The Best Ways To Disappear

by Candy Hearts

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Candy Hearts' style is described by Violently Happy Records founder (and New Found Glory guitarist) Chad Gilbert as "truthful lyrics sung to a sweet, honest melody over a '90s-alt-rock-meets-East-Bay-gritty-punk-rhythm." This EP follows up their 2011 full-length, 'Everything's Amazing & Nobody's Happy', with six new catchy songs produced by Gilbert himself.


released November 6, 2012


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Bad Idea
I took the long way home
And I’m not sure why;
I guess I don’t know how to deal
With all the things on my mind,

Like how my coffee is black
And that’s how you like yours,
How the sweetness of your voice
Hits my ear and dissolves

But you’re a bad idea and I know it.
You’re a bad idea and I know it.
Well, I will do it anyway;
My heart won’t listen to my brain.
You’re a bad idea and I know

I want to be a little reckless with you,
Pick a penny up on the unlucky side,
Trace a curse word into the back of a car
That hasn’t been washed in a while

And there’s worn off paint where the rust shows through
The same things I see in me and you
Like how the concrete sprouts blades of grass
And I’ll still smile when you fill our tank up

You know the best ways to disappear
And you do what you do because you feel like it.
You’re unpredictable
But there’s something about you I want to know.
I want to know.
Track Name: Matchbox
I wear my loneliness like an old t-shirt
that doesn’t really fit me.
I can’t say your name like it’s a curse
and I’ll jinx something.

Well, I don’t believe in those things.
I don’t believe in anything
cause it’s always the same thing:

I stare at you across from me.
You put your hands on my knees.
Sometimes I think you’re really sweet and I’m confused.
Sometimes we kiss; sometimes we don’t;
Sometimes we take off our clothes,
and I’m not sure what I should do,
cause sometimes I think I might like you.

You’ve got this funny way of acting sweet
when you want something from me,
but you collect hearts like they’re matchbox cars.
I traded mine for nothing.

Well, sometimes I’m down for anything.
Sometimes I’m down for anything,
but it’s always the same thing.

I get a little bit to nervous.
You think it’s cute
when I stumble over words
I don’t know what to say to you.
You think that I’m afraid of everything
when I know that that’s not true.
It’s really just you.
Track Name: Miles & Interstates
Take me back to when I met you
in the parking lot outside the show.
Sitting in your beat up van,
all our friends knew what was gonna happen.

Now, I try not to think about
the way our breath aligned
when you put your body next to mine.

You, you are a song in my head.
My voice is sore from singing it
as we cross off miles and interstates.
The same white lines that brought you here
will take you away.

Now I’m standing in the back room
and you’re avoiding me.
I’m not sure what it was I did.
I didn’t do it intentionally,

And some day you’ll be a polaroid
of someone I used to know.
I’ll be a stranger on the end of the phone.

I can’t forget the way we spent the day in bed.
You pulled the sheets over our faces
so I could hear your whispering
and you looked at me with those eyes
that told me that you could see inside me.
Track Name: Replacement Parts
Sometimes my bones feel too clumsy for my skin,
the skin that can’t forgive the scar on my hip,
the one that you trace with your hands.

Sometimes my brain can’t make up it’s mind,
a broken switch, a down power line
a radio cutting in and out,
my swing set mood swinging up and down.

It’s just another thing that I can’t fix
like the broken clasp on my favorite necklace,
the loneliness that anchors me to bed,

But you could cut it out of me,
replace the parts I’ve rusted out that I don’t need.
Erase all the stupid things I say,
the things that don’t work out the way we planned.

And I know I make myself miserable,
sleep to much to see how it feels
when I wake up and everything’s heavier

But you know that you do the same,
stay up in bed until all of the things
you don’t want to think are tangled up inside your sheets.

It’s just another thing that I don’t need
like loneliness or the wisdom teeth
that are constantly pressing on my head

And you know how I work.
I’m clumsy with everything.
I break my own heart,
but I promise if you lend my yours
I wont let it fall.
Track Name: Sick of It
When the hole in your chest seems to tear
With the rip in your dress you didn’t know was there
And the hole in your bank account’s too big
to be filled with anything

When your smile pulls away like a bullet train
And you run for the doors but they close in your face
And nothing feels okay

Take off your glasses, raise your fists
And tell the world you’re sick of it
You know exactly what they are
And you don’t have to feel like this anymore

When the kitchen sink seems upset
you make it carry more than it can,
And the clothes on the floor are begging you
to get up, get dressed, leave this room

When the empties that line the floor by the couch
are like Purple Hearts and you can’t figure out
what you were sad about

You can try to run away
Look for answers in everything
Wish on an eyelash or full moon
And wonder who will answer you
Track Name: Ticklish
Am I just something to waste your time
like a movie you have memorized,
small talk, a cigarette or a stare?
You don’t say anything; we never go anywhere.

Well, I want to see more than the inside of your room.
I want to know what it’s like to know you.

All I know is I know you’re ticklish
when I run my hands over your ribs.
Oh, oh, oh I pretend I’m ticklish,
cause I’d do anything to feel you.

Lying next to you in your room,
I want to know if there’s this part of you
that misses me when I’m not here.
Is it as small as the bones in you inner ear

that are listening as my heart beats
every time you turn and look at me?

All I know is I know you’re ticklish
when I run my hands over your ribs.
Oh, oh, oh I pretend I’m ticklish,
cause I’d do anything to feel your skin
against me

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