Our Glory Days

by Death Before Dishonor

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released June 16, 2009


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Coffin Nail
They'll find you dead on the side of the street
When the sun comes up on old colony
Another junkie snitch brought to his knees
By the hard world he never had to will to beat

Your hard times mean nothing to me
You're a prisoner, beaten and weak
Hard men grow harder from pain
But you just caved in, crumbled and shamed

My hate, can't wait, to seal your fate

You'll never learn like so many I seen
You just spend your days alone, hiding from me
I know the games and I know your kind
And when I came to you, you locked the door and cried

Your feelings mean nothing to me
The embodiment of filth and disease
Rats love the sewers but they come up to eat
And I'll be waiting to catch you on that city street

My hate, can't wait, to seal your fate

You stick your coffin nail into your veins
And tell the world they just can't feel your pain
You'll spend your final days living in vain
You're just a broken boy living in shame
So stick it in

And death's the only thing that can save you from me
And death's the only thing that can save you from my hate
Track Name: Our Glory Days
Thinking back to younger days when we were young and free
Ditching out on work to catch the show along the T
Cueballs in our pockets and our hearts were on our sleeves
Watching all the older kids get wild along the stage
Fighting all the bouncers till we put them in their place
Heading out to nowhereville just to fucking play

Spending my days, Living my way
Some say its dead, But I can't forget

Knowing every day could be another stupid fight
Struggling and clawing at the fabric of my life
Cops around the corner want to take away my rights
They could never understand the way it used to be
And they could never know how much it's still that way to me
Cuz I'm a fucking lifer and know I'll always be right here,
Right here

Spending my days, Living my way
Some say it's dead, But I can't forget
Deep in my heart right from the start
Old to the new making it through

Looking back on my glory days
Torn up knuckles, bruised up face

I found my home in this violent place
Forge an iron will in hate

Looking back on my glory days
Look ahead see they're here to stay
Live a dream - takes it all the way
And be grateful every day

Never dwell on the harder days
Learn my lessons from mistakes
Every day's a glory day when you
Stand by the values and refused to fade away

I can't be stopped
We can't be dropped
I'm just too strong
I see it so clear and I know we can't be wrong!