by Lemuria

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Lemuria's follow up album to 2008's "Get Better", and their Bridge Nine debut LP.


released January 11, 2011


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Gravity
You're good at breaking hearts
Someday you will be old
Gravity will destroy you
And what you were good at
Track Name: Wise People
If I was half as wise
I would have you fooled
If I was twice your size
I'd probably say what I've always meant to
If there was a word that could describe you
I would make it work that I was on top
While you looked down
Until there's no one left to look down at
Here is to you Bernard
Because I mind and I certainly matter
And unlike you, I have time
To think ways up to take you down
Track Name: Pleaser
I am hinting hard
I am a hard hinter
I am a pleaser
And I am hinting hard
I never feel understood
And I understand why
Track Name: Yellowstone Lady
Miles City, Montana
Driving east on 94
A dozen songs I have to write
I know what about, not sure what for
Yellowstone Lady
What if I stop here
Settle down on the prairie
Maybe down in Lame Deer
If they'll have me
Maybe you will join me
And be my Yellowstone Lady
Drag you out of Jersey
To be my Yellowstone Lady
Track Name: Irregular
Rubbernecks to the anomaly
Diane Arbus took a picture of me
I have an issue, I pose my teeth
I have a strategy that works for me
I have callouses on my knees
A hollow portfolio of history
We are not idle children
Braided, sticky with heat
Track Name: Ribcage
Inside your ribcage
There's a carousel
It spins around and around
While the children sit and hold on
To the land where everybody is good
Inside your ribcage everybody is good
Inside your ribcage
There is a half note
It holds for two beats
I try to fill it with the things that I think you need
But I leave you with one beat
Now there is a fire safe inside your ribcage
And although you still feel safe
You're not spinning
You're not beating
You're just safe
Track Name: Different Girls
Every night on tour
I sleep with different girls
And we laugh about you
While you are at home I am the worst
It's in your imagination of course
Every night I am drunk
And you wonder why I don't get drunk for you
Why don't I get drunk for you?
While you are at home everything hurts
It's in your imagination of course
Track Name: Bloomer
I don't count you as my first kiss
Although, I know it had influence
At the time I laughed and I thought it was fun
Now I realize how fucked up it was
I am not confident that I could stop myself
From killing the man who forced me to bloom
Something about my naked body
It had potential but it wasn't ready
I was too young to not let it be fun
I was too young to know it was smut
Now that I've grown up
I kiss my girl, I piss my height
A lot of crazy people have said a lot of great things
But no one will ever hear them
Early bloomer
Track Name: Durian
If I crack you open will I taste pineapple
Or will I smell durian?
But that is if I crack you open
Because I probably won't
And you will rot
And I will understand it wasn't your fault
I could always do a little better
Until it's too late to have anything good
Track Name: Chautauqua County
Chautauqua County
Or I might be in Pennsylvania
I'm always confused about what you love and hate about me
The man who is half of me
Defining my life by it's opportunities
Especially the ones I missed
Track Name: The One
You make me feel like milk phlegm
Coating the back of your throat
I always annoy you
Get it out of your system
Show some feelings to me
Be the one you used to be
I'm a mosquito bite on your arm
Itching until you bleed and scar
Why do you love me?