Taken by Force

by Proclamation

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The digital version of this album is the 2001 re-mix done by Adam Dutkiewicz


released October 1, 1999



all rights reserved


Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Fake Edge
Don't claim edge if you won't make the haul
You call it quits before you've started at all
Straight one day, drunk the next
Make up your mind, because you're a mess
Fake edge is what I see
Fake edge - false sincerity
Straight edge is for life
Straight edge - no compromise
Falling prey to the older bands' mistakes
Going soft, turning out to be fakes
Not what you say, but years from now what you do
Shows everyone what you believe to be true
Selling out misdirects the youth
Selling out compromises the truth
Together we'll stay clean and keep on having fun
And show that "straight for life" is more than just until 21
Track Name: Closed Mind
It's time to turn the tables, time to break the chain
Kids everywhere poison their brains
Regressive ways, they don't seem open at all
Closing their minds
I'm so tired of you making me out to be the bad guy
You're the one with the closed mind
Poison your brain
Close your mind
There's nothing creative about your lack of self respect
Track Name: Scenester Pride
We both know that you're full of it
Think you're better than the rest
We know your life is just a lie
All you've got is scenester pride
Sincerity is put to the test
Fake attitude; you're a mess
It'd better stop, or our scene won't last
How can we put up with people being fakes
Competing egos are that it takes to bring us down
Think you're cool because of your record collection
And who you know- I don't see the connection
I don't care if you go to all the shows
I'd still recognize you by the color of your nose
We both know that you're full of it
So why not give it a rest
Track Name: Listen Up
You never listen to what I have to say
You're ignorant, and you're going to pay
You say that being straight edge has gone to my head
But when I'm 35 you'll already be dead
Listen up!
Track Name: Just Leave
We're sick of your big ego
And your bullying kids around
No one wants you, so why don't you just go
It's time we stand our ground
You don't belong here
We don't need you
We know you're tough
But no one cares, so just leave
We've all come here to have fun
Not to drink and start up fights
Now we have only just begun
To try and set things right
You don't belong here
We don't need you
We know you're drunk
But no one cares, so just leave
It's got to stop, man, it's not right
We just dance, we don't fight
Leave your attitude at the door
Because we don't want it here anymore
Bringing back the wolf pack
Standing tall as brothers
Watching each other's backs
Looking out for eachother
Track Name: What Is True
There are people who laugh at things
That are deep within your heart
They call you names or do whatever they can
To pull your life apart

We've got all things to sort out
We've got all things to work through
But when it comes to what you truly believe
Hold on to what is true

Don't let your opinion be drowned
It takes all kinds to make the world go around
In the scene you should be able to expect
Your beliefs to be met with respect
Track Name: Fathead
Tell me what I should see
Tell me what I should do
Tell me what I should be
So I can be like you
Sure of my identity
You can't take it away from me
You say that I'm untrue
I love it more than you
Who's the bigot on the thought crusade
You indict yourself with every shot you've made
You say I'm not "hardcore"
My kind you abhor
What'd we do before you came along
To tell everyone where they belong
You talk like you created the scene
Self-appointed king at the age of 18
I'm not impressed
I was here before you
And I'll ignore you
As long as you continue talking trash
Track Name: Two Lives
A heart beats inside your womb
You seem not to care
Trapped in the midst of a smokey tomb
There's no excuse; you are aware
Drown in your life
Greed fits your mind
Two lives sentenced to die
Your kind I'll defy
The damage you're doing to yourself
Greed and addiction cloud your mind
Disregard the state of your health
You can't justify the deeds of your kind
A cry, a gurgle, a struggling first breath
A child has now been diseased
The damage you've done brings it closer to death
Yet you inhale and drink with the greatest of ease
The time has come for you to realize
That your health is more important than greed
Someday soon, if your loved one dies
Maybe then you'll see what you really need
Track Name: Burnout
Keep smoking pot, see what it does
Outside reality, never stay in touch
Become the dumbest living person on earth
Living in the gutter, regretting your own birth
Burnout is what you are
Burnout; it's your own fault
Smoking out your problems with a toke or five
Pretty soon you think you need it to keep yourself alive
But all of your problems still await when you come back
Keep smoking pot, see what it does
Outside reality, never stay in touch
Smoke all the time and one day you'll find
Chronic use really does affect your mind
Track Name: Standing on the Edge
It should be clear that this isn't a joke
We're dead serious about all the things that we wrote
The songs we play, what we do, what we say
All send a message that we want to convey
Standing on the edge
It should be plain that this isn't just an act
What's all around us forces us to react
By living straight, standing strong
Taking the lead by opposing what is wrong
Track Name: Words Meant Nothing
You found it in you to leave
A greater evil you could never achieve
At the end of the day your words meant nothing
The others: left to grieve
Trading the truth for all the lies that you were told
Being witness to the crime, it's a sorry sight to behold
You didn't try to work it out
You never even cared about
The fact that your words meant nothing
How can you justify
Subverting vows to lies
You're your own greatest hero
You're the one they will despise
From all of this there's one thing learned
Trust extended must now be earned
At the end of the day your words, they meant nothing
It could've worked had you only returned