Sworn In

by Sworn In

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released May 28, 2002



all rights reserved


Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: The Turn On
Yesterday almost killed me
Did I break your heart to make it through?
Spit poison words on wasted air
Solitude leaves nothing except bloody fists and revenge soaked bullets
No one said this would last forever
When sated hearts lie dying like flies
Passing out to car crash music
Or falling asleep gun wedged in mouth
An addiction to heartbreak on your headphones
Carve out your heart for sincerity in stereo
I gave you a slice but it sits with the past
Turn it up the killing song, as it plays over
(Again and again, again and again...)
Subtitles to life lie dead by the hi-fi
Memories become just another fucking lie
We were kids breaking curfews with out "knifefight" eyes
X'ed fists and alibies
Kids breaking hearts like it's going out of fucking style
"To all the girls I've loved goodbye"
Thank you for the lies
Track Name: Switchblades and Serenades
I was a gang from the wrong side of town
Thinking murder and lovesick drowned
So you wanna know all about loss?
It's not the dying, it's the trying to live without the "fuck you" eyes,
You're no friend of mine
Tired of the reasons why there was no you and I
When all I wanted to hear was "I love yous" and joy division
These bitter moments last for years
But that's the last time you see these england tears
Screaming silence into bleeding ears
Still I search for a heart on the blood covered streets
A boy from the wrong side of life
With bike chain anthems to settle the score
But I would have stabbed my way through the crowds
To fall to my knees and say "Baby, be mine please",
Then when we walked people would talk
"There go the kids with no tomorrow"
Writing farewells in stone
Here lies another dead romeo"
I was so far gone
I was better off dead
I couldn't see the end
My knives don't bend so you can kiss your face goodbye,
Cause it's over, a tear for every taken life,
Cried so many times but you'll never see these tears again,
It's over, can't go back on what's said
A taste for love and death
Like when sharks and jets meet,
I was too far gone.
Track Name: Pretty Girls Die Just the Same
Pretty girls die just the same,
Why I'm still holding on to the pain (I don't know)
I would let it go for a million fucks or kisses
I was wondering when the angels would sing by your grave
'Cause I'm through squeezing feelings from blank stares
Trying to break iron hearts with feather filled punches
A dance, a fight, and I pulled every star from the sky,
To make night from day, but what did I change?
So I'm left trying to count the beats in the record breaks
Clinging to hope through a punctured drip
Yesterday was the demo tape to years of regret
Please take my words turn them into something innocent
"Sweetness I was only joking when I said,
I'd like to smash every tooth in your head"
A dance, a fight, and I pulled every star down from the sky,
to make night from day but what did it change?
I screamed your name, with my pen I scream your name
And when the California sun became Brighton rain,
I washed away any chance of a future,
For every butterfly soaked in gasoline
I helped to fly you set one alight so now we're fucked
And the nostalgia is as ugly as the truth and saints that sin,
She was beautiful once,
I tied a bow that became a noose that I left to hang,
She was beautiful once,
Letters like cries on my walkman,
Fuck, I miss her lies,
She was beautiful once,
Those x's didn't mean kisses,
And "sorry" doesn't mean a thing
Track Name: (V) for Vendetta
Say it over like it never began
Every time I build this bridge you burn it down again
I say "fuck these ties" postcards lie...
And especially mixtapes from June '95
This is why I hate home
I love so hard I almost let go
Trying to see through bloodshot eyes
Trying to hide this thorn in my side
So fuck these nights where the memories lead nowhere
And the joy is dead and the songs I sing never lived,
This broken mind where my memories lead nowhere
Love is dead and the songs I sing never lived (will never live)
I pray for the day when your sun turns black
Screaming fits and battlefield cries
Do nothing for an assassin with a rusty knife
And like rose red blades our friendships the same
Cutting out the heart of this broken fucking day,
Yeah, the first time and the last time
Track Name: I Killed Midnight
I slit my throat
the last time I spoke
was a "thanks for everything"
not a "hope you choke"
nights in confinement
I know them well
so you can tell "the gang"
I'll see them in hell
you think I give a fuck about your life?
take my advice and fall onto a knife
Track Name: Stories Hollywood Never Tells
Take the chance, fuck romance.
Life's a burnt out candle,
For a birthday wish that never came.
A script drenched in regret,
I wrote a death threat in your name,
And a love letter in the same day.
Still the tragic truth of damaged youth on a burning train,
Still a lonely kid tired of what I'd miss,
Like a pacifist that slits his wrists.
Trapped in a town called "hate" outside "love lost" city.
One bullet for the pain, one for the self pity.
Just let the cameras roll, let them roll,
They'll have nothing to show.
Let the cameras roll, let them roll,
They have nothing to show.
Let's go, one more kiss and I'll die.
Cue suicide.
Track Name: Where Death Is the Cure
Broken days like swinging at shadows,
Proud to be hated in this hope-stealing town.
Unthread the stitches that hold this heart,
And I'll rip off the tape that holds my smile in place.
Goodbye open hearts, goodbye healing wounds,
Goodbye to my friends (this bullet's for you)
A mile in the rain is a lifetime at home,
The same dead beat bands, same dead end shows.
Abandoned hopes are death valley jokes,
If I can make it through winter you'll know I can fucking cope.
Goodbye my betrayal, goodbye gunshot lives,
Goodbye truest love (for destroying everything)
Goodbye burning lies, goodbye crimson tears.
Goodbye to the kids (already dead in my eyes).
Bar stool fights, exciting times when you were living that kind of life
But right now those days seem so dull,
Talking trash through frostbite lips from the streets frozen kiss,
If I die, I'll miss you, I think.
Right now, I may be having the time of my life
...Minus the smiles