The Price

by Test of Time

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Jairo Bravo
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Jairo Bravo Such a great record cant wait for their Full length.
Michael F.
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Michael F. Not that Boston sXe ever went anywhere; these guys were kicking around in superb bands like OFFSIDES, NO HARM DONE and THE EFFORT (and putting out killer stuff on Get Outta Town Records). It's the blend of power and melody that make TEST OF TIME preferable to cookie cutter sXe bands. Agree with Empty Hands review; "Riptide" is a stunner in the interlude department, and since the sound of SINKING SHIPS is an all-time fav, I'm all in with this. Rips indeed... Favorite track: Riptide.
fellow_enthusiast thumbnail
fellow_enthusiast Shit rips. Hard. Favorite track: Riptide.
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Test of Time is a new collective made up of current and ex-members of bands like the Effort, No Harm Done, Make or Break, Offsides and Choke Up, and fronted by noted scene photographer Todd Pollock. Their B9 debut and followup to their 2012 demo, 'Inclusion', is an aggressive onslaught of thoughtful and melodic youth crew hardcore likely to please fans of Youth of Today, Turning Point and In My Eyes.


released September 10, 2013


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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Inspired Youth
The whole world stretched in front of us
not limited by our thoughts or time
believing in something more
so many sleepless nights
dreaming beyond our boundaries
thinking about making an impact
a difference, a change

Every positive action
leads to a positive result

A chain reaction, a movement,
something that comes from the heart

Still inspired, regenerating
a spirit I thought was lost
by those kids continuing

where others have left off
we see the path
hoping you that walk on
it gives me hope knowing
those feelings of youth, they're not gone
Track Name: Riptide
Pulling me out to try and drag me further
but what they don't know is that I'm a fighter
I feel the current rush over me
this tide's pulled me out and I'm too deep
don't sink, son't sink, don't sink
this may be the only chance I get
keeping my head at the surface
to rise above the rest

The tide gets weaker
the waves get smaller
don't drown, don't drown

I've seen them come, I've seen them go
in and out, ebb and flow
ideals lost, to the undertow
sunk to the depths of the unknown
I won't falter, I won't lost sight
grabbing on, holding tight
to the values, I know are right
not washed away, by envy and spite

Pulling me out to try and drag me further
but what they don't know is that I'm a fighter
I feel the current rush over me
this tide's pulled me out and I'm too deep
don't sink, don't sink
this may be the only chance we get
keeping out heads at the surface
we rise above the rest
Track Name: Aperture
Look beyond the those narrow views
your lens, see something new
lost your focus over many years
those doubts, those fears
what's in front of you
so vivid, so true
adjust the perspective of those tired views
everything becomes clearer when you make
the choice to
look beyond
widen your view
see something different
the world's around you
everything becomes clearer when you make
the choice to
reveal it
Track Name: Matter of Taste
Shove it in my face
jam it down your throat
every bite that you take
the punch line to a sick joke
a misconception left in the past
selfish ways that would never last
it's a matter of taste

Now, I let my actions speak for me
more respect for those sharing
the air we breathe
it's not that I'm ignoring what you say
it's just your actions speak so loud
it's fucking deafening

It's a matter of taste
it's a matter of taste
just a matter of taste
it's just a matter of taste

Moral progress can't be made
with every life taken in vain
in order to free ourselves
we must feed our minds
not an appetite
Track Name: Bait and Switch
Your lies and disloyalty
only infuriate me
you take advantage of others
I let the cycle repeat
promise them one thing
replace it with another
I see you crack a smile
while other people suffer

Now that time is over
I knew it wouldn't be long
I'm calling you out for all that you are
a liar, a fake, cheat, a fraud
you may fool others
but I see who you are

Try to deceive me
will all your dishonesty
two faced trickery
you can't outwit me
you bait, I switch
Track Name: In Spite of Youth
Struggled with life
spiteful beginnings
hard to carry on
living without much meaning
shuffled around
never stayed in one peace
parents that divorced
family torn and frayed
a latch key kid
on my own to fend
made some choices
most would condemn

Broke the rules
stepped out of the line
made it through
stronger inside
picked yourself up
live for another day
never let those actions
confine forward thinking ways

Found this place
friends like brothers
couldn't have survived
if it weren't for one another
everyone's got a past
grow up in their own way
try to look ahead
focus on better days

Push on, break through
I'm moving, I'm moving on