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Pretty Low

by Expire

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Pretty Low 02:26
Forever cloaked in stress / Wrapped tightly around my chest / Constricting every breath that I might take / Inch closer to the edge / Move closer to the end / A little closer to the day I might break / I didn't know how far I could go / But baby, I'm feeling pretty low / Can't stop now, can't lose control / Sinking like a brick / Thrown into the sea / Into the depths where no else can find me / And if a day comes / Where I miss the light / It's only I that can turn the tide / I'm at a crossroad where you choose / You either fight or you lose / Refuse to let my life be reduced to rubble / When the shit keeps piling up get a shovel
Just Don't 01:53
Sweet caress / Kiss of death / You slay me, baby / Been trying to find a feeling but I can't find it lately / So nothing good can come of this so let's just call it what it is / I won't shed another tear for just another set of tits / Trying to find a feeling that just don't exist / Trying to force emotion that just don't fit / So let's not try and get carried away / Put ourselves between a rock and a hard place / Four letter words with nothing to it / I tried, I couldn't do it / / The lights are on but nobody's home
Fiction 02:12
You had me at hell no / I only want what I can't have / You're always slipping through my fingers / Ain't that just too bad / I'm in love with a work of fiction / Somewhere off in the distance / I'm in love with a list of things / They tell me you should be / Programmed to TV pretty / Created such an ugly mind / Salivate for celebrity or a copy I might find / But if I had you in my claws / I'd expose every flaw / Peel back the plastic / Set fire to it all
Gravity 02:25
I've been holding out / Never thought it would be this long / I fear the worst / I fear the worst is yet to come / Should I feel so fucking hollow? / Should I feel so alone? / I don't want to breathe this air / I don't want to take another breath / I need a way out / Give me a way out of this mess / Let me go and let me die / Release me from misery / Hang the rope and tie the knot / Let gravity set me free
Nobody 02:10
You put out your hand / You call me a friend / Forked tongue, behind a smile / Now we all know / A Judas exposed / It was only a matter of time / Truth be told, you're nothing to me / Just a leech who tried to get my best / A last gasp before your final descent / Should've bit your tongue while you had the chance / No integrity / Riding coat tails / Made a name off the ones before / Lost focus / You walk alone / Just give it up, no one cares anymore / Nobody cares
Old Habits 02:24
A circle I can't break / A past I can't escape / No matter what I do, it all comes back to you / Regret that I can't shake / The choices that I make / No matter what I do, it all comes back to you / Tried to find my own way but no, I can't / I knew you like the back of my hand / Old habits are hard to break and it's hard to fill that space / I come begging / I come crawling / Right back to your bed / Try not to think but your memory always rears its ugly head / Some come and some more go, but you still fill up my skull / Old habits are hard to break / But they don't even come close
Forgetting 02:23
If a mind is a terrible thing to waste / Maybe lust is a terrible thing to taste / Put it to your lips / Try and think straight / We're all young, dumb and full of shit / Say anything to get a fix / Never wanted to feel / I just wanted to forget / Misery loves company / I just need a warm body / Shelter from the cold / Maybe just for a night / Tell me it's alright / Tell me everything's cool / Put my mind at ease / Numb me up again / Give me what I need / Teach me how to forget / I want to live like I never met death / Focused in on the pain for far too long / Now I don't know the man I've become
Callous 01:46
I don't know why we bother / To heed the words of our fathers / Turn in a day's work / To turn as blue as our collar / But the world is your oyster / Got to find your pearl / Got to make your money / Got to find your girl / Burnt my tongue on first taste / Bit off more than I could chew / Choked down a few years / Dragging heavy boots / Kiss the ass of the man / Just to survive / Force a fake smile / Hold back the tears from my eyes / You can eat till you puke / Get your piece of the pie / Break your back till you can't / And then roll over and die
Rejection 01:45
I only wish you knew / That when you pushed me out / It couldn't come too soon / A few years more than I could take / But I stood on my own / Without your embrace / Begged for me to come home / But I couldn't even care / I turned my face to the highway / And watched you disappear / Now you face the mirror of rejection / Your worst fear in the reflection / I wish I could feel your pain / Wish I could feel remorse / But you cast me out / Don't regret letting things run their course
Sworn to protect my blood and my flesh from the harm of another / Look after little sister / Be a good brother / But the world is oh-so-cruel and there is nothing I could do / When things don't go as planned / And you were dealt an evil hand / No excuse for what you've done / To just get a slap on the wrist / Because if it were up to me / You'd burn like a fucking witch / Yeah, if it were up to me / So you stood before a judge / And he put you in the slammer / You should've stood before a bullet / Than stood before a hammer / Sworn to protect my blood and my flesh from the harm of another / Well I failed but never again / See you in hell motherfucker
Second Face 02:52
Mind, body, and soul I gave to you / But under pale skin I could see it all / Now we pass like strangers when I would have stood toe to toe / With the gods / For you / I was naive to everything / I would've given it all / But now I've seen your second face / Can't play the role of the pawn / Every ounce, every ounce of faith / That I poured into you / I should've known all along / But I just played the fool / Count every second of every minute / Time wasted, building up a hatred / Chose to ignore the truth / Refused to face it / Hanging by the tips of fingers / For too long I let it linger / I should've cut the rope / But I chose to live and suffer / When I should've just run for cover / Braved the storm / But it never stopped / Chose to ignore the truth / Though I knew all along / Held on for my life / Afraid to take the fall


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'Pretty Low' lashes out like a laceration—it's a festering blister that always feels like it's been pulled too early, its wounds given too little time to heal. In the time since Expire released their fierce debut, 2012's 'Pendulum Swings', something happened to the Midwest hardcore band that's resulted in material that's decidedly sharper, more pointed and somehow meaner than before, sounding looser and even less caged. Their approach is still traditionally concise, but this time around, Josh Kelting's unfiltered lyrical barbs and Zach Dear's riffs take just a little longer to dig in and take hold, exploding with scathing juggernauts that lay emotional waste for 24 minutes.


released June 17, 2014


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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with close to 300 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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