Stand & Fight

by Stand & Fight

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released August 12, 2003


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Nothing New
Believe in who I am
Stand by what I say
Don't give a fuck if its been said before
It still makes sense today

Don't fool yourself
You're not saying anything new
I won't hide behind poetry
I'll leave that to you
Track Name: End of the Line
Spreading you lies
You didn't think I'd hear
Back-handed compliment
Walk away and sneer
You think I'm the fool
Well keep playing that game
Keep talking your shit
But remember my name

You're insecure, so you slam my name
But you're gonna fucking lose
It's too late for you to choose

You think you're ahead
But you're losing this race
Back stabbing
While you smile to my face
You think I'm the fool
Well keep playing that game
Keep talking your shit
but remember my name

I won't pull any punches
When we get in the ring
Put my back to the wall
And you'll see what that brings
You'll get no apologies
On my part man
I've been as clear as I can
About where I fucking stand
Track Name: Pressure Builds
The pressure builds
It's all around
So many work so hard
To bring us down
One minute a friend
At my throat the next
Who will you turn on
When no one's left

We won't forget
Those times
And all they fucking meant

You think I've failed
You think I've missed
but I hit the nail
Right on the head
You still can't see
Where my sights are set
You still can't comprehend
What I'll never forget

Your negative vibes
You're talking in circles
Your words make no fucking sense
Now you put us down
Just to get yourself attention
You better get in together
Before you get a lesson
In respect
Track Name: My Right
You think I'm rude
You think I'm crude
I've got no right
To speak my mind
You think it's fair
That no one cares
If your fucking smoke
Fills my air

Burn my throat
Blind my sight
But still you claim
You've got the night
Step aside
You fucking waste
It's time we put you
In your place

You've got no right
To infect my space
Waste your life
I don't pay the price
For you to lose
Polluted air
Is not what I choose
Track Name: Break the Mold
I thought we all had
The same fucking goal
So why does seem that
I'm in this fight alone

I'm still shooting for the same ideals
But it seems as if I'm in this fight alone
Am I alone

Don't you know
It lies in you
The power to stand
And make a change
If we want to move forward
We have to leave the old
If we want to make progress
We have to break the mold

Stand by what you say
Or shut the fuck up

I will stand by these words until I die

Break the mold
Track Name: Stand & Fight
Standing so proud
But your morals are unsound
And compassion for others
Is no where to be found
In your eyes they're dirt
So you claim the right
But I think you've forgotten
What started this fight

I will stand and fight
For what's fucking right

What are you trying to be
You're just avoiding reality
Bottled your fun
But spirits run dry
When faced with the fact
That you're living a lie

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