by Some Kind of Hate

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released November 4, 2003


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Bridge Nine Records Boston, Massachusetts

Started in 1995, Bridge Nine is a label that specializes in hardcore punk, with over 240 recordings in our catalog. Check us out and keep an eye out for updates!

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Track Name: Desperate Like the Rest of Them
What, what are we doing here?
We've been through this before
And round and round, where it stops no one knows
Just say, say what's on your mind
I'll be here in the end
I'm sick of reading between the lines,
Don't think I should have to
I am sick of fucking trying
And it's not about you
Just don't get me wrong, cause I do this for myself
Track Name: Fuck These People
Live your life, get off your knees,
But that's what life's like with so many to please.

I pray the day that brings you pain
I hope to watch your whole world fall
I hope one day you choke on your words
So I can sit back and laugh

Believe me, this isn't what I signed up for
Fuck these people they mean nothing to me
They take something I love and cheapen it
Is this just some passing trend
So you can sit back and cash in

This is my one chance to say what's on my mind
Get it off my fucking chest,
Don't care about crossing lines,
So all of you... fuck you
Track Name: Dog Tags
Just another chance to write a bullshit love song
It's all another way and another day
Just to let you down
The same old story and it just goes on and on
Track Name: Calling All Bastards
Do what you gotta' do to be noticed
Always need to be the talk to the town
Stand up just to be counted,
Your just another face in the crowd
Go out of your way to be heard, so unsure of yourself

Do what you gotta' do to be noticed
Always need to be the talk to the town
Stand up just to be counted,
Your just another face in the crowd
You expose yourself, so we can see just what you are
What a fucking clown you've become,
just another face in the crowd

Hey world take a look at me
I'm just so fucking great (yeah right)

Hey world take a look at me
Track Name: Who's Next
Always there to give a helping hand,
Never asked for anything in return
How am I suppose to feel after all this
Time and all our blood spilled

All this for what? One big fuck you?

Things get worse with every passing day
Always find new ways to let you down

All this for what? One big fuck you?
All this for nothing
I thought that this was everything

It's good to see when the going gets tough
You hit the road,
So good to see that you turn your back
On the one thing that counts.
Track Name: Watch Them Fall
Kiss my ass for all I care, I'll never be like you.
You were full of shit from the start;
I'll never be like you, got better things to do.

It's all a lie and that's your fault, I'll never be like you.
It's your life, just do what you want,
Got better things to do.

It's my fault for staying true.
Track Name: The Big Letdown
I feel letdown
Track Name: Loose Lips Sink Ships
There's a time in my life, when friends were friends
And it meant the world to me
Time goes by and it's nothing new,
Always angry and I don't know why
Funny how things change so fast,
Forget the words you said in the past
Not me
I believe in what I say

Now I know where I stand
Track Name: You Lose Again
"what you see is what you get"
I wish that was always the case
Go cry me a river on someone else's time
So defeated before you begin

I try, you don't
So easy to see why always lose

I can't, I won't stop trying
Can't take this any more
It's a game I don't want to play,
It's a game I can't afford to lose

So please stop with all your excuses
I've heard them all before
If you thinks this is about you
Guess what? It is
Track Name: And in This Corner...
What am I to do when the days are
More desperate than the last?
I don't feel like screaming
Just to have my voice be heard
What am I suppose to do when the ones I love the most
Are the ones that are running away so fast
What am I supposed to say
When the words are just not there

Don't concern yourself with any of this
Cause I know you just don't care
Question me? Question me?
I doubt you'll like the answers
is this the best that you can do?
Track Name: All My Hero's
"Maybe your ears would hear me better if my hands
Were around your fucking neck again"
It's just one of those things, I guess,
The only way to get through to you
I never wanted it to come to this,
But my friend it's getting much to late
Late for me to care about the words
And what we think they meant

At this point in my life, all I can do is sit back and laugh
All my hero's let me down again
Laugh at the words and what they "meant"
All my hero's let me down again
Track Name: Forgiveness Is a Bitch
After all this time and all I've seen
I still keep doing then same ol' thing
Still more than meets the eye

Yeah, I remember the time.
sure I messed up but you got fucked up.
I guess, I can't forgive and forget.

Forgive and forget?

I try to say what's on my mind
That's just the best that I can do
Words are words and they're nothing more

I'm not trying to make any friends with this
I'm tired of having to watch what I say
Put yourself in my shoes and try to show some restraint

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