The Chaos Continues

by For the Worse

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released August 10, 2004


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Chaos Continues
Like a runaway locomotive roaring down the tracks
Just like a bullet from the chamber continuing down its path
Destroy disrupt disfigure anything in the way
Take no prisoners no remorse just living for today
The chaos continues
With a malicious intent and a need to destroy
Chaos feeds the confusion past the boiling point
Constant forward momentum there's no need to stop
Always pushing full throttle with all targets locked
Track Name: The Truth Hurts
You talk and talk you never shut up
Always run your mouth no one gives a fuck
Your war stories they hold no weight
Feed your ego for your personal gain
Your full of shit and it's plain to see
Trying to impress everyone you meet
Put your ego aside give it a rest
Is it asking to much for you to just be yourself
You've been there and done that or so you say
But nobody cares about back in the day
Nobody listens to your verbal excrament
Try if you must but it won't make you friends
You loathe yourself so you live a lie
It's easy enough to see through your disguise
no rhyme no reason its all an act
100% fiction no solid facts the truth hurts
Track Name: Stuck in My Head
Well all day long i think about it
I don't know what it is but I've heard it before
It's on the tip of my tongue then I've lost it
Wish it would stop I can't take anymore
Can't get it over and over again
It's been with me all day long
Now I fucking hate this song
It's stuck in my head make it stop
Track Name: Reverse the Curse
I thought it was Boston and not L.A.
Trendy fucks with nothing to say
Chaos and anger its all in the past
Now you sit around with your thumbs up your ass
Hard to the core and punk as fuck
Is now watered down and a lot less fun
I'm not one to dwell in the past
But what the fuck happened to Boston MA
I want it back the times we had the rat
Track Name: Shit Out of Luck
Your house your job your self-respect all lost within a week
But then again no one ever said life was easy
Anything that can go wrong usually does
Nothing seems to turn out right your shit out of luck
No matter how hard you try you never succeed
All alone at night you cry yourself to sleep
One step forward two steps back you seem to be stuck
A day late a dollar short and shit out of luck
Track Name: Overpriveleged
Everything has been handed to you all desires are fulfilled
Never worked a day in your life never struggled to pay the bills
Money equals power and power leads to greed
Black cats never cross your path you have all the luck you need
Overprivileged and undeserving
Consequences have no meaning when your stinking rich
Not responsible for your actions a spoiled little kid
Don't worry about your future its there in black and white
Never any shades of grey what a privileged life
Track Name: TV Zombies
Since i can remember the TV was turned on
Glued to the set I would sit back and watch
Rotting my mind how could I forget
A childhood wasted in front of the TV set
A 20 something television zombie
Is this what I've become
Forced fed through the boob tube
A steady diet of television
Cartoon after cartoon and show after show
Could not get enough i always wanted more
Wouldn't budge for commercials not a minute I could miss
A childhood wasted in front of the TV set
Track Name: No Rent Control
My rent is raised but my paycheck is the same
Can't afford to live the price is insane
Inflating creating a debt so damn big
No rent control just makes me sick
Pay out the ass for a roof over my head
Slumlord why isn't anything fixed
Can't afford to go out I'm always broke
Gentrify with no rent control
Track Name: Catholic Guilt
Shoot eveyone in the face involved with the catholic church
Thieves of innocence perverted guilt
Strangle the parishoners poison the priests
Supporters of child rape should be hung for all to see
Put the priests in prisons and rape them everyday
Prick the pope with a syringe that's been filled with aids
I see nothing wrong we've got the bomb
Let's bomb the Vatican
keep the tanks rolling and burn the bishops down
War declared upon the church for letting this go on
Shattering faith and stealing innocence
I spit on the bible and I piss on the crucifix
Track Name: Patriot for a Day
Let's celebrate this nations birth with alcohol and fire works
consume mass amounts and blow shit up play with fire and get piss drunk
Showing your love for America with bottle rockets and hamburgers
200 + years of independence so tap the keg and pas the ketchup
Light the fuse the spark ignites the gunpowder and apple pie
Showing your love for America with bottle rockets and hamburgers
Track Name: You Put the SS in Boss
Just because your bored to death don't take it out on me
You're on a power trip abusing authority
You get paid like shit but still you are a dick
You've got no sense of humor I wish that you'd just quit
The clock ticks by slow when your on the watch
Always looking over my shoulder just waiting for me to fuck up
Can't wait to punch in just to be a jerk
I work my fingers to the bone and still its not enough
Can't wait to catch you off the clock lets see you run your mouth
You put the ss in boss but this isn't Auchwitz it's just a job
Track Name: Hands Off
Who the fuck are you to tell her what to do
You could never comprehend what's she's going through
Who are you to say what she does with her body
The choice is hers and not an easy one to make
Religious rights pro life
Hands off let her decide
Track Name: Going Nowhere Fast
Minutes seem like hours when you waste the day away
Clinging on to hope deny reality
Looking into the mirror do you like what you see
Empty void nothingness you own worst enemy
Every walking moment is a reminder of all your flaws
Of all your insecurities and everything that's wrong
Time seems to pass on by but no one seems to care
All alone with your thoughts strapped in the electric chair
Going nowhere and getting there fast
Hoping and praying each day is your last
You've lived a life full of regrets
Exhaling depression with every dying breath
Track Name: And Justice for Who
This justice system is such a laugh
Innocence based on amount of cash
and justice for who? Not me or you
For a millionaire with a blood stained suit
It's not about the black and white its all about the green
Look at OJ. Simpson and you'll know what I mean
The best damn lawyers money could buy
So he walked away without doing time
Track Name: War on the War on Drugs
25 years for growing marijuana
It's the same sentence for first degree murder
People dying in prison for planting a seed
While murderers and molesters walk the streets free
War on the war on drugs enough is enough