No Warning

by No Warning

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released October 23, 2001



all rights reserved


Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: A Day in the Life
Everyday it's always the same,
No point in fighting, it's not going to change.
I'm trying to find my place in this world but i don't get it.
I go through the motions over and over.
Sick of life, sick of talk, sick of you.
I go through the motions every fucking day.
Should I just step back and let others path my way?
I walk in step with all the others, predictable is how I feel.
Everyday seems like just another, months they now turn to years.
Times are changing and I think where to turn next.
I missed the point somewhere along the line.
Now back is my best bet.
You can't make it work with your foot in your mouth.
And you can't make this work cause it's so hard to stick out.
I'm sick of hearing what you think of every single thing that comes out of my mouth.
You know where you can take your words?
Away from me. I want to be a part.
I know it's nothing new.
I want this fucking charade over.
Life's a bitch, suck it up.
Trying to get it right, fuck it up!
Track Name: Too Much to Bare
I can't fucking take it.
It's burning me through.
With each passing day, it just gets worse.
I can't fucking stand it.
Gotta breakaway.
Nothing in common, except this simple hate.
No end in sight, I want to get out.
Pretending to care.
Its making me sick!
How much do you think i know, I know enough.
Enough to know I want to get out.
Is this too much for you to do, make me lose my faith in you.
Now i fucking know, i want to get out.
Track Name: My World
Down and out,
And I remember when your time ran out years ago.
This shit is with me for the rest of my life.
The stories are told and I'm still wondering why.
You don't mind, you sit around
And still think you can find what you feel for me.
Fuck that shit, it ain't fair to me.
Don't ever think of me that way.
I shouldn't be a faded fucking memory.
This is my world so get the fuck out
And try this shit with someone else.
You don't know what i'm thinking.
I'm fucking screaming but you don't know what i'm feeling.
You can't feel relief, you fucked it up beyond belief.
How can you think of me wen I don't even like you,
Wont run things by you.
You wanna know how I know this hate is for real?
Because it's all I feel.
Track Name: Take It or Leave It
A moment a look and it's fucking gone.
The story of my fucking life.
I see others so close together
And i'm left to look with a fucking mirror,
Look but no touch.
I see this shit and i lose my cool.
Life is looking endless and I'm here looking alone.
Time will tell me if this is the way it goes.
Because how the fuck am I supposed to know.
A losing streak and a lame excuse is way I walk away from you.
A chance I don't want to take, a choice i don't want to make.
Timing is everything and i wont make the same mistakes.
Flying with broken wings.
And i didn't think i had what it takes, fuck you.
Track Name: Almost There
Bustin' my ass for far too long.
Trying to even things out.
My life keeps following the same beaten path.
I've seen enough to know what it's about.
Everyday I say to myself "tomorrow will be different"
But in reality i have no clue what the fuck i'm doing.
One day i'll cut these ropes for better or for worse.
I know my actions will affect more than me but this is not a first.
I will never sell myself short.
Track Name: Wrong Again
I played your fucking game and now I quit.
All those times you gave me shit.
Another lie, I never asked for it.
All those times you let me down;
Do you expect me to stick around?
I've held it in for far too long.
No more of your fucking games.
I've learned to deal with the pain.
You thought you had me fucking beat.
Well look again i'm still on my feet!
You made your mark and you were out of line.
And now the day has come and i get what's mine.
Too many times you got the best of me.
Something like you I could never be.
You say i'm going down in these shoes.
Livin' my life with nothing to lose.
I look back on the things you've done.
The best thing for me to do was run.