The Constant One

by Iron Chic

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CX All of the Iron Chic albums are ridiculously good, but what defines this one is the diversity of sounds. A total inspiring powerhouse from start to finish! Favorite track: Prototypes.
Terry Hope Romero
Terry Hope Romero thumbnail
Terry Hope Romero #realtalk: I'm not one for most posi, melodic punk these days...but this album (and band) makes me FEEL things once again. The heartfelt sing-alongs and sincerity crack through my hardened grindcore heart and make water leak out of my eyes (time to put on those sunglasses) and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you IC. Feels are rad, feel are alright! Favorite track: Spooky Action at a Distance.
Donovan Cole
Donovan Cole thumbnail
Donovan Cole such a great jam Favorite track: Don't Drive Angry.
garyh. thumbnail
garyh. This is what I want out of punk rock these days. Like whiskey. Favorite track: (Castle) Numbskull.
Geri V.
Geri V. thumbnail
Geri V. This is a great album. I think they my current favorite punk band.
Jerrod Wagner
Jerrod Wagner thumbnail
Jerrod Wagner When each track starts, I get the same tingle of excitement! Favorite track: Bogus Journey.
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Iron Chic's long-awaited sophomore full-length, 'The Constant One' ups the band's ante, boasting nearly 40 minutes of their heartfelt, signature melodic punk, with big buildups, warm harmonies, and gripping climaxes. The band tackle somewhat altered subject matter from 2010's 'Not Like This' with deeply embedded metaphors hinting at themes of communication, perseverance, and self-worth, making 'The Constant One' no mere sequel, but rather its own set of cleverly cloaked ideas soundtracked by a bed of driving riffs and life-affirming, tremendous melodies.


released November 5, 2013


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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Bogus Journey
It's all a matter of entropy
While I break apart entirely
What ever might be left of me
Might mean something to someone
Now I'm all out of energy
My mouth can't be coaxed to speak
When you've fucked up at everything
You start thinking that's how it should be

Of all the possibilities
In infinite realities
This one eventuality is something that we share
Across a hundred million miles of space
The right time and the perfect place
A burning hot piece of fate
Has struck my chest and left me breathless

A tiny part of an endless place
So much space
It takes all of us just to hold it up
A tiny mark on an endless page
We leave our names and the rest just turns to dust

Now we're trapped in an endless maze
A tiny part
So much space
A tiny mark
Where we left our names
An endless pace
It takes everyone
Just to hold it up
Who'll find what's left of us?
Track Name: (Castle) Numbskull
I've been lost before
I've seen the lights on a distant shore
(On and off) With a full moon to guide me
(Back and forth) And to pull in the tide for me
I can't feel a fucking thing.
Standing in place
Wind in my face but it can't knock me down

I'll be lost again
In all the places I've always been
(On and off) It's not hard to find me
(Back and forth) I haven't moved in weeks
I can't feel a fucking thing.
Staring out into space
Wind in my face and my feet on the ground.

(Turn it off) A whole life in front of me
(For what it's worth) So why must I drag my feet?

There's thing I still need to see
I still have songs left to sing
Places I'd die to be
While the years pile on top of me
I love how it fucking stings
It only hurts when I laugh
I do when I can
Until it tears me in half

There's a darkness inside of me
It's starting to frighten me
Cuz I don't know a fucking thing
Can't see ten feet in front of me
There's a light there to find you
It's right there inside of you
Track Name: Wolf Dix Rd.
I'm gonna think real hard
About what I'm gonna say
I really couldn't stand you thinking any less of me
And how I spend my days
So I'm looking for the perfect phrase

I'm gonna try real hard
I'm gonna find a way
I'm really gonna try and stand on my own two feet
Spend my days
Looking for this perfect place
To lay my head
Close my eyes and get some rest

What was the question?
I don't know
I wasn't paying attention
You say I'm lacking direction
Is my course corrected?
I don't fucking know
I'm gonna find out on my own

I can only coast so far
There's gotta be a better way
I really wanna try to prove that
I'm not a waste of space
So it goes these days
I can barely keep up the pace
Approach the edge
Close my eyes and take one step

Fought real hard
Tried to stay
Dropped our guard
And let the tide drag us away
Track Name: Prototypes
We got nowhere to run
We can hide till the morning comes
And in the blinding sun
We'll have to face what it means to be a human being
Are we prototypes?
The first mistakes of a god who couldn't get it right
When the stars collide
Maybe that's when things will start over
Maybe we get another try

My heart still beats
Any fool could see
It feels like I'm fading out
These little blasphemics
Mean the world to me
That's my cross to carry
We haunt this town
Like a stain that they can't get out
It's a shame how we let them down and I'm sorry

While the walls collapse
We'll try and get it right
Until something snaps
And we retreat into the safety of the night

Now one knows just how deep it goes
But it feels like you're falling now
When you hit the ground
That's when you found
There's so much to forget about
Close your eyes
Try not to make a sound
When I close mine
I can still see the outlines
Maybe we get another try
I'm sorry we let them down.
Track Name: Spooky Action at a Distance
You make time stand still
You make time stand still
And I can deal with that
'Cause I got time to kill

I'll breathe when I have to
And I'll leave when you say so
I'll burn in the meantime
But only on the inside

We have an oath to keep
And we rise while the rest sleep
There's no going back
At least not for me

I'm dying for answers
Things that I used to know
But that was years ago

I'm biting my tongue now
Some things can't be said aloud
From my lips to your ears
You'd only see through me
See into the true me

You know that time's a wheel
And if we stand right here
You can see for miles
You could even see for years

I'll bleed if I have to
But I'm never letting go
Oh no!

I'm biting my tongue now
Some things can't be said aloud
From my lips to your ears
You'd only hear screaming
While I whisper the meaning
To you
Track Name: Sounds Like a Pretty Brutal Murder
So far behind
We'll try but there's no hope of catching up
So let's take our time
And weigh all sides and all possibilities
We're here alive
There's still time to fuck that up
Before we lose our minds
We'll play all sides to our best ability

Making art out of excrement
Feel so proud about a silly piece of shit
Get high
Then greet the world
When we're done with that
Maybe then we can
Maybe then we can relax

Life can be a comedy
But I don't really get the joke
So I crack a smile and fall down
Just for the hell of it

Things get weird
You just have to deal with it
Eat the heart
Eat every little piece of it
Get high
Say fuck the world
We're done with that
Maybe then we can
Maybe then we can relax

We can't do math
But we can handle this
There's no formula
For doing fucked up shit
We found our path
We found our wits
We were born in dirt
But we grew out of it
Make it known
We might explode
Who'll pull the plug when it comes to that?
Track Name: A Serious House on Serious Earth
You had a heart of gold
I know because I fucking sold it
Truth be told
I couldn't even say what I did with the money
Heads are like that
At least for me when I try to think back

This is where I'd ordinarily
Check the room for special distortion
Stare at the moon and cherish the feeling
Eat my words and choke on the meanings
Stoke the flames and burn like I mean it
This is where we lost our memories
This is where I long to be

Here I am
This walking sum of your disappointments
I made peace with that
When I let all the feeling out
I can do that much
But I can't stop the bleeding
Speak in code
Spin the wheels til we bend the spokes
Shake up these tired bones
Make a point and drive it home
You're cool as a heart attack
I can't move so I can't relax
Some things you can't take back
Not now
Not fucking ever

I've got a heavy soul
Right now it's like a fucking boulder
All I know
There's not too much more I can shoulder
Fill my lungs
And cough til I'm heaving
Spill my guts
And just fucking leave them
Track Name: True Miserable Experience
We were singing "Hey Jealousy"
We drove through town
And let the cops chase us around
The kind of day
We only get once in our lives
We were bursting with energy
All the weight in the world couldn't keep us down
Never let up
Never let them get us alive

We're not lookin' for sympathy
In fact, we're all out of fucks to give
And we'll just be indifferently
Waiting here for the tide to shift
We were crushing our enemies
Took all the pain in the world
And made a crown

Waiting here for the world to disappear

If I know one thing
It's how to waste my time
If you've taught me anything
It's not to waste my life
We're here right now
That's all that counts
So it goes

Made up our minds
To make our mess
And do our best
To not die alone

We're not looking for anything
We're too busy biting feeding hands
I found an epiphany
In the eyes of a dying man
We'll be waiting indifferently
We can wait for eternity
Track Name: Don't Drive Angry
Open my eyes
Open the fucking door
I can't help but feel like
I've been here before
Or a million times
In one of a million lives
I can't shake the feeling
That I've already lived mine

Maybe I've been living forever
Sure feels like I'm losing my mind
I've been alive as long as I can remember
Maybe I'll come out better next time

Open my mind
Shed the skin of another life
Let me rest here another night
I may have learned something this time

Keep pushing forward
Without understanding
With no way of knowing
Which way I am going
Keep getting nowhere
Over and over
I know when I get there
I'll be another day older
Maybe get a bit closer this time
Track Name: What ever Happened to The Man of Tomorrow?
We're part of the pulse
That's keeping the pace
On a giant blue rock
That's spinning through space
We'll be gone in the blink of an eye
While we're here
I wanna live for something
I know this world is a terrible place
At least it seems that way
Even on a good day
We'll make a new one with our own two hands
No one else is gonna do it for us

If you can't trust me
Then you can't trust any one
But you can't trust me
So take that for what it's worth
Until we fall back down to Earth
We can try not to let it hurt
'Til we're in holes in the fucking dirt

We're caught in the wires
In the walls that they made
Can't speak
Because there's nothing to say
I can only whisper in my hands
When I get loose
I'm gonna scream about it

It might not feel like we're moving
But we're falling into the Sun
We're just falling forever
This once we all fall together
Falling in circles
In the light of our yellow Sun
Just falling forever
This time we all fall together

We all fall together

Just falling forever