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released July 1, 2006


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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Death Before Dishonor - Curl Up and Die
The worlds turned over
And I´m waiting to fall
A day without rain
Is day I can´t recall
My sanity uproots
And I try to stay strong
But when lightning strikes
It all goes wrong
Stop and think and remember why
If we were meant to love
Then I will never love again
I can´t erase all the things that I regret
I can´t go back in time
And take back all the shit that I said
I can´t erase all the things that I regret
I can´t go back in time and take
Back all the shit I´ve said
I have grown so empty inside
I´ve got to rise
I won´t curl up and die
I feel the weight it´s crushing my back
My legs are weak and I can´t turn back
The pain brings hate inside
It makes me strong
And I won´t curl up and die
Track Name: Black Friday '29 - Kill This Dream
I found the enemy within my own lines
Right by my side, I see you ready to betray our kin
Come on, kick my head smash my face
An easy way to be just yourself
You've torn it down - all that we've built
Blind man's revenge is talking over
Silliness hidden behind a mask of honour
Look what you've done in a second of rage
You've torn it down - all that we've built
Track Name: Black Friday '29 - Pressure Release
I won't listen to anyone or anybody
All sorts of bullshit come thrown my way
I don't care what anyone sees - this is my pressure release
Put it this way, you turn it around
Put it that way, the truth is yet to be found
I tried to change you and I've failed
Don't be surprised about what you're gonna find
Pressure release - your worst enemy is me
No longer will I accept these chains
Blood starts boiling in my veins, foresee the situation
I'm gonna set it straight
It's my pressure release, unleashing all this hate
Pressure release - one day it's plain for you to see
Pressure release - no longer will I be dismissed
Track Name: Black Friday '29 - Half Past Nine
The true hearts gathering around
Their numbers so few but I don't mind
Do you see my smile - it's straight from the heart this time
That's the way at least it should be,
A cheerful wish I direct to you
Another melody to break out - another song to stand my ground
There's too much pride and too many lies,
Try to keep it away for just a while
I leave it behind within the blink of an eye
Hoping to see your faces happy tonight
Forget about life's bitter taste
And fade out your sorry state today
Your sorry state, fade it out,
Feel the spirit of this crowd