Name: Time Is Right, Ready to Fight
We're not afraid to fight for what we think is right!
We're not afraid to die
hold your head up, cry!

Time is right, ready to fight!
Time is right, ready to fight!

We're not afraid to die, for things we feel are right
We're not afraid to fight, hold your head up and cry:

If the time is right, we're ready to fight
Track Name: Unaffected
Don't wanna be a part of your world
you regulate the minds of all the boys and girls
got all this oppression around me
considering a default from society

I'm unaffected can't you see?
We're all unaffected?

Could never see the reason, what do you want?
Got my money 'cause they take it away
Spend your taxes building nuclear arms.
Whatever happened? To better development?

I'm unaffected
Track Name: Don't Blame Me
This time's my fault, don't tray, place
no blame on me
Don't know what you've been taught
Don't tell me I'm insane you'll see
Can't get no blood from a stone,
even if you stay at home

Can't ignore what's going on, lock your door;
set your alarm
We've been done to death
by the robots we elect
don't know who they are
hitch your wagon to a star

There's no answer coming soon
might as well live on the moon
going down the drain
without the benefit of a brain

Don't blame me, for the bullshit that you see
Not our fault
all the lies
that we were taught.
Track Name: Live for Nothing
This is now the future's here
it's time for us to get a grip
people walking 'round confused
don't know if they're here or there

Live for nothing, getting nowhere

Don't know who to turn to now, a bunch of fools with no direction
who wonders if there is a god, but
worry about this years election

Live for nothing, getting nowhere

Everything changes very fast, you're
not the only one who's lost
discover what you needed to know
it's all around you free of cost

Live for nothing, getting nowhere

I think of all the times I've hand
still, I'm a little too late
got so much leftover aggression
I don't know who to hate
who to hate
Track Name: Not Like Them
In this world you've made, everything's the same
Where do I fit in, I don't know my name
what's become of me, I'm not what you see
I am not a thing, part of a machine

World of fantasy, this shit is not real
nothing that I feel, tells me I'm alive
energy I steal, pictures on a screen
places I've not been, things I will not do

Never gonna be like
Never gonna be like them
I'm not like them
Track Name: Ignorance
You tried to tell me something but I laughed
in your face, wasn't the right time it wasn't
the right place
But now I've such an urge to see you again
so if we can't communicate let's be friends
It was ignorance on my part
You lead the life of reality, you'd better
think again, think of all the love and
compassion that I lend
All I want to say is let's be friends
'cause it might mean something
to someone in the end.
It was ignorance on my part.