by Blue Monday

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released April 19, 2005



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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Turning the Tables
They started weeding us out when we were children when we were so naive. They tried to break out spirit to erase our individuality and if we didn't comply and when we didn't comply, they turned the table gave us pills made us different unwanted and not able in their institution in their world you must comply but I won't comply. We won't comply. I'd rather lay down and fucking die.
Track Name: A Moving Train
Indoctrinated from day one with the mantra of excess, how the fuck do I turn it off? A slave to convenience to the easy wayout as addicting as any drug I ever trifled with. They told me that freedom to consume was a privilege they told me that it was right. But they never told me about the repercussions and they never told me that the life I afford will spill more than enough blood to literally paint this town red. In a world where the price of food is suffering and pain. Where the makers of my threads barely can sustain. Where countries need food but we give them guns instead. It's time to open our eyes. Where the diamond on her finger costs thousand limb of life. Where we consume to surfeit while starvation is rife. Where it's nearly impossible to not take part. It's time to open our eyes.
Track Name: Lost and Found
I can still remember that night like it was yesterday. We sat out on that deck until the sun broke and found out that we weren't alone with the shit we held inside. Those were the days when friends were the ones kept me alive. Stick together just a bunch of fucked up kids. From day one brought together to go down together. Stick together watch this life tear us apart destroying ourselves was the only was we knew to survive. And I will never forget that night when I made my first real friends. The words we spoke echoes in every corner of my life. And I know we didn't choose each other we just had no where else to fit. But shit gets complicated and no matter how hard we tried we couldn't hang on as life wore us down. And from that night on I watched it all disintegrate. In a desperate need to escape ourselves we fucking threw it all way. It makes me so sick to know that not a single stran of what we had is left between us. And I would like to be there for all of them but I'm not the only one who got out. And I refuse to stand by and watch them slowly die
Track Name: Next Breath
Driven by antiquated morality which shields us from our depravity we revel in surrend and disregard today. Compelled to place our direction in unfounded authority wanting to be saved we abnegate out will. Blind faith leads us astray. As far as I can see this next breath is all I have. And as far as I know when it's over it's over. Inaction seems the greater sin than those ostracized by current doctrine. The ideals we hold so tight come off as insignificant. The world will keep passing us by as a ignorance walks us down the path beset. But still remaining idle our limitations are already set. As far as I can see this next breath is all I have. And as far as I know the last beat of my heart is my expiration. And when the times comes I will only have to answer to myself. I refuse to disregard my will to the promise of a better place. And as far as can see this next breath is all I have. My conscience, my integrity this next choice is all I have.
Track Name: Bloody Knuckles
Another day passes as we grow older it seems to me that one day this may be over. Cause life seems to furiosly pull away at me beckoning with money and maturity. But I'm not deterred this is my place and this is where I'll stay. I'll stay. Try and take it away from me and I will swing till my knuckles bleed. It's all been done before everything is so old. My ideals are merely romanticized dreams so I'm told. I clutch to what I believe but the opposition is crushing it seems impossible to not concede. It's hard to escape the feeling I'm destined for nothing. It's hard to escape the sentiment my voice means nothing. Everyday I stare the same dillemma in the face every path in front of me is thread barren. Marginalized and minimized I won't lose my grit. Disillusioned and disenfranchised still I resist. Give me one ounce of something worth fighting for and I will scratch and claw until my fingers are no more. This is where I stand in my place where I'll stay. Try to take it away and I will swing until my knuckles bleed
Track Name: Drenched
As the political punks hide from reality down on the drive clinging to useless causes that are so fucking vain just taken on to prove they deserve their name. Wash them away. The destitute huddles together on the side of streets that flow like rivers and the fortunate live sheltered within a gentrified fantasy. And no one really sees the vagabond hands palm up for help it is like to us the rain hs washed them away. Wash them away. And the junkies scuffle and leach down by the Carnegie and a shadow barley clothed stand so pathetic at the side of the road. Ready to see her soul she doesn't feel the cold the despair of this city has already swallowed her whole. And there's something about this city where the grey winter days seems to bring out the decay. And it will drench you down to your very soul. To your very soul. And I'm fucking drenched.
Track Name: Bereaved
Black smoke a shroud over the city the epicenter is sullen no movement at all. While they hide in wretched shelter and smother their babies into breast. A clandestine murmur of sorrow resonated in the streets. When the sun rises in they pull their dead from the rubble. They pull their children from beneath the fucking rubble. And another world away a mother drops to the floor raises her face to the sky and cries "what the fuck for?" And those in power lead this masquerade to them it's only a game. As the innocent suffer. Religious zealots capitalize on these times spreading their drivel and lies. As the innocent suffer. Propaganda euphemizes brutality keeping the masses in line. As the innocent suffer. Nationalist lies create the perfect disguise for economic plunder. As the innocent suffer.
Track Name: Let It Out
So 5 years later. Man it feels like less than that tonight. It almost feels like you passed on just yesterday. All I know is that I still feel so fucking lost and so fucking confused. I just want everything to be like it was before that day. It's time to move on with my life time to stop running from the past. And I know nothing I can do will ever bring you back. It's time to move on with my life time to stop running from the past but with every step forward I will never forget. There are times when all I want is something to take it all away. And on those days I feel like a sieve and I let everything flow straight though me. Besides the way I always felt everything flows straight though except for the same emptiness I always felt. I know nothing I can do will ever bring you back. It's time to stop running from my past it's time to move on with my life. I have broken down. I have built myself back up. I have worn masks to mask my masks from myself and to this very day I want to shut my eyes. Shut it all out push it away. But I don't have to have my guard up anymore. I've wasted too much time and I can't wait forever. It's time to move on time to move on time to move and let it all out.
Track Name: On the Outside
Like Socrate questioning the unwarranted confidence in the truth of popular opinions. Or like those who faced massacre at Ludow who stood vehemently opposed to the status quo. I'll bare no affiliation with socially stagnant illussions of virtue. I'll remain defiant and true to what I see as righteous in my own eyes. "Against the grain" My affinity stands with those who speak out of turn in the ones who's words have driven social change. Again and again there has been attempts to muzzle and constrain but what's on our minds cannot be detained. And they'll try to wash us away in their tide of convention but we will still antagonize from where we stand on the outside. I remain defiant to what I see as righteous in my own eyes on the outside
Track Name: It's Your Life
I wish we could cut this short where every action is to impress someone else. I wish I never played that game but I pissed away so many pointless days. We really have very little time to base our sense of self on others eyes. If you want to live life that way you might as well just call it a day. Do what you're gonna do. Be who you're gonna be. Say what you're gonna say. It's your fucking live live it your way. Digging yourself deep into a void always wanting to be someone else. Slipping into characted every day you couldn't live life a more tiring way. Have you ever done anything for no one in particular? Does what you do mean and lies if no one is there to be a witness? Do what you're gonna do. Be who you're gonna be. Say what you're gonna say. It's your fucking life, live it your way. Trying way too hard for way too long. You must get tired of leaving yourself in the cold again and again. Living a life do you even know who you are. It's your fucking life.
Track Name: The Everything Festival
And sometimes I think there has to be something more I feel it fester inside. But it looks like I'm destined to just fall back in line. Every one of my actions seems so damn clichéd has my path been predisposed. Am I just another pawn in this game? Every minute's one step closer to my last breath still I adjourn my aspirations to another day. When I look in the mirror I see my father's sunken eyes so lost and destitute just before he dies. I cannot succumb to a world of playing it safe with halls of regret my vices cannot placate. I don't want to have to look back and say I wish I had more. Apathy never gained me a gooddamn thing. I crave more. Every minute's one step closer to my last breath. I crave more. Still I adjourn my aspirations to another day. I crave more. I want to be rewritten. Cause I don't want to have to look back and say "Make me young, make me young...."