Pendulum Swings

by Expire

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Expire's full-length debut, 'Pendulum Swings' is a concise, caustic blast of decidedly *hard* hardcore. 12 jams of crunchy riffs and fire-spit lyrics.


released May 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Just Fine
Everything is going fine
Going off without a hitch
But soon enough you'll find
That life's a fucking bitch
Because the facts are cold and hard
The needle point is sharp
A picture is worth a thousand words
And a pretty face is worth a thousand broken hearts

How much further can shit go south?
Before I want to put a gun in my mouth?
Before I take these thoughts and I act them out
And put it all to an end?
Can I leave that blood on the hands of my friends?
Can I leave that scar on the name of my kin?
Where? How? and When?

Everything to lose
And nothing all the same
Do I leave a legacy?
Or do they forget my name?

Way too much to chew
For what is now just a thought
Hold tight and brace myself
For the day that is not

And when I leave this Earth
Try not to be too hurt
Track Name: Reputation
Approach me with hesitation
Heard about my reputation
Lord knows I've tried to change
But fear it's too much too late
There are things I could try to say
To try and sway you either way
But I just ran out of time
And the window's closed to change your mind

Can't help what I say
Can't help what I do
So much about me I wish you never knew

You got it all figured out
You keep me at arm's length
The blood's already on my hands
No changing what you think
Track Name: Spit Out
What was I to say?
You let me down and you walked away
What was I to do?
I never seen that side of you
Ignorance is bliss
Somehow it makes me wonder
How could I give two shits for a two-faced motherfucker

Chewed me up and spit me out
And left me to clean the mess
Caught me off guard and it's so hard
To try and let go of this

Your true colors are shining through
I'm no use to you

Chewed me up and spit me out
How could I still care about
Someone who just threw away
Like I was nothing?
All the times you shook my hand
I couldn't conceive it
Turn your back on me, man?
I couldn't believe it
Track Name: Dig Deep
Woe is me
I dig deep
I'll never let myself be happy
It's all just doomed from the start
I truly want stability
But I tear everything apart

Don't have what I want
Don't want what I got
Never wanted much
Never had a lot
And I pray for the day
When I can be content in my own skin
No chances taken
No chances given

Help me to understand
Just why I am the way I am

I live in fear
Afraid to fail
Locked up inside my own jail
I built these walls, I'm trapped inside
How much longer can I hide?

Help me to make it right
Can't live in fear my whole life
Track Name: Anxiety
Brain melt
Note to self
Do you remember just how it felt?
Bit your tongue and you just dealt
Until it all boils over
That was your first mistake
Need I remind you
What got us here in the first place?

Won't let me go,
So am I crazy?
Well I don't know,
I can't think straight

Anxiety gets the best of me
I take it all on the chin
Trying to figure out where the fuck it all went
Looking up from my back again
Track Name: Abyss
How can I love you
If I can't love myself?
I sweep it under the rug
Just like everything else
You take the good with the bad
Through the nights like this
And you sink with me into the abyss

I regress and I slip
And I fall off that cliff
Free falling head first
Pray I don't feel a thing when I hit the dirt

How can I love you
If I can't love myself?
I needed something to hold
Every time that I fell
You took pity on me
And I couldn't resist

I never wanted this
I'm really sorry Miss
I pulled you down with me
Into the abyss

Sink with me
Track Name: Bark
I'll never let you tie me down
To be a dog just barking on a chain
Jerk me back to reality
Whenever I dare to dream
So let me curl my lips
Let me howl at the moon
Been looking down on me long enough
But my day's coming soon
No thanks to you

You can follow me through open doors
Or you can wish me the best
I refuse to follow you under
You've been a weight on my chest
And when there's nothing left to say
I ask you kindly relocate
You're in my fucking way
Track Name: Sleep Lost
My mind does the time for the crimes against myself
And it comes at the cost of sleep lost
Another day, another dollar
Another night is even harder to swallow
I contemplate my end
I count up all my friends
Weigh out the pros and cons
Who's going to miss me when I'm gone?
Nothing keeps me sane
Like the long walks through the rain
Let the cold come over me
Let it wash away my shame
All the ones that have occupied my head
And all the ones the have occupied my bed
Get out
Track Name: Pills and a Promise
Six long years
I've been nursing this pain
Six long years
I've been screaming your name

Summer heat
Sweating in my sleep
Just lay me down for an eternity
It was perfect
I didn't deserve it
I was so helpless as you slipped right from my hands

And I have never been so confused
Courtesy of all your miscues
Erase away the mistakes we made
And blame them on our youth
I needed more than pills and a promise
I needed more than a bullshit excuse
You left me back holding the bag
And all I ever wanted was the truth

Nothing is working
This shit can't save me
I've been fucking going crazy
All the things I should've said
Plays over and over in my head
Track Name: YDN
Mama tried
I sold my soul to the devil
I never fit the mold
A young rebel
Future is bleak
For this black sheep
Left out for the wolves to eat

I'm a product of my mistakes
Try to run from my past
But I could never escape
I turn and I face the music
And leave the rest up to fate

There are things I left behind
And lived to fight another day
I cut some ties,
I lost some friends
Made enemies along the way
I walked a line,
I changed my mind
I didn't like how the game was played
So crucify my if you will
For all the choices I have made.
Track Name: Focus
You can fake it so easily
Put on a show for everybody to see
Just to hold the attention
Of those impressed with empty conversation
But your opinion
Could never budge me

You can try
You'll never see it through my eyes
You can talk until you're blue in the face
Put everything you had into a world that despised you
Focus on my mind
Focus on my strength

Nothing to offer or relate to
So quick to turn away
So quick to hate you
I built it up
and I fucking said it
I burned that bridge
I don't regret it
Track Name: Pendulum Swings
Pressure is on
The clock's ticking
Sweating bullets
The plot thickens
Nothing but a blank stare on my face
As another hour slips away
And the fuse slowly burns
I can't come to terms
That the world won't stop for me

I try to keep up
I keep my feet to the ground
But can't make the world slow down

Too much to do
Not enough time
All the things that I can't
Just weigh on my mind
I can't control what's out of my hands
When I'm up against the grains of sand
Pendulum swings
Pendulum takes
Reaper come to whisk me away
Head first towards a brick wall
And I can't pump the brakes