Thou Shalt Not Kill

by Antidote

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CLASSIC NYHC. Features 8 songs recorded by one of NY's first wave hardcore bands - Antidote - in 1983.


released August 24, 2010


all rights reserved



Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Life as One
We've got to fight, to make things real
Don't wanna die, cause I just got here

I just want a life as one
Then we all can have some fun
I just want a life as one
Why struggle to survive?

Was touched today, by a kid my age
He said 'What's the problem?', 'We're all the same'
You can be a rich kid, or be a whore
But when they drop the bomb, you'll know what for
Track Name: Nazi Youth
A mind is filled with hate and greed
No time to realize it's needs

Nazi Youth - You're out of luck
The war is here, who gives a fuck
No time to wallow in your pity

You wouldn't believe it, but it's true:
Your little daughter runs around with little nazi youth
And they like smashing things, no matter how dumb it seems
I wish I had a gun, to show them all just how it's done
Track Name: Real Deal
It's all a game, so you say
If it's a game, I won't play
Another game I don't need
Cause that's not how - how I see it

Wake up - to the real deal

If it's a joke I won't laugh
Go play your games, you're living in the past
Who's to say what it will be
And in the end, you will see
Track Name: Foreign Job-Lot
Aliens from another world
They come to U.S. for jobs
They open up their businesses
We're outside looking in...

What - is the reason for this
Why - it should fail to exist
When - will this fucking bullshit end?

The ones who pay, they stand in line
Awaiting every check
The measly wages they receive
Don't even cover half of it

What Why When

I cannot get a job because
There's no place to work
Oh my god, don't look to me
I feel like such a jerk
There's something going on
And we're the last to know
Perhaps we should just relocate...
Track Name: Zero Mentality
You think you're just a nut, you don't know what's up
But soon you're gonna learn it's all just a game
Confused in the heart, what a crummy start
It's all just a game all just a game
I'd like to introduce you to yourself
And I'm overly concerned, you're falling apart
Oh, there is a way to see things clearly today
With zero mentality
The world's in a rut, who knows which way to go
But all I know is it's not our mistake
Track Name: Got Me on the Line
I see you all the time, I look at you, you look at me
You know what's on my mind, but you don't want no part of it

You got me on a line

When I try to talk to you, you know it's not my choice
I only wanna fool around, you sense that in my voice

You got me on a line

If you want to come, I'll try again and again
But if it doesn't work, hey, don't be a stranger, cause-

You got me on a line
Track Name: Die at War
We've seen the runaround, who needs it anymore?
You've labelled us the clowns, the fools to die at war

To die at war, die at war
Is this all we're living for?

I've never had to fight
What makes you think you're right
All the blacks and all the whites
Ought to jump on you tonight

You tonight, you tonight
Ought to jump on you tonight
Track Name: Something Must Be Done
To stay at home is not for me
I'm not the fool to watch T.V.
And let the world revolve around me
I'd like to know what's going on
Everybody's out to con
Just want to make my own decision

Something must be done
So we can live to see tomorrow
Something must be done
Or beg, steal or have to borrow

Don't you listen to the news
By the time it gets to you
Who knows where it might have been
And who am I to tell you this
Just a number on a list
That's why I'm so pissed
Something must be done right now