The Fuse Is Lit

by Striking Distance

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released May 28, 2002



all rights reserved


Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Fight Their Words
Fight their words -
Don't want to hear more rhetoric.
Force-fed the daily installment of pride.
Fight their words - two sides.
Dying to be right. I feel alone wondering why.
Primetime - frontlines.
Prisoners in a political scheme.
No control - Stuck in a rut.
Can't figure out what it all means.
Fight their words - So what are we to believe.
Elected salesmen catering lies. Fight their lies.
Fight their words - Sound bites prey on idle minds.
Ignorance lives and questioning dies.
Track Name: Tear It Down
You must destroy those who cheapen what you believe.
Fight your fight!
Never surrender in the darkest times when others can't see.
Suck the life from our veins, but now you feel the pain.
You didn't realize that we would come back around.
Tear it down!
Standing in the way of the goals we want to achieve.
Fight your fight - Don't let the critics decide the life you lead.
Regrets be damned it's time to take a stand.
It's your turn to hit the ground.
Tear it down try to stop us, but we're still here.
Striking back with everything that you fear.
From the ruins, we'll build again everything that you're against!
Hear is the sound. Now you're down!
Track Name: Send in the Clones
Nothing but clones that's all I see,
IQs don't even reach 23.
No time for common sense.
Bow down to reason at your expense.
Try to buy some self esteem,
A marketing execs wet dream.


Deception blinds you from the facts,
Because hidden underneath is a well-trained act.
They'll sell the latest craze, run you through their plastic maze.
Imitate slick pictures that you see, chasing down empty needs.
What you see is not what you get.
Track Name: The Fuse Is Lit
The time is come, tonight we'll self-destruct.
The fuse is lit going to watch it all erupt.
The verdict is out changing sides so fast.
Ignorance comes easy and now burning bridges collapse.
So safe at home. Being on your throne is all you've ever known.
We fight the battles your words will never fight.
Nothing you can do but wave your flag.
No guts with a brain that will leave you in your tracks.
I'm giving back every word you said.
Think you're alive when all your catchy slogans are dead.
So safe at home. Being all your thrown is all you ever known.
We live in the trenches where the battles are won.
We fight the battles your words will never fight.
Out of sight, out of touch.
Now you're the one that has been using the scene as a crutch.
When words turn to war, you're the first to run.
Now everything is undone.
We fight, you quit,
And your actions prove you never really gave a shit.
So these are the days? Well, not for you!
Track Name: Common Rage
Words we rage, common rage, will we change?
Sacrifice everything searching for gains.
Don't care for senseless posturing, direct the blame.
Stand up for what you believe. See it through.
Don't count on the world to be kind, it's up to you.
To see it through, it'll be me and you. To see it through.
Words we wage, common rage, can cause change!
Where do you draw the line? Between sitting and standing.
Waiting and acting. What are you gonna do?
Spend your life on regrets?
Stagnate the only complain?
No! We have to be the first to change!
Track Name: Find a Way
Find a way when life has no use.
Friends are enemies and your heads in the noose.
Rotting inside with all your misery.
A breaking point now its time to break free!
There's still hope. Find strength to cope!
It's your life to save,
Find a way find a way a way when filled with despair.
It's a tough fight, it's up to you to care.
No mercy will come today! Stand for yourself! Why fade away?
There's still hope. Find strength to cope!
It's your life to save, find a way.
Sick and tired of everything I see.
Their antidote to their poison starts with me
(You're not the only one).
To writhe in self pity, the fire has left your eyes.
Surrender, become a victim, your dreams die
(There's no reason why you can't).
Find a way! Start today now!
No more giving up, no more giving in!
When they're twisting the knife, hold on for your life!
You can't escape. You have to fight.
You have to find a way to take control.
Don't fall. Find a way!
Track Name: Focus (Live)
Is it just a fact of life
Or a symptom of large-scale disease
We've been conditioned
To accept the problems
But society continues to bleed
Berated a complacent - frustrated
A community based on different ideas
Open minds a integrity a€“ and friendship
Why be reluctant to change
The world we live?
It's cliché a€“ but sometimes we forget
Berated a complacent - frustrated
It's time to disprove
The label they have given
Don't turn your back on
The problems we face
All the scene politics
And selfishness keeps us tame
So tell why are you content?
Track Name: The Decision Is Ours (Live)
How do you know what is right for me.
When the world is falling around you?
Another agenda, they don't represent us.
Armed with anger and ideas.
How can we lose?
We fight their views!!!
Get out of our way!!!
We fight their views!!!
It's the end of your days!!!
What makes them think,
They can paint a picture.
That's pleasing for everyone to see.
Encourage freedom.
As long as We deceive them.
It's the blind following the sheep.
It's a shame we let those we blame,
govern who we are and what we do.
They got the money,
and they got the power.
But turn your backs on us you're through.
Caught up in a role,
taking my heart and soul away.
they don't stand for me,
just corporate needs.
Betrayed injustice everywhere,
and no one seems to care why?
Tell me why? Sick of being kicked around.
I'm not going down.
I fight to deny.
Track Name: Fail Me (Live)
Given everything a there's still nothing
Fail me a Fail you
Once inspiration not just frustration
Looking for help a€“ it's not coming
Fail me a Fail you
I'm falling down a€“ and you're coming too
Where were you when it fell apart?
Your day is here
And I'll watch it rip out your heart
You failed me now life's failing you
Track Name: Hated/No Holding Back (Live)
The trouble begins
When you pay for your friends
Of your elitist show well I don't fit in!
Live for commercial identity
Fuck acceptance a€“ because I'd rather be
Hated a€“ not like you!
Hated a€“ I hate you too!
Hated a€“ not like you!
Hated a I hate you too!
Hear only what you want to believe
Don't deny where your motivation lies
So easy to tell you're deceived
It's this thinking I live to defy!
I want to be – what have I got do?
To make you see – I'm not like you
I would destroy everything
That you stand for
But do you know?
The danger's here we are the ones to fear
Do you feel the same?
Unseen cause do you stand against
What feels safe?