Promises Kept

by Champion

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released September 7, 2004



all rights reserved


Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Promises Kept
Alone in a crowd, but we're still standing strong
With X'ed up fists and sing alongs
Times like these are what we live for
These days are more than we'd ever hoped for

We're still here, and we'll never forget the words we said
Time flies by, and the promises made will stay with us
Through our lives

We're not finished yet, that's right

They tried to break the best of us
But still our hearts are true to promises kept
Track Name: Looking Back
Looking back, wish I could say we left the past behind
But you, you pushed me away
Dropping matches on the bridges that didn't need to burn
And I wish it didn't end this way
Left with regret and the pain of words unsaid

I never saw it coming and I never saw the truth
I know I played a role in how things fell apart
But years have past and I can see it clearly
No matter what I said, nothing could have kept it from this end

How could you call yourself a friend
When the words coming from your mouth
Never meant a thing?
How could you call yourself a friend
When everything we were didn't mean a thing to you?

And when you broke down what we built
It made me second guess myself
It made me second guess all of us
But time keeps moving on, and we keep moving on
Always looking forward, we'll leave the past behind

And I keep asking, what is left?
What's left to say when the ties that bind have torn apart?

Looking back I realize no matter what we said
Nothing could've changed the past
Was it all for nothing? I guess we'll never know
But all that's left are bridges burnt and lessons learnt
Track Name: Next Year
When did everything fall apart?
Now that you're moving on and we don't mean a thing
Can you tell me what it's like to turn your back
And just give in?
Because I can tell you exactly how it feels
How it feels to be left behind

The faces change and those days are gone for good
Memories are all that's left of what this meant to you
We need to see the past for what it is, and just move on
These days were meant to be something we built with pride

We can always remember the past
But we only get one shot at today
So leave regrets to yesterday

We know that the faces come and go
So we need to make this mean even more
Every effort made to keep pushing on
Just a promise that we'll be here next year
Track Name: Decisions Made
Telling me that you're in control
I've heard it all and it's getting old
Chasing down regret from the night before
But every night you're back for more
Life can pass you by, so let's get it right
Decisions made? Just think again
Don't fill your life with regrets

I know that you see the truth
There's not a moment to lose
I know how hard it can be
You've got to try and break free

They're the best days of our lives
Why waste them standing in line?
But there's always a path you can take
Break free and take pride in decisions you've made
Track Name: The Truth
When I fall I get right back up again and I walk it off
Because life's much too short to be held back by my mistakes
And when I struggle I try my best to find the lessons learned
They get me through and help me give my best

You're running from your problems and getting nowhere
But you can't forget your dreams
You'll never reach the goals you've set
Unless you try to take the risk
Can you take the chance?

You watched all your efforts get wiped away
And washed out with the tide
Don't let it kill the hope you feel inside
Let's get it straight you need to get back up and try again
Because sometimes the only path to take
Is the hardest one to walk

Last shot at our mistakes, the time is now to set them straight
With miles to go will you take the risk?
The choice is yours, are you willing to take the chance?

With miles left to go, will you take the risk?
Because the only path to take is the hardest one to walk
Track Name: Perspective
Take a look at everything we've done
Because I feel a sense of pride
All the bridges built and the bonds we've made
Will last our lives because they're built on trust

And as the years go by, I see what we've built
Pass all expectations that we've ever set
And growing stronger

I know the road is hard, but all the things we gain
Make the struggle worth the cost
And through it all I can't understand
How so many have lost sight

But with past mistakes and all the damages done
I know how hard it is just to carry on
So it's time we leave those regrets behind

Holding on no matter what the cost
It's not all we have, but it's all we want
White knuckles, clenched fists, we'll make the best of this
And we'll leave those regrets behind

I don't quit and you don't quit, that's just the way it has to be
We're going to watch all the bonds we've built
Growing stronger
And we'll leave all those regrets behind
Track Name: Failure
I was never good enough
I was the best at letting you down
Failure my middle name
The pain to be around you
All I wanted was a good word from you, just one word
Now I'm looking back and all of the days seem the same
Looking for acceptance and shelter from the rain
Maybe not my potential, but it feels like I tried
All I really wanted was the sense of pride
I'm sorry for being your disappointment
I know how much it meant to you
I know that you can't stand the fucking sound
When it's all said and done I hope you can say you're proud
Track Name: The Decline
I was reliving all those times we shared
And it's hard, because there's nothing left of you
And I can see you're not the same
You used to be so strong, but time has changed you
You turned away

I keep on trying and trying to escape from the past
Because those days used to mean so much
We stood side by side and nothing else mattered
We were Straight Edge and at least I still am

Did you forget about what we said?
Or did it just not mean that much?
Sitting with my head in my hands
Wondering what happened to us

Now only a whisper remains of the person I once knew
We came, we conquered those days
But now, now you're gone

Don't tell me you're the same
Because you gave your heart away
And in return you got nothing
Track Name: The Break
It's going to break and I can see it in your eyes
All the choices made
You won't be looking back this time
Tell me what's left to say when it falls apart?
Just look at where we're coming from
And how it's going to end

Where do we turn, when there's nothing left but regret and
We seem miles apart?

We tried to make it last, do you remember that?
Will you be looking back this time?
Tell me, what can we say to try and bridge the gap?
Just look at where we're coming from
Does it really have to end?

Where do we turn, when there's nothing left but regret and
We seem miles apart?

Can't we change the past, and even after all the efforts made
We still seem to go our separate ways
But how did it ever come to this
And can we try to make a change?

We need to give this all our effort
Let's try to never let each other slip away
Because this is all we have
Track Name: Different Directions
Let's keep it clear what I need from you is just a little space
Don't understand the goals I've set
Or the choices that I've made
Days fly by in the blink of an eye
And I find that years have past
Can't spend my life chasing expectations you've set

Let's keep it clear what I need from you is just a little space
Don't understand the goals I've set
Or the choices that I've made
Years fly by in the blink of an eye
And I'll find that I've grown old
So much to do and so little time
And I can't live these days for you
That's not the way I want to live

So I'm always going to push it away
You need to give me room to breathe
I want to live, live the life that I know is right for me
I want to live, and I know my mistakes
Are just lessons learned
I want to live, live the life that I know is right for me, drug free
I want to live, can't you see what's right?
If it's not my choice then it's not my life

And I want to live, live my own life
Track Name: Every Word
With nothing left to say, you turned your back
And walked away
Your words never meant a thing
And it hurts to know that even after all this time
I find myself still reaching out to you

All our best days lay ahead while yours are far behind
We won't lose, I know that we'll never lose sight

Still choking on those words, and I want to say it to your face
But it's time that I learn to let it go
the words you said never meant a thing
And after all this time it was you who proved us right

All our best days lay ahead while yours are far behind
We won't lose sight
Broken trust is hard to build back up again
But we won't lose, I know that we'll never lose sight

We're moving on

They come and go as days go by
And we're left standing all alone
But it's not the numbers, it's what's inside and we're the ones
with the lasting values

We're going to make these moments count
And every word we said, is meant to last until the end
What we said and what is meant, every word is meant to last
Until the end