Parlour Tricks

by Alcoa

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The sophomore full-length from Alcoa, 'Parlour Tricks' arrives upon a very new and invigorating chapter in Derek Archambault's life. The singer and guitarist, who also fronts rising hardcore punk act Defeater, has had an intense time since 2013's 'Bone & Marrow': He got married, for one thing; for another, he had major surgery with a hip replacement after a debilitating injury. After a successful campaign on crowd-funding site PledgeMusic (resulting in the covers EP, 'Thank You'), he had the imminent surgery, got back on his feet, and immediately began working on new music with both Defeater and the more laid-back, alt-country-leaning Alcoa. Recording near his home provided a warm and familiar environment with bandmate and engineer Mike Moschetto, etching out a slightly twangy and honest sound with shades of wistful, jangly '90s alternative rock acts.


released February 24, 2015


tags: Boston


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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: old habits
I’ve got these pains I keep in my chest with the smoke I keep breathing in. Old habits I can’t seem to quit.
Like trying to stop my heart, keep it from beating. I start then I stop and I start up again. I’ve got these
empty hands, can’t hold on to nothing. Strike a match and to my lips, old habits I can’t quit. Like my old
parlour tricks to catch your attention. We start and then we stop, and then we won’t ever talk again.
I’ve got secrets I couldn’t keep and all the pretty girls want to take them from me.
Track Name: all dolled up
All dolled up with no care in the world. Found my place in the arms of a girl. Let them wrap around me
& I’ll sing you to sleep. Darkest of days and meanest of times ain’t no match for the greenest of eyes. Let
them see through me, all the curses I keep. Take me out, we’ve got nowhere to be. Drink me up, make a fool
out of me. Didn’t have much until us fools fell in love. Second guessing, never questioned it except the soft
glow of a cigarette. About the only thing I will let myself quit. I breathed you in each time our lips met.
Track Name: codebreaker
You’ve got secrets that you never meant to keep. You couldn’t hold them, so you gave them all to me. I’ve got them locked
away and I threw away the key so they’ll never find their way into the hands of our enemies. Too bad Bletchley Park
couldn’t use you now, comes easy anyhow. Little codebreaker, first to call me out, doesn’t matter any how because not a
word of truth ever leaves your mouth. Speaking of enemies I’ve come to make a few. A long list of dates and names and at
the end is you. I must have been an open book, too easy to read. A double-cross, cut-throat and it all ended with me.
Track Name: it won't get better
Just look at the way she dances, how her eyes bend the light. Look how she’s got it all figured out, but I don’t pay no
mind. Because I know it won’t get better in time, so just take me back to your place tonight and I will leave at sunrise.
Morning coffee, cigarette blues. My half a pack, black lungs don’t have you. Don’t tell me you love me, just say you’ll spend
the night. Don’t tell me you love me, just turn out the lights when you leave and I will be alright.
Track Name: always chasing me
You know I’ve always been scared of you sneaking up on me. You’re always taking the ones I love
to dark, dreamless sleep. I always feel you on a night like this, cold wind in the trees. I always
feel you breathing down my neck, I hear you grinding your teeth. You chase me down nearly
every night and every morning I leave you unsatisfied. My blood longs for a poison of any kind.
You know I’ve always been cheating you, stacking the deck on me. I’m always digging that hole I
claim that I pretend not to keep.
Track Name: come & go
I’m sleeping in, in my summer skin. And it’s fall again with the trees bending from the come and
go. Why’d you come and go? I should have asked you that when I had the chance. But I don’t want
to know; Who you’re sleeping with, who you just met. Did you let him in to that place you keep
hidden? Now I sleep alone, except for when I don’t. A little company never hurt nobody.
Track Name: poison acquaintance
My head on the door, don’t know where to begin. Dreamed up in a hallway, aching needles
and pins. There were mistakes between the sheets. Cloaked and covered, above and beneath.
Share a smoke and our secrets, keep dragging me in. Our heads entangled, in circles talking.
I have a sweet tooth and I am a sucker for a poison acquaintance with my head in the gutter.
Keep me from sleeping, live out your lies. Keep me from talking, skeletons every night. After
the bars close, you follow me home. How quickly I’ll forget the mess we got in.
Track Name: 13 years bad luck
I drove for what seemed like all night just to lock it in a drawer and hide at your bedside. I
had Mr. Conley to keep me company. I was so lost when you found me. Or did I find you? I can’t
remember it clearly. Either way, the mess I made deserved a trophy. Boys and girls fall in
and out of love so quickly. All your plans fell through before you had the chance
to tell me. While I was so hung up on a ghost that kept me haunting all the same corridors
of one or two or more’s. Now we’ve moved on, all grown up, thirteen years bad luck. Every
lie I told, heart I broke, name I didn’t know. The mess in me deserved a trophy. I still have Mr.
Conley to keep me company.
Track Name: for holden
Fall twilight, the dread in my steps towards the loneliest night. Cold and empty, the snowed in streets
keep me company. Wrecked and restless, my head in the clouds and my hands left helpless. Shamed and
shaken, the grief in my guts keeps the pain in my chest aching. You say I’m selfish, I only care to care when
convenient. You said you loved it when we held each other close like a secret. Thought you meant it but you
didn’t. A sick conviction when I lie to the doorman and sneak into your apartment. Ruined moment, if we laid
down now it would be sad and defected. I thought you lived and died by your word. Your word ain’t worth
nothing no more.
Track Name: rations
Going it alone was your first mistake, stepping on the backs of the friends you hate. Burning every bridge
while you’re under it. Quick to judge and fast to forget a name. Walk away before you slip up again. Burn
down every bridge and open every vein to see what you’re made of. You’re rationing the pills, the poisons
pick themselves. Finger is on the trigger of the pen in your hand. Take away the pain, you never asked for it.
Always got the right thing on the tip of your tongue, it’s nice to be thought of.
Track Name: famous last words
Do you have any famous last words that somebody famous said? Before you walk out the door can you
explain yourself a little bit? I know you’ve always had one foot out, I had one dangling in a grave. Where
have you been the last few nights? Who’s bed have you been sleeping in? I bet you haven’t been sleeping much,
too busy falling in love. Those bags under your eyes, they don’t lie. You used to ask me; “What’s the point of
waking in a stranger’s bed? Someone new each night, when it’s always raining in your head?” Small talk, too
much to drink and legs intertwined. Come and gone too quick, and an awkward goodbye.