Straight Edge Hardcore

by Proclamation

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The digital version of this album is the 2001 re-mix done by Adam Dutkiewicz


released April 1, 1998


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Straight Edge Hardcore
What's the matter with the scene?
Look around; it's not so clean.
Nothing says "straight" like fast;
Man, I'm still proud to wear the X.
Straight edge--drug free
Hardcore--is unity
Straight edge pride you lack
Hardcore--bring it back.
No one knows right from wrong;
I'm sick of all these slowed-down songs.
People went astray, got off-track,
But now it's time to bring it back.
It's time for us to decide whether or not we care,
Because I can't stand to see it slide--
Be true to the X you wear.
I'll tell you what straight edge means,
Because you seem to have forgot.
It means that you stay clean;
I won't sit and let it rot
Track Name: What It Takes
A promise that they couldn't live out;
Chips down, consumed by doubt.
Disowned and ditched what served them well,
Now they swim to the shores of hell.
Weaker people dropped like flies,
Selling out to a life of lies.
They didn't have what it takes:
Commitment--to a greater goal;
Strength--to remain true;
Tenacity--to hold on when it's tough;
Perseverance--to make it through.
A promise that you couldn't live out;
Chips down, consumed by doubt.
Weaker brother dropped like a fly,
Sellling out to a life of lies.
You didn't have what it takes...
Until the end my heart will be true.
Until the end--together, me and you.
Together we'll make it through;
Together--if we try to
Track Name: In the Family
Certain people laugh at me because I say
That the dreams of the old school should be lived out today.
"If you're not the first to say it, then don't say it at all"?
If that's the way you feel, I wish you'd go away.
Am I a fool because I preach unity?
It's something we need; it's real important to me.
I've said it before and I'll say it again,
And I'll keep on saying it until it comes to be.
Unity, family: what hardcore means to me.
Standing strong, holding on--to what I believe.
A unified scene is that for which we strive;
The flame that burns toward that end we'll fuel and keep alive
Track Name: Glorify the Lies
The current rise in drug use angers me;
It's twice as much since nineteen ninety-three.
A loaded gun, just for fun...
It's death for you--it's not for me.
Teen drug abuse is on the rise.
To me it's really no big surprise.
Look at half the bands on eMpTyV and you'll see
The way they glorify the lines.
The gun goes off, the bullet ripping through your head;
No thanks, I'll stay drug-free and live, instead.
Glorify the lines...
Track Name: You Should Pay
"Tears for Meaghan" the caption read;
Another life wasted, another partyer dead.
Three hundred mourners come to "pay respects"--
You only came to ease the guilt on your heads.
Tears for Meaghan--give me a break;
Half of you there are a bunch of fakes.
Tears for Meaghan--you should pay;
When you gave her the forty-ounce, what'd you say?
I want no part of your booze.
Get drunk--what for? You'll only lose.
When you look into the coffin what do you see?
Is that the place you'd like to be?
How many kids there will think and stop?
At next week's party she's already forgot
Track Name: On the Rise
We rose again, fierce and strong.
Thought we left? Well, you were wrong.
We'll never fall; we'll never retreat.
If you stay clean, you'll never be beat.
We're a rising force
Ready to defend;
Our weapon of choice
Is the straight edge.
True 'til death--the vow we made.
Proud and strong--I'll never be ashamed.
In our hearts the edge rings true,
But I bet I can't say the same for you.
You put us down for the path we choose,
But we'll have the last laugh,
Because you're going to lose
Track Name: Torn Apart
Angry words and unforgiving hearts
Tear once-strong friends apart.
I've got no clue where it all went wrong,
But it wasn't too long ago we all got along.
Life's too short to throw away your friends.
Too many friendships meet untimely ends.
When you've been wronged, it's hard;
But don't strike from pride or spite.
Do your best to try and make amends.
Don't expect me to choose a side
Because you're so full of yourself
That you can't swallow your pride.
A real man admits when he's wrong;
It doesn't show that you're weak,
It proves that you're strong
Track Name: You Gave In
We were friends when you were pure.
Times have changed; now I'm not sure.
You caved in and embraced temptation;
Ethics changed with the situation.
Free-falling from the arms of grace
To oblivion's resting place.
Your chemi-crutch beat you to the floor.
Another life is no more.
You gave in--and followed the crowd.
You gave in--and you fell down.
You had a problem and it called for help.
What a mess you made of yourself.
Who were your friends that you hung around?
Their brother's blood cries up from the ground.
I'll never back down from the vow that I made
To call back the sheep that have strayed.
I'll stand for truth no matter what they say,
And show my brothers a better way