No Rest, No Peace

by Alpha & Omega

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'No Rest, No Peace', the first full-length in nearly three years from L.A.'s Alpha & Omega, is a juggernaut that, as put it, acts as "the mid-point between Integrity, Cro-Mags, and a police chase." Produced by New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert (H2O, Terror, Trapped Under Ice) and recorded by Kyle Black (Shai Hulud), 'No Rest, No Peace' blasts through 10 tidy cuts of thrash-tinged metallic hardcore.


released July 23, 2013



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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Sink
A blank stare, a weak and broken soul
standing here in a crowded room all alone
i built these walls of steel and stone
no soul, no god, no man will ever know

Hiding behind my own eyes
sinking faster in my own mind
lock my heart and burn my soul
show no fear is all that I know

This is my life, this is my pain
I've been lost, been found only to walk away
this is my choice to live my life this way
I blame no soul, no god, no man for my pain

No soul, no god, no man, will ever know
this is my life, this is my pain, this is my choice to live this way
Track Name: No Rest, No Peace
I feel the reaper walking my way,
one foot on the ground, one foot in the grave. Will this feeling ever go away, death is treading after me

Nothing can stop me.

No rest, no peace, No more room for fools.
There's no rest, there's no peace when death is calling me

I feel the reaper treading for me
I feel you traitors betraying me
Reality set when I realized that death knows my name

Searching for breath as it calls my name
lining life with no care to see another day.
With all you traitors watching
Cuz I need nothing, nothing but me
Track Name: Burning Rope
Love lost amongst the chaos
An empty soul with no sign of hope
forever cursed to walk this path hanging from a burning rope

Another day down a dead end road
Another wasted memory
love lost, grinding down, grinding down from stone to dust

i am empty
I am broken
I have nothing and I am alone

Tell me what you see, tell me what you see. A broken man with a broken dream.
hands bound up in chains
Locked away with no hope for escape

I keep hanging from a burning rope
Track Name: Underworld
Will I ever be a better man?
will i ever be free?

This world, this place, this mind, where the devil chooses to reside.
thoughts of pain and greed
A constant struggle to break free from the chains that bind me

Has this demon become me?
this feels like a disease
will I ever be a better man?
will I ever be free?

My own doubt inside my head tells me that I will be nothing
forever a slave to greed forever broken down and weak
this demon grows on my back as i turn into a creature of the underworld
numb and unable to love. lost forever into oblivion

Has this demon become me?
this feels like a disease
will I ever be a better man?
will I ever be free?
Track Name: Counterfeit
Innocence taken away as the smoke clears I see so clearly Just another day on this earth. Born and raised to be wise. Now I trust no man. Now I trust no woman's lies

Watch my rage as I carve out your eyes
no man, no man, no man will stand by my side

My lack of strength and my lack of wisdom let you take my soul and control my mind. Like the sheep following the herd. I feel into their lies
I never saw the light

I've returned to strength and regained my wisdom
the smoke has cleared and now I see
no man can stand by me
no man will stand by my side
Track Name: Downfall
Enjoy destroy is your way. You took a walk but it ended in a fast pace
played with fire and you got burned in the end you'll get what you deserve

Downfall, enjoy destroy your life
downfall, downfall of your life

Thought you where slick but it ended in misery
trapped inside your mind of ignorance
all that's left for you is a memory
unable to trust now you've lost everything

Like a snake praying on the weak
thick as thieves i bed with deceit
Soaking up other trust and luxury
this is how you eat, live and sleep
You've lost everything
Track Name: Chains of Life
Sinking deeper in my wants and needs.
Another day I've gotten and weak and fallen to my knees.
My eyes have stayed, my heart grows cold.
I try so hard not to lose my way.

Gotta break these chains
I can't live my life this way
Gotta break free
I won't live my life on my knees.

I've sunken deeper in my wants and needs.
I'm trapped inside this world of greed.
I let the bastards consume my heart.
My head hangs low as I slip into the dark.

This won't be the end of me.
I will break free.
This won't be the end of me.
Won't live life on my knees.

Gotta break these chains.
Gotta break free.
Track Name: Questions & Devils
Searching for an answer.
Finding nothing but questions and devils.
This rage burns inside of my like a black hole consuming everything.

Lost control in the dark corners of my mind.
Had strength but I've been lost and left behind.

It takes everything in me.
It takes everything I have not to turn into the beast that's inside.

Searching for peace of mind.
Losing grip on what's inside.
And I can't look past this moment in time.
I keep losing, keep on losing.

Searching for an answer.
Searching for a peace of mind.
Finding nothing but questions and devils,
feels like I'm losing my mind
everything in me, everything I have.
Not to turn into the beast that's inside.
Track Name: Lost My Way
Trapped inside is a heart of stone.
On the outside fighting to appeal to the masses.
I gotta belong. i gotta be strong,
but on the inside I'm broken down and torn.

Keep trying to be something.
But I get pulled back down.
I keep trying to be someone
but I have nothing but doubt.
Lost my way.

As I look in the mirror what do I see?
No end to the sick thoughts in my head.
Self-doubt clouds my mind as the world crushes down
I crumble on the inside.

Lost my way,
I keep trying to be something
I keep trying to be someone.

Keep trying to be something
I keep trying to be someone
Keep trying to be something
but I get pulled back down.
Track Name: Choking Tongue
Walk around with your head so high.
Another fool amongst the sea of your kind.
Live your life to the rules of a social race.
Real men can see right through you.
There's nothing in you but a young tongue and an empty mind.
Leading the weak. Nothing but sheep.
Lacking the strength to fool me.

You don't leave me with much to say.
You're dead to me.
Even if you tried to change it would all be for nothing.

You've survived for far too long.
Backstabbing the ones you say you've loved all along.
Now take the way of the razor's edge,
run it down your arm and fade away.