Old Songs

by Expire



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Milwaukee's finest are gearing up to release their third full-length later in 2016, but before they do that, they're looking back at some of the material they first made their name on. In 2011, Expire were a young and feisty quartet scraping their way through some of the most fierce and fresh hardcore around. 'Old Songs' collects that era's material onto one convenient release for fans, including their first two EPs and their contributing track to the 2012 'America's Hardcore Vol. 2' compilation.


released March 25, 2016


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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: 3:56
Searching for inspiration, coming up empty handed. I'm running out of patience. I feel so fucking stranded. I killed myself in my mind at least a thousand times on all those nights where I just couldn't fall asleep. Sitting there gritting my teeth, watching the clock. Couldn't help but think about all I lived, loved, and lost. I beat the piss out of myself. I toss and turn inside my shell. Just don't know where I'm headed. What's the point? I don't get it.
Track Name: Navy Blue or Black
Born from boredom into poison, the stupid shit that we do these days. Well, I can't lie; I'm just as guilty. I wear it all on my fucking face. So who am I to say anything? So who am I to place blame? The guilt could eat a man alive, but I ain't got any shame. I've got my problems, I've got my vices, but I'm learning to live with my mistakes. I just take it all with a grain of salt. That taste just doesn't go away.
Track Name: Expired
I worked my fingers to the bone just to make myself a home that never felt like one at all. Well it's a long fall from grace, without a smile on my face. It was just me and misery. Alone. I missed that ebb and flow of goodbyes and hellos and the road through a rear view mirror. Back before I grew tired, secondhand, expired. And that all I lost was my voice.
Track Name: Darker
Desperate for attention, or maybe just desperate. Reaching out for anything to slow my descent into this hole. Goddamn, my soul feels darker than the circles around my eyes. I try to keep it all in the back of my mind. Though I hold you close , I'll never let you in. So scratch a little harder. Dig a little deeper into my skin.
Track Name: Anchor
Turned 18. Inherited a dream. Found a out life ain't all it's cracked up to be. Now all of my debts weigh heavy on my chest. Fighting the waves with an anchor tied around my fucking neck. I can't think. I just sink like the rest. I've nothing to show. It's been a waste of every cent I've wished away.
Track Name: Sold Short
Something's wrong, something's broken. Nothing's new, but here's hoping things might just change. Young and pissed, confused and sick. With no one to turn to but my fists, so I swing away. Swing away the hate. I get so fucking disappointed. I feel like I've been sold short. I get that feeling in my stomach. I'm at the point, where I don't even care anymore.
Track Name: Sleep Lost
My mind does the time for the crimes against myself and it comes at the cost of sleep lost. Another day, another dollar, another night is even harder to swallow. I contemplate my end, I count up all my friends. Weigh out the pros and cons. Who's going to miss me when I'm gone? Who? Nothing keeps me sane. Like the long walks through the rain. Let the cold come over me, let it wash away my shame. All the ones that have occupied my head and all that ones the have occupied my bed, get out.
Track Name: First Fall
Oh how the time flies when you're on the run from a mother's tears to a long lost son. There's tears to a long lost son. There's a note left ringing in my ear. There's an answer somewhere, just not here, and I'm out to find it. Separate, disguise. I want to see the world through brand new eyes. I don't ever want to blink again. I don't ever want to think on it for too long. I just want to know where I belong.
Track Name: Grip
Time tested, who could have guessed it? It was a a waste of all I've invested. Memories, don't mean shit to me. They've all been watered down. Where the fuck are you now? In my frustration, I'm losing patience. I ended up back here again. A quick fix, over and out. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Let my guard down, I let you in. I'm giving up. Never again. Took grip, I bit my lip. Took another swing. It didn't work out, it never works out. I'm done trying.
Track Name: Focus
You can fake it so easily. Put on a show for everybody to see. Just hold the attention of those impressed with empty conversation. But your opinion could never budge me. You can try, you'll never see it through my eyes. You talk until you're blue in the face. Put everything you had into a world that despised. You focus on my mind, focus on my strength. Nothing to offer or relate to. So quick to turn away. So quick to hate. You built it up, and I fucking said I burned that bridge, I don't regret it.
Track Name: Tucked Away
I wish I wasn't so easy to forget, hid in a box tucked underneath your bed. Hidden away where you can't see, on the day you dug a grave for me. Your turn to bring me flowers, your turn to buy me roses. At my darkest hour, when my coffin closes. You'll never know what you meant to me, because I was a always meant to be. A memory laid to rest, somewhere in the back of your head. You'll never know what you meant to me, wish there was some way, that I could make you see.

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