Scared People

by Ceremony

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released July 2, 2007


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: It Rained Today Inside My Head
Skies above are closed to me
Forgetting names when shaking hands
Friends and lovers i've left behind
I'm as apathetic as the wind
Track Name: The Lines in My Forehead
Among the wolves live tired sheep
A match to fire in a thousand trees
Try to survive without sacrifice
Carry your emotions in the shape of a knife
I have never felt so ashamed
Behind closed doors is where i stay
All the pain i feel inside
Willing to set myself on fire
Shake the earth, head through floor
Track Name: Making with the Stable Air
We have gone much too far
Humans climbing up the walls again
A future sour to the taste the tears
I will roll off my face, strive for peace
But nothing has changed
Humanity is a crashing plane
Screaming words of blasphemy
Another year of misery
Track Name: Mothers and Fathers
This life is spent standing close to the edge
They stay afraid, the ceiling is caving in
We stay in harms way
Track Name: Every Corner a Liquor Store
Fighting against generations of wrongs
we have an anger problem spreading violently
It started with a kiss from the mouth of a gun,
Now we're cutting at our wrists spilling all that we loathe
Empty bottles with awful feeling,
Keep my bad memories as my closest friends
Track Name: Feel Like a Man
Too much fighting in the streets
We know right now who to fought
I see you and you see me
We can't fight just wait once
What would you do when you're in the dumps
Circumstances lift it out
They made the rules, keep it in mind
Do what they want, and everything's fine

Do what they say, and maybe someday
I'll feel like a man, and do what they tell me to

To stop you back
Use your fists, that's what they're for
Use your fists to resolve it all
See the rich, there's not equal
See the poor, living on the streets
Reaching everything to survive
Stare at the fights for staying alive

Do what they say, and maybe someday
I'll feel like a man, and do what they tell me to