Together We Win

by Stand & Fight

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released July 27, 2004



all rights reserved


Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Together We Win
We've got a strength
That few can match
But together
We've got the might
That they just can't fight

Together - We Win

Every man for himself
What a depressing thought
Together we'll overcome
Together we can't be stopped

We let it take over
Again we ignored the past
You and I both know that we're so much better than that

Our egos and envy
They stand in our way
Time to step back and reach those goals we set together
Track Name: Living Blind
You wanna know why i live this way
Look around every fucking day
Lives cut short, families torn apart
Because their vision was blurred right from the start

You have to find respect for yourself
Or insecurities will leave you blind

You're killing your mind
Losing time
Living blind
You're out of time

I've tried to see it from your side
But all I see is that you're fucking blind
you say I don't know what I'm missing
well I can smell it on your breath
Having the time of your life man
But can't remember where you slept

You wanna know why I live this way
Look around every fucking day
Lives cut short, potentials not met,
Because they drank away those goals they set
Track Name: Conscious Effort
We all do things
We know are fucking wrong
i'm no better
Though I try to be strong

I will make a conscious effort
To improve myself
Only you can make that change man
And no one else

I will make a conscious effort

Let's stop doing things we know are fucking wrong

Track Name: Fight Back
I'm so sick of intimidation
That kid didn't do a thing to you
He's just new and doesn't follow your rules
But I'm sure your crew will teach him a thing or two

Policing the scene
Why don't you say what you mean
You're getting off on picking on kids
That are weaker than you
Because you think they won't fight back

Fight back

There's a time and a place
This isn't the way
Why can't you see
We're sick of your kind
Were drawing that fucking line
We're fighting back

We're taking a stand against you and your crew
And that trail of scum that follows you

We will fight back
Track Name: Attitude Adjustment
You stand for anger
You stand for hate
You stand for things which I cannot relate
You're not in want
You're not in need
But still you lie and steal and cheat

Everything you could ever fucking want
Has been given to you, yet that's not good enough

The world doesn't revolve around you
So I suggest you change your attitude

Fuck your attitude
Track Name: Perspective
Another situation
Got the best of me
Expectations fell short
Some dreams I've got I may never see

I keep it in perspective
Because the view that we're given
Isn't always what
we want to see

Working so hard towards a fucking goal
Let down again but I won't let it show

Keep my head up not sorry that I tried
I'll follow my heart and focus my mind

Keep your head up
Always fucking try
Follow your heart
Focus your mind
Track Name: I Won't Break
I won't break down

I've seen so many
Follow along with the crowd
But I've never quite fit in
With any fucking crowd

You think I'll break
Under pressure from you
No I won't
Follow you

I haven't got much left on my side
But I've got one thing you don't
And that's called pride

I won't break down

You say I should grow up and act my age
But I'll never be like you, you're a fucking disgrace
You've become everything that you once despised
We'll listen up man, you can't outgrow pride

I won't fucking break
Track Name: Stand Tall
All those times we sang along
And all those kids that you did wrong
The words you spoke they changed our lives
And we carry on though you changed your mind

You- you used to give a fuck
So tell me why should I
Give up this fucking fight
Just because you don't give a fuck

If you say that you still believe
Stand tall, stand proud, stand for unity
if still believe
Stand tall, stand proud, stand for unity

it's not my place to lay the blame
But don't tell me you never felt the same
You moved on to what you had to do
But don't tell me conviction makes me less than you

The kids that still believe
Stand tall, stand proud, stand for unity
Track Name: Promises
I know you think you speak the truth
Because I've been let down
And I've been confused
And I've seen what promises do
When we don't live up
To what we know is true

Every step on this path I choose
Every word that you misconstrue
Won't slow me down I won't hesitate
My sights are set and they're headed straight

If you made your own fucking choice
Then why do you still want silence my voice

So here I stand as years pass by
You turned to drugs while I turned inside
To find a better way
To deal with this pain that just won't go away

I know what I said
I know what I meant
I know who I am
and I know what I feel is true
Track Name: Red Handed
It's on your hands

The blood is on your hands
And it's too thick to wash off
You've made your fortune by poisoning the youth
And now your marketing ploys can't cover up the truth

The blood is on your hands
What part of that don't you fucking understand

Now you're forced to clean it up
But the damage can't be repaired
Your weak attempts make me sick
So stop acting like you fucking care

The blood is on your hands
The damage can't be repaired
Stop acting like you fucking care

On your hands
Track Name: No Pride
You've got no pride

You think you've superior but you're far from from that
Abusing you're proving the size of your mind
What colors right, you can't win this fight
Still convinced your fear and hatred are pride

Hatred and fear
when you open your mouth that's all I hear

You want to be heard but you've had your chance
And you've failed to prove there's sense to your stance
Get it away, you're making me sick
I'm done using words because your heads too thick

No pride in your mind
No pride in your heart
No pride in yourself
No pride and I won't take part

You call it pride in your race
But all I see is a life based on ignorance and fucking hate
Track Name: Another Wrong Turn
This time won't be the last
And I know I've fucked up before
But still this feels like it will never pass
Another wrong turn and another trap
But I'll get through this time just like the fucking last
And maybe next time I'll avoid the fucking traps

We'll make it through

It's not getting any easier to get through the day
But avoiding my problems won't make them fucking go away

This time
Won't be the last
Another wrong turn
Another fucking trap

Maybe one day I'll learn from my mistakes
Maybe one day I'll do what it takes
Track Name: Back Off
It's my life not yours back off
It's my life not yours back off

Back the fuck off
Track Name: So Much More
What the fuck does this mean to you
Do you even care about the words we say
Or is this all a waste of my time and my breath
Fuck man, I might not have much left

Will you fade away like the kids that came before
Or will you still be here
When these days turn into fucking years

Don't try to say that it's all the same
Because it's not the same to me
This could be so much more

So much more

so many times I've sat and tried to figure it all out
But it's never made much sense
How could something so right become such a mess
And all I can say for sure
Is that we can't hold back
Because we can never fucking go back

These words are my life
We'll never give up this fight
We won't hold back
This could be so much more