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Nothing to Prove

by H2O

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1995 02:34
So Fresh, so green Back then there was a scene That's when the music meant the most to me! First tour we want more, be careful what you wish for If you were there then you know what I mean This is the only life I want to live in 1995! I'm not coming home there's nothing there for me. Time flies, it goes by and then you realize I'm not coming home, this is where I want to be First song, first show and then before you know We're on our way to Tokyo Our family tree, it was just you and me With a whooaa it came to be.
Me and all my friends we got nothing to prove, nothing to lose! You know us and what we achieved From the streets of L.E.S to your TV! Many have come, and many will go, But 20 years later, who's still runnin' the show? Hard times have come our way, we held it down and kept the PMA! With only one voice we have more to say, Still mentally vexed TCOB!!
Sunday 02:59
It was a Sunday morning I was way too young for this day The phone rang, and her face changed And that's when all the pain came I sat there trying to comprehend I'll never see my dad again He never saw me singing He never saw me spell my name And the images won't change Your voice, my joy, your pain It's painted on my brain No matter what I do or say These images won't fade Another Sunday morning The biggest day of my life She said "there's something inside me nine months and you will meet him" In the delivery room, I'm a patient boy I wait, I wait, I wait For the new life we created If he's watching above would he be proud? It's painted on my brain the images won't fade.
A Thin Line 02:05
I'm calling you out for everyone to see Because you look like, act like people you wanna be I'm calling you out, for everyone to know Because you look like, act like, a fake! I know you kid, so don't play the part Yeah you got pride, you got heart But the world you come from is much different than ours Cos there's a thin line between What's real and what's fantasy I know you kid and what you been through and it's okay to fuck up, just be you no one believes you in your new outfit Cos there's a thin line between What's real and what's fantasy Welcome to the real world You're not welcome in my world You're not my brother, you're not my friend I told you before, once again I must remind you
Yesterday you let go of my hand And now I'm trying hard to understand Was it really me you loved Or some imaginary, perfect man? Cos' I will miss the good and bad And all I wanted was someone to love me Just the way the way I am So far from perfect, just doing the best I can You're leaving and I know why So look into these tear-filled eyes and know I loved you through it all It's unconditional, It's unconditional Yesterday you had to say goodbye And I didn't even have to wonder why Cos' we had so many things go wrong I was there, but you were not as strong Cos' I will miss the good and bad
Still Here 01:53
Straight edge before you were born heard Minor Threat and it was on It was on 38 years edge, what the fuck you gotta say? Is anyone out there still here today? Nailed to the X, man I live this shit I am an S.E.O.G. don't ever forget it They said my views would change but they never did! Still here, still here, after all these fucking years Where did you go? Still here, sincere, after all these fucking years Where did you go? To all the new kids, this is a way to live It's not a passing trend, a way to fit in I never preached shit, I just spoke my mind To live a positive life and don't waste you're time Nailed to the X man, I live this shit I am an S.E.O.G don't ever forget it. All my friends did it all but I never gave, gave in. No!
My friends look out for me Like my extended family They always have my back, right or wrong Despite our differences I even gave you money to live After everyone had written you off, right or wrong. You were a fairweather friend You didn't have my back til the end You took what you needed and disappeared again Fairweather friend, you didn't have my back til the end You took what you needed and disappeared again. I always had a weak spot for you You only needed me when it was convenient I learn now, don't let people in my life so fast Cos' they never last I find my childhood friends are the ones I can depend on. Cos' everyone has a past, right or wrong.
You see me on the train, There is no need to explain, I'm not what you think I am, I'm just like you, with tattoos! 'Cos I wear my heart on my sleeve, My appearance may be deceiving, It doesn't matter what you think, Because the truth is in ink! This is the life I chose, This is the only thing I know, So don't pass judgement on me! The places that I've been, Forever written on my skin, So don't pass judgement on me! You see me walking down the street, And you grab your kids and cross the other side, Looking me like i'm a fucking criminal a degenerate lowlife, You got me all wrong! Cos I wear my heart on my sleeve, My appearance may be deceiving, It doesn't matter what you think, Because the truth is in ink! You know you can't judge a book by it's cover, You know you got me all wrong, And I know my appearance may be deceiving, But I feel... I FEEL IT ALL, SO DON'T PASS JUDGEMENT ON ME!
Mitts 02:41
I can hear it on the line While you keep saying everything is fine. But there's a static in your voice And all I wanna do is read between the noise I hear you but I can't hear you And I feel that something is wrong again And now I'm losing my friend Have we been disconnected again I'm feeling disconnected Must have been something I said Disconnected Try and believe in what you say I hear the click and its giving you away And I wanna be there when you're down Leave a message now that I'm not around Cos I know you but I don't know you You cannot tell me what's inside why can't you swallow your pride
When it began, for those who don't know It didn't matter how you looked or what you wore to a show Dress codes, FUCK NO! We didn't care about the brand of your jeans, And all that shit in your hair But now the biggest part is all about the image and not the art Fashion before passion! And at nights, it makes me mad that I should have to ask: What happened to the passion? What happened to the reason for screaming? What happened to the music and the message that I love? What happened to the hard work? And why does everybody look the same? What happened to the music and the message that I love? And I know, that people change And we go through different stages in life And I'm not here to criticize But the reason I scream, is a feeling inside


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released May 27, 2008


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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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