Strength in Solitude

by Panic

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released June 27, 2006


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Written in Stone
This won't be forgotten
There's secrets inside the fists we form
Reasons for the sides that we walk on
Words spoken in Boston and written in stone
And I've never had a friend that I've left alone
I've never left my friends alone
Track Name: Strength in Solitude
I'm afraid i'll lose myself
A part of my heart left in someone else
Kids like us will be alone forever
Kids like us will be alone together
Track Name: Lighthouse
I will hang your smiles on hooks
Break your fingers to hold my hand
Lock you inside my picture of you
And keep it face down
I will know you like no one else
I will use your eyes to see myself
Nobody else can know what you mean to me
Our closeness will be legendary
Our love will be hated
I'll take your tongue and
Make them see your kisses drying on me
We are one for how long?
Track Name: Force It 'Til You Hear It Snap
The world won't end when I close my eyes
Sometimes I wish it would
Imagine the faces of strangers exploding
Life ain't too short, its too fucking long
And I live in regret
Your scars aren't shaped like mine
It's hard for me to trust anyone
And that's what hurts the most
I've got a heart that I can't open
And fists that I keep closed
Memories are knives
At the throat of hope
"Blisters on the lips of cupid"
And you never knew me
Cuts across your pretty face
I can't sing myself to sleep at night
Cut the bonds that hold your back
Burn the bridges that you despise
Stick with the kids that have your back
String up all the fucking liars
There's nothing wrong with anger
Track Name: I Walk the Same Way Home Every Night
How much time do I have left?
Everyday is like a bullet in the head
The pain of seeing what I've become
Is more than I can stand
Blink an eye, the years go by
And things change so fucking fast
Nobody told me that growing up
Would mean growing apart
You make friends, you lose friends
You find love, your heart breaks
You look back, and break down
So many questions, I'm not finding any answers
Track Name: My Favorite Mistake Was You
Alone at night i think about what i'd do
if the person i was meant to be - ever shines through
how i spend my days trying to be
the kind of kid that you want close to you
and i kno how this one ends
we want the ones that we can't have
so what the fuck is wrong with me?
Why can't I let go of you?
The first time all I saw were your eyes
And now I can't stand to look inside them
It's not your distance that's killing me
It's being close to you that makes me close to myself
And I can't stand the way I am
I push away the ones who love me
And I embrace the apathy
And hang from all your lies
And if I could I'd take back my words
And heal my heart
If I could i'd take back the secrets
My stitched up heart
If I could I'd forget your face
A brand new start
If I could I'd show you how
You tore me apart
Track Name: Turn Cold
You call it growing up
come to terms with all the years
that you spent fucking up
And to wipe away your tears
I've lost myself
And time hasn't changed a thing
I'm still a fucking kid
Trying to deal with his mistakes
I'm sick of pressing on
Cause shit still ain't making sense
And no matter how hard I try
My life is still a fucking mess
I've lost myself
And time hasn't changed a thing
I'm still a fucking kid
Trying to deal with his mistakes
Crushes on and dreaming
Keeping to ourselves
I drown myself - but it proves I care
I still can't forget those years
Track Name: Into the Reasons
I'm pulling you to me
my fingers in your wounds
ice storms won't water your eyes
pressing the truth from you
if it's me or nothing - choose nothing
there's nothing right with me nothing
i'm just making myself colder
innocence set to time
you can tell there's something wrong
You can see it in my eyes
If it's me or nothing - choose nothing
There's nothing right with me - nothing
Now left to your own devices
It's a quarter to three and you can't breathe
She's downstairs covering her eyes
And wishing you'd leave
So break a bottle and cut me up
I'm stuck between right and wrong
Feeling good about myself
Or finding reasons to write songs
Setting myself up for a fall
It doesn't matter what they think about you
What matters is your own arms around you
Live with yourself
Can you make it alone?
Or do you reach out with your eyes closed
Track Name: Our Choice Is Made
Fists are raised find our way to trust we are tied
A generation of fucked up kids hiding behind black eyes
Gangs of youth points to prove don't get in our way
We've grown up in this way of life and this is where we'll stay
Take a look around you
This is my life
This is the only thing keeping me alive
This town means the world to me and I've seen blood come and go
I've seen the best of them find their way and I've seen them fucking fall
It's the friendship within ourselves that keeps this scene alive
Next time you see a friend falling grab them and pull them by your side
Everyone of you means the world to me
I wouldn't trade this for anything
We've got to stick together
There's nothing left but us
Screaming ourselves down the dark streets
Waiting for the sun
Our choice is made
Track Name: Pale
I'll tuck the soil around your unborn heads
What the fuck was I thinking of?
I'm sorry for the things I said
I'll tip my glass to misery and pour it on your graves
I can't believe I wasn't there for you
I fall asleep with a gun in my mouth
Because of all the things I did
And I can't be at peace with myself
Unless you know I cared
My hand against your cheek
So in the dark I could feel you smile
Track Name: Fall on Proverb
My hands are open
Can`t you see them being burned
This faith is the deepest
You could ask for what`s remembered
With the guilt wrapped around our necks
That`s right I just stopped what I didn`t start
I missed the chance that will never come
Better to regret what I have done
I`d give anything just to forget
A smile so worthwhile
But you can only rent it
My hands are open