Peace Delusions

by Modern Pain

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Modern Pain's forthcoming full-length can be described as "if 'In Utero' was a hardcore punk record", but even that might be underselling the Dallas, Texas band's first full-length. Titled 'Peace Delusions', this new album resembles a golden artifact unearthed from the '80s American hardcore underground, harnessing the unbridled aggression of groundbreaking acts like SSD, Poison Idea and Infest and filtering it through the caustic, ashy atmospheres and unfettered noise rock of Texan predecessors Scratch Acid and the Jesus Lizard, as well as Moss Icon's murky, wordy pathos. This unpredictable, nerve-damaging, half-hour-long debut full-length remains at its core a spacey, noisy punk record. Recorded by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Cold World, Inquisition) and featuring art by ZZ Ramirez (The Ukiah Drag).


released September 4, 2015


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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Vivisepulture pt. 1
All hope buried alive. Crushing your mind. Life, death... nothing remains. Bleed out these wounds of infinite pain.
Track Name: Ego Death
Spiral down. No way out. Take the pills. Medicate. Numb the pain. Slit the wrist. Let it drain. No hope for a better day. Mental image of suicide. Secrets behind these eyes. My existence: a fucking waste. Grab a knife and choose your fate. Loneliness is my being. Trying to cope with everything. Now you're gone. I'm still here. Praying the end is near. I'm drawing these lines in the sand. Coping the best way I can. I'm still let down.
Track Name: Holy Foundations Crumble
Turn the page the story unfolds. Another fucked up life, another broken home. Searching for something I'll never find. Dig a grave, bury me in it. Cover it up, suffer with it. I don't want to die too fast. I hear screams from my own past. Burn the page with nothing to show. Another victim dies on his throne. Watch the fall of immortality. Seeking out the wicked and preying on the weak. Watch your kingdom tremble, holy foundations crumble.
Track Name: When the Hymn Fades
Raised as a kid. Taught how to live. Hypocrite churches with nothing to give. Corrupting pastors. Self-righteous bastards. Finding the truth in a world full of sin. Open the book, turn through the lies. False sense of hope, everyone dies. Jesus' love wasn't enough. Jesus was never enough.
Track Name: My Reality Is Slipping Away
Slipping further. My mind reflecting murder. Finding closure in a world losing composure. My reality is slipping away. Rationality is lost in the waves. Like a troubled man I think I should die. Find the cure to irreversible lies. Sit in silence, lonesome thoughts. Absent-minded, pitch black, stagnant. Creeping in my old habits. Sick and twisted, over and over. The machine is still bleeding. Insignificance in it's purest form manifests in my home. Every night I lie awake and cry writing letters and saying goodbyes.
Track Name: World Inverted
Numb from all the fucked up shit you've tried to pull. This world will turn you inside out and the truth will unfold. Lying through your fucking teeth has always proven true. Life is way too short, but not short enough for you. Wash away the bad blood between us, I'm not the man I once was. I hope you fucking see this. I hope you fucking rot. Time it always changes but some things still stay the same. You walk this earth in search of your next victim to carve in pain. I won't live another day infected by lies of a man I've waited my whole life to fucking die.
Track Name: 4202
Murder of innocence. Soaked in blood of selfishness. Genocide without a voice. Open your eyes and make a choice. Slitting their throats. Gouging their eyes. Screaming in pain and fucking left to die. I can hear suffering echo through your industry. Hide in fear, live in shame for every life that died in vain. Be prepared, this is war. Breaking through your fucking doors. Find the truth. Educate. Take a stand. Liberate.
Track Name: Peace Delusions
Scratching the surface just to stay alive. These visions of destruction fill corners of my mind. Searching for release from the pain that's killing me. Twisted like the thoughts of what's happening to me. Is there anyone out there? Get me out of this fucking nightmare. Memories suffer on air. Psychological warfare. Pain and suffering, delusions of peace, amounts to nothing. We're all diseased. Acts of depression and thoughts of suicide seem to be the only thing to fill my mind. Illusions of happiness is all you've ever known. There's no such thing as happiness. You live and die alone. Live and die on your own.
Track Name: Leave Me Here
I don't care. Leave me here. Open wounds festering. Without a cut still bleeding.

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