Prying Eyes

by Cruel Hand

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released October 14, 2008


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Above and Below
I can't help you. How can I help you if I can not help myself?
The questions that you have are ages old.
The answers that I've found are mine alone.
Now you're faced with one thousand faces.
All your own, each one alone.
Time is what you're wasting, looking for answers in the wrong places. Taken over by thoughts of what's above and below.
If you're looking for something, look in front of you.
Don't look to the sky for the truth. Don't look to the sky for the proof.
My feet stand on solid ground. That's the only certainty I've found.
I look down at the bricks for the proof, so I don't look to the sky for the truth.
Track Name: Dead Weight
Dragging this ball and chain, mirrors and razor blades.
When all of this dust clears, can you recognize your face?
Pulling all your dead weight, not willing to cut away.
I'm losing my grip. You've got to help yourself and quick.
I'm losing my grasp. You've got to help yourself and fast.
Track Name: Life in Shambles
Time flies by and you're the only thing that stays on my mind.
I can't lie. Forget your face, every day I try.
Life in shambles can we agree this is too much to handle?
Life in shambles over fighting this losing battle.
You can try to analyze... I won't lie to myself,
It's been so long since I felt strong.
Anger's not strength, it's a different defense,
Insanity is where I'm walking the fence.
You can try to magnify the broken pieces of my life,
To come up short is no surprise
Track Name: Begin Descension
I had a feeling (that was only once) that my life had meaning.
But that doesn't mean too much.
I was going places then I never left.
Reciting phrases that I never meant.
I found myself, then I threw it away.
Living in hell is a lot like today.
I changed my mind (but I can't spare change)
And what I was trying to find, but it still found me.
I need room to breathe. Can you give that to me?
Begin descension. Begin the end.
Track Name: Motions That Lie
I am caught.
There's no way out of an endless existence I created myself.
My days are aligned and none too defined.
Living and breathing are motions that lie.
Endless weeks, end me please.
Hours that pass are ours to bleed.
I see no end, but the end sees me.
He knows my face and I'm waiting to meet.
This is a cycle so familiar, one that I can not break.
Every time that it starts over all this pressure increases in weight.
Track Name: Hounds
Don't look me in the eyes,
Because what's on my face is not what's inside.
It's a picture you could never paint.
You don't understand, you could never relate.
It's heavy thoughts increasing weight,
Everything you were born to hate.
Feeling lost and out of place.
Insecurities consume my days.
Who's against you? Why would they care?
I don't have the answers, I just know they are there.
Eyes that are constantly staring me down.
Hands that are pulling me into the ground.
Smiles are taunting me and I can't figure out why I'm running from someone not worth writing about.
Track Name: Damaged Goods
It doesn't matter how you read them, we'll always be on different pages.
A big mistake so just erase them, tear them out and burn them.
"Please forget because I've forgotten." Say these words and I'll leave.
I promise. We'll always be on different pages. Go ahead and turn them. We used to share our smiling faces,
But honestly, those were only phases.
I've been grinding my teeth because I had something to say.
I said, "nevermind." You said, "typical."
Well that's so typical, so I'll be seeing you.
Track Name: Heart Failure
I've been dragging your name in the dirt.
I'm sorry if it hurt, but this year was the worst.
It wouldn't be like this if it were up to me, but it's out of my hands.
I've been swinging my moods over your head.
They floated like a feather just to drop like lead.
Inside of me I had nothing left,
But you reached in my chest and you pulled out the rest.
What's on my mind can't outweigh what's on my chest,
And I confess it's been three years since my last breath.
Track Name: No Known Graves
Dragged down into the depths of your mind.
Hung from the gallows of time.
Your thoughts tighten with weight.
The hangman is you and now you have sealed your fate.
Thoughts that dwell, no one to tell.
Is this the end? No known graves.
You drown in a sea of questioning.
Flood gates released by your reckoning.
Pulled by a hand so familiar.
Reflections in water are as clear as a mirror.
Track Name: Prying Eyes
Life on display. Get out of my face.
You want to know my every step and where I've been,
But it's not your place.
Where I rest my head, who's my foe, who's my friend.
If you see me keeping distance,
It's because you don't mind your business.
I can't escape the prying eyes of the bored, who I hate.
You can't relate, don't bother asking, and just be on your way.
Track Name: House Arrest
I've been doing so much time inside my mind.
My head is my cell behind the bars of my eyes.
Tomorrow has a bitter fucking taste.
Don't try to tell me that I'm not alone,
Because I've been throwing rocks and nobody's home.
Track Name: Wisdom Pain
Anxiety inside of me, I'm starting to bust.
Friends turn foes so easily, I need someone to trust.
Can't you see I need room to breathe and space is a must?
Everything I know to be crumbles to dust.
I can't stop this, it's beyond me.
I have tried, are you not listening?
Reality and what's "real to me" is what I cannot separate.
Choosing one over the other is the reason why I'm late.
A window of opportunity smashed to bits and worthless to me.
Constant inconsistency - My only consistency.
So much wisdom in pain, so many lessons in hurt.
You learn from a loss, so I'll take on your worse.
Nothing can hit harder than my own regret,
So I live with what I've done and know that I can't forget.