Question What You Live For

by Holding On

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released November 26, 2002


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Turn the Screw
I'm trapped again
Painted myself into a fucking corner
Maybe I was so goddamn stupid
Why the fuck didn't I know better?
Waiting this shit out will be the death of me
I know this ain't the end, torture myself again
Why can't I see?

With only myself to blame
No- No control
Fucking up again and again

Turn the fucking screw

If only I could change my ways
Maybe I will one of these days
Still I've got my vices
Still I keep paying prices

Turn the screw
Squeeze the clamp on tighter
Until it fucking kills me I'll remain a fighter
But i can't complain
It's me who rolled the dice
Just like it's been said before
"For sinners cannot live in paradise"
Track Name: Invasion of the Assholes
I see pretty faces
But never hear a fucking word
When did the volume get turned down
Why isn't anyone concerned?

This situation keeps getting worse
And a movement is made from a fucking trend
It looks and smells and sounds like shit
This punishment will never end
It won't fucking end

And the one thing that I don't fucking get
Is how no one else gets what the fuck is wrong

Why won't you fucking die

You want it you can have it
Fuck it, it's yours
I'd rather stab out my eyes
than see anymore
Track Name: Your Excuses Are as Lame as You Are
I can't look you in the fucking eyes
It just brings back the spite and lies
It will remind me of how I was dragged along
And fucked over since day one

Don't blame me for any of this
You can try to pin this on me but I don't give a shit

There's nothing inside me that cares if this
ever gets worked out

I'm not the one to blame for any of this

After all you put me through
This is what I get
Tell yourself that it's not you
It's easier to accept
Throw out your meaningless words
You'll never have to face yourself
I hope that your different path
Will never lead back to my life again
Track Name: Fate Comes Crashing
Some point in your life you forgot what it means to be alive
And now you're out of time
And now you're out of time
I wonder what was going through your mind when it ended
When you finally realized

Everything you were means nothing in the end
In the blink of an eye you're back where you began

With nothing

I don't know what it's worth and how much did it hurt
To live your life for someone else
You're not the things you own and that's something
you'll never know
That happiness was just a mile down the road

Everything you had is worth nothing in the end
In the blink of an eye you're back where you began
Back where you began
With nothing

Thank you for showing me
A second chance might never fucking come
And what's more important?
What I have or what I've done?
Fuck your regrets and fuck waiting for the time
Fuck your regrets and fuck your empty fucking life
Track Name: All or Nothing
It's too late
I've lost control, sealed my fate

There's no turning back now
Slammed the door in my own face
Do I love or hate this place?

I've seen the light
And I've crawled back in the hole
Now I see things so fucking bright
Don't want to crawl, won't fucking crawl no more


Now I've seen the light
And I've crawled back in the hole
I see things so fucking bright
I sure as hell don't want to
Crawl no more
That can't be all I'm good for
My legs just want to run
Where will they stop? I don't know
Track Name: Valentine Park
These scars bring me back to the times
When all we had was nothing and that was fine
Those wasted days were all traded away
For a shot at acceptance in the world we hated

Lost, confused
No one understood
Lost, confused
Those times are gone for good

Gone for good

These are fading fucking memories
These are so much more that just yesterdays
Our lives are fading memories
Our lives, I'll never forget those fucking days
Track Name: From Here to Nowhere
I've been going down these same roads
Hoping I would find something to fill the void
Of everything I've left behind
These questions stay unanswered
I don't know what I'm looking for
But all the wrong steps and all the regrets
Are still the same as before

I'm stuck between
Between here and nowhere
I don't fucking know
And I don't fucking care

I don't know why I keep running
But I know I can't stay
Everyday spent trapped in your fucking world
Is another wasted day

I'm stuck between
Between here and nowhere
I don't fucking know
And I don't fucking care

I don't know why I keep running
But I know I can't stay
Everyday spent trapped in your fucking world
Is another wasted fucking day
Track Name: Critical Condition
Everything has gone to shit
Is there still a sign of hope
When mediocre is what passes for gold
Every time I turn around
Someone's bought and sold out to the wrong crowd
Is nothing sacred anymore?

How did things get this way
why am I the one who pays
Do I deserve this fucking fate

There's no rebellion now
Just go for what's safe and sound
That's where success lies
So just keep walking towards the light
Don't even pretend to fight
Marching to your fucking graves

How did things get this way
Why am I the one who pays
Do I deserve this fucking fate
Wish I could run and hide
Bombarded from all fucking sides
I shouldn't be in hell, I'm still alive
Track Name: These Hallowed Halls
My memory is not that fucking short
Keep your head turned the other way
I had no need for you then
Why would that fucking change today

I never wanted your acceptance
I never needed it anyway
But thanks for all of the self doubt
And thanks for the fucking insecurity

I was nameless, faceless
But I remember every word
I embraced the fucking day
that I left all of you for good

You're a living reminder of a meaningless life
And I still don't want to be like you
Don't bother making amends because
I don't want them

I cannot forgive and I can't fucking forget

That was then but now I see
Try all you want to fix the past
It means nothing to me
Track Name: You're Kidding, Right?
I wish what I heard was a lie
I can't get mad, it's not my life
What's done is done and what's said is said
But what the fuck is going through your head

What can I do?
I will never get though to you

Maybe others will wish you good luck
All I can say is "you stupid fuck"
There's nothing to say in your defense
You can't justify it, you won't make sense

What can i do?
I will never get through to you

It's not that you changed
It's what you became
What could you ever say
Cover your past you know it means
Nothing to anyone including me
You can forget, I can't forget

I will never get through to you
Track Name: St. Patrick's Day
I brought this upon myself
Now it's my fucking fight

I turned what I had going for me into nothing
All the people around me became no one
I dig the hole deeper and deeper
Because I know no other way
I find myself further and further from
Where I want to be

Do you remember me?

I hate having these what ifs and maybes
Still in my head
If I had the chance would I do the same again?

I don't think that I will ever learn
To stay away from everything that hurt me
The first time around
Here it is today still dragging me down

I thought this is where I would find it
I was fucking wrong
I have to answer all these fucking questions
By myself in some fucking song
Track Name: One Night and Counting
Stuck here sitting all alone
Thinking about the times we've known
Thinking about you, you know you might be
Of all the things I've done, the one right thing
The last thing I want to do
Is say goodbye to you

Please try to understand
This is what I've gotta do
I hate more than anything to leave you behind
But you can trust that I'll
Be back soon
I'm running to you
To look in your eyes
Will make things feels so right

You know you're my best friend
And when I said I'd stay 'til the fucking end
You know I meant what I said
You can count on me to stand by your side
I'll be back soon, just one more night
I can't wait to see you again
Track Name: The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Played
They got what they wanted, an easy excuse
The cost was high, but still they make their moves
They say what's best for us, they'll keep us safe
So we all keep quiet and stay in our place
Where we have to say yes, we have to approve
Ignore their wrongs and buy into the red, white and blue

What will we do
When they've got their boots on our necks
Total control
They took their inch but who knows what is next

Their power is spreading like the plague
Don't question the answers, just fly the flag
They're hoping we give in to our frights
Armed guards at each corner to defend the stars and stripes

What will we do
When they've got their boots on our necks
What can we say
Anyone's a threat if they voice their dissent

The masses are weakened and deceived by fear
And caught up in the calls for pride we hear
Take advantage of fears, we just give up our rights
The more we blindly follow, the more I'm gonna fight

Don't shut your mouth
Don't close your eyes
Don't hide yourself
Don't stay in line
Track Name: Dead Silent
I could run away and let this eat me up inside
I won't swallow words and watch my best friend ruin his life
But now this problem is also mine
I'm done getting shut out and believing your lies

Your killing your pain but your killing us too
Did I waste my fucking time, what more can I do?

I don't know
What more can I do

I can't do a thing
Waiting for things to change on their own
Blaming this on the world
I do not want to end up alone
Regret what I could have done
What I should have done
Track Name: Do I Make Myself Clear?
The barbed words never stop coming from your side of the room
My life up to this point was just fine without you
Everything I do is reaffirmed by myself everyday
By leaving behind the expectations of this self-righteous charade

Why do you waste your life
Closely watching mine
And throwing out two bit opinions
To ears deaf to your cries

I do not have the time to waste on these things
You can live your bullshit life without me

I've got better things to do
Than worry if you're for or against
What I have done...
Why should I give you my defense

I do not have the time to waste on these things
You can live your bullshit life without me

That doesn't stop you
You're nothing

You won't fucking drag me down